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Investigating the impact of social-emotional interventions : an evaluation of the \"Welcome To My Life\" program

Nikki Jade Hearle
The transition from elementary school to high school is challenging for many students. High school introduces a more complex social framework, larger student populations, and often higher risk activities. This transition occurs during a developmental period when self-esteem is the lowest for girls, which can make them susceptible to a variety of risk factors (e.g., tobacco, alcohol, and drug use, unsafe sexual practices). The Young Women Christian Association (YWCA), in collaboration with the Vancouver School...

The effect of zinc orthophosphate and pH/alkalinity adjustment on copper and lead levels in drinking water

Diane M. Churchill
A twelve month pilot plant study was conducted to evaluate the relative ability of various corrosion control treatments to reduce metal leaching from typical household plumbing materials. A pipe loop system with seven loops, each consisting of lead/tin soldered copper piping, coils of lead/tin solder material and brass faucets, was used to test six treatment options and a control. pH and alkalinity were adjusted by the addition of lime (Ca(OH)2) and sodium bicarbonate (NaHC03) respectively,...

Walking with the bereaved : a phenomenological investigation of the experience of the companion in grief

Kerry Macfarlane Bell
This research study sought to respond to the question; what is the meaning of the experience of the companion to a grieving person? This was accomplished through using a phenomenological method of research. The researcher was guided by dramatic form in creating a common story of the experience and its structural meanings. This study included three co-researchers, who were selected on the basis that they had each been a companion to a mother who had...

Relationship between food insecurity and HIV outcomes among individuals receiving antiretroviral therapy in British Columbia, Canada

Anema Aranka
Background: Little is known about the relationship between food insecurity and health outcomes among people living with HIV/AIDS. This dissertation therefore sought to: i) review global evidence regarding the associations between food insecurity and HIV outcomes; ii) assess the prevalence and correlates of food insecurity among HIV-positive individuals receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART) across British Columbia (BC); iii) examine the relationship between hunger and plasma HIV RNA suppression among illicit drug users receiving ART in Vancouver;...

Protocol verification using symbolic model checking

Charles G. Mathieson
To reduce problems encountered in the later phases of the software life cycle, verification techniques can be used in the design phase to ensure that a design has the intended properties. The main advantage of using formal verification over other validation methods, such as simulation and testing, is that it reasons about all possible behaviours of a system. However, formal verification techniques have not yet been widely accepted in industry because most of them suffer...

Fluid surface reconstruction from particles

Brent Warren Williams
Outlined is a new approach to the problem of surfacing particle-based fluid simulations. The key idea is to construct a surface that is as smooth as possible while remaining faithful to the particle locations. We describe a mesh-based algorithm that expresses the surface in terms of a constrained optimization problem. Our algorithm incorporates a secondary contribution in Marching Tiles, a generalization of the Marching Cubes isosurfacing algorithm. Marching Tiles provides guarantees on the minimum vertex...

Staged learning of agile motor skills

Andrej Karpathy
Motor learning lies at the heart of how humans and animals acquire their skills. Understanding of this process enables many benefits in Robotics, physics-based Computer Animation, and other areas of science and engineering. In this thesis, we develop a computational framework for learning of agile, integrated motor skills. Our algorithm draws inspiration from the process by which humans and animals acquire their skills in nature. Specifically, all skills are learned through a process of staged,...

On the use of eye-tracking in the assessment of self-explanation

Christina Merten
The accuracy of a user model typically depends on the amount and quality of information available on the user's states on interest. An eye-tracker provides data indicating where a user is looking during interaction with the system. In this thesis we present research on the use of eye-tracking data for on-line assessment of user meta-cognitive behavior during the interaction with an open learning environment. We describe the design of a probabilistic model that processes this...

Mopar : a Mobile Overlay Peer-to-Peer Architecture for Scalable Massively Multiplayer Online Games

Peiqun Yu
We propose a fully distributed peer-to-peer (P2P) infrastructure supporting networked virtual environment (NVE) applications, such as massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs). While P2P computing is commonly recognized as a useful architecture for improving the scalability of MMOGs, it is still challenging to have a truly scalable system without compromising reliability, responsiveness, consistency, and low overhead. We propose a hybrid infrastructure - A Mobile Overlay Peer-to-Peer Architecture for Scalable Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MOPAR), to address...

