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Clients’ and counsellors’ perceptions of helpful and hindering events in outpatient drug addiction counselling

Anthony Gatt
The aim of the study was to compare clients' and counsellors' perceptions of helpful and hindering events in outpatient drug addiction counselling. It attempted to answer the following questions: what do clients and counsellors consider as helpful events in drug addiction counselling? What do clients and counsellors consider as hindrances in counselling? How similar are these perceptions for clients and their counsellors? Comparisons between clients and counsellors in fields other than the addictions, have in...

Non-linear cyclic regimes of short-term climate variability

Perry Sih
The Circular Non-linear Principal Component Analysis (CNLPCA), a variation of the non-linear version of the traditional Principal Component Analysis (PCA), is introduced. It is then applied to monthly-averaged geopotential heights of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies SI2000 Global Circulation Model (GCM). It is shown that height variability in the model troposphere and stratosphere is essentially linear, even with different aerosol forcings. The daily-averaged model output show weak non-linearity. When CNLPCA is applied to...

Geology of the guano-guayes rare earth element bearing Skarn property, Pelly Mountains, Yukon Territory

Felicie Jane Chronic
The Guano-Guayes property, in the Pelly Mountains of the Yukon Territory, covers a rare earth element (REE) bearing contact metamorphic aureole which developed around a syenite stock during Mississippian time (319 ± 10 Ma phlogopite K-Ar date, 333 ± 10 Ma Rb-Sr skarn mineral isochron). Sedimentary rocks consist of several hundred metres of Ordovician dark gray shale which are faulted upward adjacent to 450 m of Silurian interbedded impure calcite and dolomite marbles and quartzites...

The Geology and ore deposits of the Howards Pass Area, Yukon and Northwest Territories : the origin of basinal sedimentary stratiform sulphides deposits

John Michael Morganti
Economically important sedimentary-type stratiform Zn-Pb deposits exist in the Lower Silurian basinal facies of the Selwyn Basin along the Yukon-Northwest Territories border. Three major similar deposits have been defined to date, and are referred to collectively as the Howards Pass deposits. The Pre-Mesozoic history of the Howards Pass area was dominated by three major basin systems. During the Late Hadrynian to Early Cambrian the 'Grit Unit' was deposited as a clastic wedge with a western...

U.H.F. radio echo sounding of Yukon glaciers

Brian Barry Narod
A high-resolution radio echo sounder operating at a frequency of 840 MHz has been developed for sounding of small and medium-sized polar glaciers and ice caps. The sounder uses a compact, high-gain antenna which improves the system performance, suppresses valley wall echoes and simplifies operation from light aircraft. Successful field trials were carried out on the Rusty, Trapridge and Hazard Glaciers, Yukon Territory, Canada. Results of airborne surveys compare well with ice depths obtained from...

Determination of the influence of interdendritic segregation during the solidification of freckle-prone alloys

Philippe Bernard Lucien Auburtin
Freckles are presently one of the major defects encountered in advanced casting technology. The current state-of-the-art knowledge about freckles is discussed in an extensive critical literature review, including the main physical characteristics of freckles, the current theory of density inversion leading to channel segregation and the various experiments and mathematical models developed so far. This review emphasizes the fact that no quantitative research on freckles has been carried out on actual industrial alloys yet. The...

The motavation of male batterers and battered wives: a multi-case study using story sequence analysis

Lillian Mary Kelly
This multi-case study explored the motivation patterns of 11 battered women and 3 male batterers. The Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) and Arnold’s story sequence analysis were utilized to obtain and analyze a series of 13 stories from each subject. Story imports were extrapolated from the subject’s story sequence to expose the motivating attitudes and were matched to a scoring criteria. The motivating attitudes form a pattern delineated in clinical evaluations. Then the imports and clinical...

Social influence and its applications : an algorithmic and data mining study

Amit Goyal
Social influence occurs when one's actions are affected by others. If leveraged carefully, social influence can be exploited in many applications like viral marketing (or targeted advertising in general), recommender systems, social network analysis, events detection, experts finding, link prediction, ranking of feeds etc. One of the fundamental problems in this fascinating field is the problem of influence maximization, primarily motivated by the application of viral marketing. The objective is to identify a small set...

