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Hydrogen pore formation in an Al-Si alloy – an examination of the role of hydrogen macrosegregation

Pan Fan
Porosity related defects are one of the leading causes of cast rejection in casting industry since they are detrimental to the fatigue performance of the cast components, primarily when the pores are located in an area of high cyclic stress or located near the surface. Many efforts have been made to develop computational models that predict pore formation. However, one aspect of microporosity formation that has previously not been considered in detail is the effect...

Machine learning estimation of snow water equivalent over British Columbia

Andrew Matthew Snauffer
The full abstract for this thesis is available in the body of the thesis, and will be available when the embargo expires.

Spatio-temporal relational reasoning for video question answering

Gursimran Singh
Video question answering is the task of automatically answering questions about videos. Apart from direct practical interest, it provides a good way to benchmark our progress on various tasks in video understanding. A successful algorithm must ground objects of interest and model relationships among them in both the spatial and temporal domains jointly. We show that the existing state-of-the-art approaches, which are based on Convolutional Neural Networks or Recurrent Neural Networks, are not effective at...

Intradermal injections through hollow microneedles

Pranav Shrestha
Hollow microneedles are a promising alternative to conventional drug delivery techniques such as oral drug administration and hypodermic injections, and are used for delivering drugs and therapeutics into the skin. Although the benefits of intradermal drug delivery have been known for decades, our understanding of fluid absorption by skin tissue has been limited due to the difficulties in imaging a highly scattering biological material such as skin. In this thesis, we report the results from...

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