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North Korea and the Latin American revolution, 1959-1970

In the 1960s the North Korean leadership embraced the variety of radical Third Worldism associated with Cuba’s Tricontinental Conference of 1966, which advocated a militant, united front strategy to defeat US imperialism via armed struggle across the Global South. This political realignment led to exceptionally intimate political, economic, and cultural cooperation with Cuba and a programme to support armed revolutionary movements throughout Latin America. In the process, North Korea acquired a new degree of prestige...

On the size of subsets of $F_p^n$ without $p$ distinct elements summing to zero

Lisa Sauermann
Let us fix a prime $p$. The Erdos-Ginzburg-Ziv problem asks for the minimum integer $s$ such that any collection of $s$ points in the lattice $Z^n$ contains $p$ points whose centroid is also a lattice point in $Z^n$. For large $n$, this is essentially equivalent to asking for the maximum size of a subset of $F_p^n$ without $p$ distinct elements summing to zero. In this talk, we discuss a new upper bound for this problem...

Tate-Hochschild cohomology, the singularity category and applications

Bernhard Keller
Following work of Buchweitz, one defines Tate-Hochschild cohomology of an algebra A to be the Yoneda algebra of the identity bimodule in the singularity category of bimodules. We show that Tate-Hochschild cohomology is canonically isomorphic to the ordinary Hochschild cohomology of the singularity category of A (with its canonical dg enrichment). In joint work with Zheng Hua, we apply this to prove a weakened version of a conjecture by Donovan-Wemyss which states that a complete...

Non-Commutative Resolution of Singularities for Toric varieties

Karen Smith
Consider a finitely generated normal commutative algebra R over a field K. A non-commutative resolution of singularities of Spec R is a (non-commutative) R-algebra A with finite global dimension of the form End(M) where M is some finitely generated reflexive R-module. The existence of a non-commutative resolution for a commutative ring R places strong conditions on R, such as rational singularities. In this talk, we discuss how in prime characteristic, the Frobenius can be used...

A generalization of the Nakayama functor

We introduce the notion of a Nakayama functor relative to an adjunction, generalizing the classical Nakayama functor for a finite-dimensional algebra. We show that it can be characterized in terms of an ambidextrous adjunction of monads and comonads. We also study this concept from the viewpoint of Gorenstein homological algebra. In particular we obtain a generalization of the equality of the left and right injective dimension for a finite-dimensional Iwanaga-Gorenstein algebra, and for a module...

On a cubical generalization of preprojective algebras

Hiroyuki Minamoto
In this abstract $K$ denotes a field of char $K = 0$ and $Q$ denotes a finite acyclic quiver. Recall that the preprojective algebra $\Pi(Q) = K\overline{Q}/(\rho )$ of a quiver $Q$ is the path algebra $K \overline{Q}$ of the double quiver $\overline{Q}$ of $Q$ with the mesh relation $\rho=\sum_{\alpha \in Q_{1}} \alpha \alpha^{*} - \alpha^{*} \alpha$. It is an important mathematical object having rich representation theory and plenty of applications. In this joint work...

Serre dimension and stability conditions

Atsushi Takahashi
We study the scaling dimension (or the similarity dimension) of the perfect derived category of a smooth compact dg algebra called the Serre dimension. It is expected that the infimum of the Ikeda-Qiuâ s global dimsion function on the space of stability conditions also gives another â goodâ notion of dimension. One of our results is that its infimum is always greater than or equal to the Serre dimension. Motivated by the ADE classification of...

Canada as it is : with forty-seven full page plates from photographs

John Foster Fraser
"By C.P.R. through the Rockies to Vancouver in 1904. Includes information on sawmills, fish canneries, fruit farming and mining. Reprinted June and July 1905, 1908, June and August, 1909. Also: ... With an introduction by The Right Hon. Lord Strathcona ... High Commissioner to Canada. Four plates in colour and over fifty black-and-white illustrations. 1911."-- Edwards, M. H., Lort, J. C. R., & Carmichael, W. J. (1975). A bibliography of British Columbia: Years of growth,...