Crustal structure of the northern Juan de Fuca plate

Alastair F. McClymont
Anomalous crustal structure of the northern Juan de Fuca plate is revealed from wide-angle seismic and gravity modelling. A 2-D velocity model is produced for refraction line II of the 1980 Vancouver Island Seismic Project (VISP80). The refraction data were recorded on three ocean bottom seismometers (OBSs) deployed at the ends and middle of a 110 km line oriented parallel to the deformation front of the Cascadia subduction zone and immediately south of the Nootka...

The iron bar. Episodes in the modern history of prison physical culture, body typing and the ban on weight lifting in American correctional institutions.

Victoria Felkar
The aim of this study is to explore the modern history of prison physical culture in order to better understand how perceptions of the muscular criminal male body have influenced the construction of prison physical culture and opportunities for physical activity in American correctional institutions. My focus on the recent weight lifting ban in the United States is designed to appraise how criminological knowledge of the muscular criminal male body has influenced penal policy over...

The wind blows through it : design proposal for a Natural Capital Centre in the Squamish valley

Erika J. Mashig
This project proposes ideas for a Natural Capital Centre in downtown Squamish. The District of Squamish and Ecotrust have stated that the Centre will serve as a tangible demonstration of the town’s commitment to sustainable thought and action, including interpretive information related to the proposed windfarm on Alice Ridge. Squamish has a reputation for being a very windy place. It is a word adapted from Sko-mish, the name of the native nation who first occupied...

The development and evaluation of a nutrition education program for the third and fourth grades

Joyce Elizabeth MacKay
A nutrition education program for the third and fourth grade levels was developed within a sound educational structure, namely a systematic approach involving the five dimensions of motivation, concepts and generalizations, behavioral objectives, learning experiences and evaluation. To test the effectiveness of the nutrition education program, 117 children in two Vancouver schools participated in an experimental program. Fifty eight of these children were treated as two control groups, one group from each school. The other...

Relationships between plasma amino acid concentration and milk protein production

James Arthur Shelford
In ruminants the aerobic host animal is dependent on the anaerobic fermentation within the rumen to supply protein and energy. This anaerobic fermentation results in a rather constant ratio between protein and energy. In young growing animals and lactating animals the demand for protein is greater than the demand for energy. Plasma amino acid data indicate that protein could be limiting in these two situations. In the first phase of the study, plasma free amino...

A study of two soils derived from volcanic ash in southwestern British Columbia and a review and determination of ash distribution in western Canada

J. I. Sneddon
Four papers are presented in this thesis each one reporting on studies relating to volcanic ash with special reference to soils. The first paper reviews a) some of the phenomena relating to the ejection and deposition of ash that are important in interpreting the significance of its occurrence, b) the significance of ash layers to workers in the Quaternary, c) the techniques available for the characterization and recognition of tephra, d) the literature on ash...

The role of the federal government in the commercial feature film industry in Canada : an introduction

Dennis H. Diebel
The feature film industry in Canada is dominated by two large foreign owned theatre chains and eight foreign owned distribution firms, who, by engaging in a series of interrelated trade practices, have managed to gain effective control of not only the marketing of feature length motion pictures in Canada but their production as well. In 1968, the federal government's stated purpose when establishing the Canadian Film Development Corporation was to foster and promote a feature...

The weak form of the efficient market hypothesis and its application to the Vancouver listed mining stocks

Richard Buis
The purpose of this study was to test the hypothesis that security price changes for the Listed Vancouver Mining Stocks conform to the weak form of the Efficient Market Hypothesis. Briefly stated this hypothesis asserts that current prices fully reflect the information implied by the historical sequence of prices. If such is the case it would not be possible for an investor to enhance his investment performance by studying previous successive price changes. In order...