A short history of the 31st British Columbia Horse

"P.[ii]: "...chronicle of the 31st Regiment, The British Columbia Horse (now the 5th Regiment, British Columbia Light Horse)..."-- Edwards, M. H., Lort, J. C. R., & Carmichael, W. J. (1975). A bibliography of British Columbia: Years of growth, 1900-1950. Victoria, BC: University of Victoria, p. 111

Canada's transportation problem

"Written in 1915 and printed in 1925. Advocates that freight be shipped from Eastern Canada to B.C. by water rather than rail, which is more expensive."-- Edwards, M. H., Lort, J. C. R., & Carmichael, W. J. (1975). A bibliography of British Columbia: Years of growth, 1900-1950. Victoria, BC: University of Victoria, p. 130

Maquinna the magnificent

"Notes: pp.62-63. Bibliography: pp.64-65. "Printed for private distribution": - Canadian Catalogue. A popular biography of the eighteenth century chief of Nootka Sound."-- Strathern, G. M., & Edwards, M. H. (1970). Navigations, traffiques & discoveries, 1774-1848: A guide to publications relating to the area now British Columbia. Victoria, BC: University of Victoria, p. 179

Bezafibrate Improves Mitochondrial Fission and Function in DNM1L-Deficient Patient Cells

Liza Douiev, Ruth Sheffer, Gabriella Horvath & Ann Saada
Mitochondria are involved in many cellular processes and their main role is cellular energy production. They constantly undergo fission and fusion, and these counteracting processes are under strict balance. The cytosolic dynamin-related protein 1, Drp1, or dynamin-1-like protein (DNM1L) mediates mitochondrial and peroxisomal division. Defects in the DNM1L gene result in a complex neurodevelopmental disorder with heterogeneous symptoms affecting multiple organ systems. Currently there is no curative treatment available for this condition. We have previously...

Oncology Clinic-Based Hereditary Cancer Genetic Testing in a Population-Based Health Care System

Matthew Richardson, Hae Jung Min, Quan Hong, Katie Compton, Sze Wing Mung, Zoe Lohn, Jennifer Nuk, Mary McCullum, Cheryl Portigal-Todd, Aly Karsan, Dean Regier, Lori A. Brotto, Sophie Sun & Kasmintan A. Schrader
New streamlined models for genetic counseling and genetic testing have recently been developed in response to increasing demand for cancer genetic services. To improve access and decrease wait times, we implemented an oncology clinic-based genetic testing model for breast and ovarian cancer patients in a publicly funded population-based health care setting in British Columbia, Canada. This observational study evaluated the oncology clinic-based model as compared to a traditional one-on-one approach with a genetic counsellor using...

Chemical Composition and Concentration of Bioactive Compounds in Garlic Cultivated from Air Bulbils

Aneta Kopeć, Joanna Skoczylas, Elżbieta Jędrszczyk, Renata Francik, Beata Bystrowska & Jerzy Zawistowski
This study was designed to determine the chemical composition, antioxidant activity, and selected bioactive compound content and occurrence in whole immature and mature garlic plants grown from air bulbils. Two winter garlic cultivars, Harnaś and Ornak, of Polish origin, were cultivated from air bulbils at the Experimental Station of the Agricultural University in Kraków, Poland. Harvest bunching of garlic of both cultivars was carried out in May and in June. Mature plants were harvested in...

Implementing Appetite to Play at scale in British Columbia: Evaluation of a Capacity-Building Intervention to Promote Physical Activity in the Early Years

Kasra Hassani, E. Jean Buckler, Jennifer McConnell-Nzunga, Sana Fakih, Jennifer Scarr, Louise C. Mâsse & Patti-Jean Naylor
Childcare is a critical target for promoting children’s physical activity (PA) and physical literacy (PL). With emerging evidence about the efficacy of policy and capacity-building strategies, more information about how to bring these strategies to scale is needed. This paper describes implementation at scale of Appetite to Play (ATP), a capacity-building intervention for childcare providers, and examines the implementation and impact on early years providers’ capacity to address PA. The ATP implementation evaluation was a...

Group 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells: Central Players in a Recurring Theme of Repair and Regeneration

Melina Messing, Sia Cecilia Jan-Abu & Kelly McNagny
Innate lymphoid cells (ILCs) are recently discovered innate counterparts to the well-established T helper cell subsets and are most abundant at barrier surfaces, where they participate in tissue homeostasis and inflammatory responses against invading pathogens. Group 2 innate lymphoid cells (ILC2s) share cytokine and transcription factor expression profiles with type-2 helper T cells and are primarily associated with immune responses against allergens and helminth infections. Emerging data, however, suggests that ILC2s are also key regulators...

Design space exploration in ion channels using fine grained brownian dynamics

May Siksik
Design Space Exploration (DSE) in the context of ion channels refers to the systematic exploration of a design space defined with the dimensions of the space corresponding to channel characteristics. The goal of DSE here is to find points within the space that maximize a figure of merit related to conduction. Finding an efficient means to performing DSE for ion channels holds promise in several application areas such as nano-medicine and drug development, where it...

Interrogation of GH109 glycosidase specificity and activity through a synthetic gene library

Drew Huff
Glycoside Hydrolases (GHs) or glycosidases play a major role in carbohydrate catabolism, catalyzing the hydrolysis and cleavage of glycosidic bonds. In the Carbohydrate Active enZyme database (CAZy), several classes of enzymes including GHs have been classified into families based on sequence similarity. To date, the CAZy GH family 109 consists solely of exo α-N-acetylgalactosaminidase (nagalase) enzymes that are exclusively found in bacteria. α-GalNAc residues are primarily found in two major contexts in biology. The first...

Identifying gene regulatory networks controlled by bone morphogenetic protein-signaling in Drosophila and murine genomes

Katerina Maria Othonos
The full abstract for this thesis is available in the body of the thesis, and will be available when the embargo expires.

Acute intermittent hypercapnic hypoxia and sympathetic neurovascular transduction in men

Troy J.R. Stuckless, Tyler D. Vermeulen, Courtney V. Brown, Lindsey M. Boulet, Brooke M. Shafer, Denis J. Wakeham, Craig D. Steinback, Najib T. Ayas, John S. Floras & Glen E. Foster
Acute intermittent hypercapnic hypoxia (IH) induces long-lasting elevations in sympathetic vasomotor outflow and blood pressure in healthy humans. It is unknown whether IH alters sympathetic neurovascular transduction (sNVT), measured as the relationship between sympathetic vasomotor outflow and either forearm vascular conductance (FVC; regional sNVT) or diastolic blood pressure (DBP; systemic sNVT). We tested the hypothesis that IH augments sNVT by exposing healthy males to 40 consecutive 1-minute breathing cycles, each comprising 40-seconds of hypercapnic hypoxia...

Practical hints on angling in rivers, lakes, and sea

The Canadian commonwealth

"Includes chapters on oriental and Hindu immigration and a chapter on the effects of the opening of the Panama Canal. Also: Toronto, McLeod & Allen, Publishers [1915, c1915]"-- Edwards, M. H., Lort, J. C. R., E3& Carmichael, W. J. (1975). A bibliography of British Columbia: Years of growth, 1900-1950. Victoria, BC: University of Victoria, p. 167

Spring congregation addresses 1950

"MacMillan's address is an historical outline of B.C.'s population and economic growth."-- Edwards, M. H., Lort, J. C. R., & Carmichael, W. J. (1975). A bibliography of British Columbia: Years of growth, 1900-1950. Victoria, BC: University of Victoria, p. 145

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