Fluidized bed membrane reactor for steam reforming of higher hydrocarbons

Mohammad Abdur Rakib
With growing demand for hydrogen in the industrial and energy sectors, research on novel hydrogen production processes is gaining importance. Fluctuations in price and availability of different hydrocarbons emphasize the need to diversify feedstock options beyond natural gas, the major source for hydrogen. Traditional steam reformers for making hydrogen from hydrocarbons suffer from low catalyst effectiveness factors, poor heat transfer and limited hydrogen yield due to thermodynamic equilibrium constraints. A fluidized bed membrane reactor (FBMR)...

Gas composition and temperature within a spouted bed gasifier

Mohd Zaki Haji Sulaiman
Internal gas composition and temperature profiles have been measured in a spouted bed coal gasifier. These, data are essential to develop a mathematical model that can be used for scale-up of the system. As a first step'towards developing a kinetic model, the treatment of Yoshida and Kunii for the fluidized bed gasifier has been adapted to the spouted- bed using the one-dimensional and the streamtube gas flow models. Two Western Canadian bituminous and sub-bituminous coals...

The autocausticizing of sodium carbonate with colemanite

Gulgun Sozen
Autocausticizing, a new method to regenerate sodium hydroxide from the sodium carbonate, is intended to replace the conventional Kraft Recovery System which uses calcium hydroxide produced in a lime kiln for this purpose. It is defined as the self-induced expulsion of carbon dioxide bound in the smelt by using certain amphoteric oxides. Thus autocausticizing can eliminate the need for a lime cycle and hence reduce the Kraft process capital and operating costs. The reactions between...

Microscopic ice friction

Anne-Marie Kietzig
Microscopic ice friction was studied systematically across all to ice friction relevant friction regimes using several metallic interfaces. A rheometer with a newly designed fixture for friction measurements was used in these studies. The investigations focus on the influence of material properties, such as surface wettability, roughness, surface structure, surface nanopatterning, and thermal conductivity. Using a femtosecond laser process certain dual scale roughness structures were created to mimic the lotus leaf on the surface of...

Bioprocess optimization for recombinant protein production from mammalian cells

Chetan T. Goudar
Mammalian cells are being increasingly used to manufacture complex therapeutic proteins given their ability to properly fold and glycosylate these proteins. However, protein yields are low and process enhancements are necessary to ensure economically viable processes. Methods for yield improvement, bioprocess development acceleration and rapid quantification and monitoring of cell metabolism were investigated in this study. Recognizing the adverse effect of high PCO₂ on cell growth, metabolism and protein productivity, a novel PCO₂ reduction strategy...

Small but mighty : a global reconsideration of small-scale fisheries.

Rhona Govender
Small-scale (SS) fisheries have sustained people for millennia and are pervasive in coastal communities across the globe. Now, the future of what was once believed to be an endless supply of resources remains uncertain given current conditions. The small-scale fisheries sector employs over 34 million fishers, which is at least 24 times more than industrial fisheries. The vast majority of these small-scale fishers reside in developing countries, and strongly rely on these resources for food...

The administration of justice in the greater Vancouver area : the female offender

Mabel Aileen Sien
There has been a great deal of concern regarding the extent of criminal behaviour and the effect of criminal behaviour on the criminal and on society generally. There is the general assumption that there are many differences between the female offender and the male offender. At the same time the law and the administration of justice are said to apply equally to both sexes. The dilemma Is partially resolved by an individual approach pursued by...

Seasonal changes in the survival of the black-capped chickadee

Susan M. Smith
A population of Black-capped Chickadees (Parus atricapillus) living in a favourable environment was colour-banded, and its survival was followed, to find out what prevents continual increase in its numbers. A weekly census of the population was made throughout the two years of the study. All nests were found and the young were banded before they flew. Every two weeks throughout both winters checks were also made on an unhanded population in a control area one...

The regulation of the market for information in rental housing : a simulation study

Gregory C. Mason
Much of the direction to recent proposals for consumer protection lies in improving the quality of pre-purchase information. As with much public policy the legislation frequently proceeds the theoretical justification. In the case of pre-purchase information the theoretical basis stems from the economics of information. The main purpose of this thesis is to examine the demand and supply of information. In particular, a demand model for information is constructed, which unlike the existing theory, assumes...

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