Fast secure virtualization for the ARM platform

Daniel R. Ferstay
In recent years, powerful handheld computing devices such as personal digital assistants and mobile smart phones have become ubiquitous in home and office environments. Advancements in handheld device hardware have driven the development of the software that runs on them. As these devices become more powerful, increasingly connected, and the tasks performed by their operating systems more complex there is a need for virtual machine monitors. Virtual machine monitors such as the Xen hypervisor developed...

Adapting the human-computer interface to support collaborative learning environments for children

Kori Marie Inkpen
The presence of computers in schools has grown tremendously over the last ten years. In the wake of this enormous growth, sound research on how to effectively design learning environments and successfully integrate computers into the classroom is needed. The research described in this dissertation evaluates computer-based collaborative learning environments for children using three important criteria: (a) the social environment in which the technology is placed, (b) the technology that provides for explicit collaboration, and...

Queer scapes patterns and processes of gay male and lesbian spatialisation in Vancouver, B.C.

Ann-Marie Bouthillette
While gay male and lesbian spatialisation has been historicised in some of the literature, and it has been determined that distinct gay male and lesbian neighbourhoods do exist i n our inner cities, the processes that are at work i n each case have seldom been compared. In the case of Vancouver, British Columbia, the two neighbourhoods in question are the West End (for men) and Grandview-Woodland, or 'The Drive' (for women). Such a comparative...

An investigation of the theoretical and experimental aerodynamic characteristics of a low-correction wind tunnel wall configuration for airfoil testing

Ahmed Fouad Malek
This thesis deals with a new approach to reduce wall corrections in high-lift airfoil testing, by employing two similar non-uniform transversely slotted walls. The solid elements of the slotted wall are symmetrical airfoils at zero incidence, and the spaces between the slats are non-uniform, increasing linearly towards the rear. This wall configuration provides the flow conditions close to the free air test environment which lead to negligible or small wall corrections. The theory uses the...

Reduplication in old Chinese

Jingtao Sun
This dissertation aims at constructing a description of reduplication in Old Chinese, developing a generative theory of morpho-phonological interaction to account for the formation of the reduplication patterns, and re-examining general reduplication theories and issues of other linguistic components by drawing lessons from Old Chinese reduplication. The investigation of the source data reveals that Old Chinese reduplication has four basic patterns: progressive reduplication with either "smallness" or "vividness", retrogressive pattern with "repetition", fission reduplication with...

Openings in the forest economy : a case study of small forest operators in the Bulkley Valley, BC, Canada

Elizabeth Anne Bronson
The thesis is an exploration of the current role of the small business forest sector in hinterland forest communities, and the extent to which their economic and social positions correspond to the role envisioned for them by two prevailing visions of the future of the forest industry. One, advocated by Canadian political economists, predicts a continuation, indeed an intensification of corporate concentration, with attendant downsizing and job losses. Corporate restructuring is seen in part to...

Structural elements associated with the provision of phamaceutical care in community phamacy practice in Canada

John Ramaswamy-Krishnarajan
The concept of pharmaceutical care is a philosophy of practice and has been presented to be an effective process for monitoring drug therapy to meet the needs of patients and the health care system. A number of pharmaceutical care models and practice guidelines have been proposed, developed and implemented in community pharmacy settings. As the pharmacy profession becomes more patient-focused using pharmaceutical care standards, it is important that pharmacists be able to assess the quality...

Numerical expressions in the oracle-bone and bronze inscriptions : quantificational typology and the origin of the Chinese classifier system

Roderick Bruce Campbell
This thesis will attempt to give a syntactic, semantic and pragmatic account of numerical expressions in the earliest attested stages of the Chinese language, the oracle-bone and bronze inscriptions. Early Inscriptional Chinese (EIC) numerical expressions can be classified into three different word orders: order I: Num N, order II: N Num and order III: N Num N. While order I is unmarked, orders II and III are marked, focus related structures. Specifically, when kind and...

New techniques for developing safety performance functions

Karim El-Basyouny
While motorized travel provides many benefits, it can also do serious harm in the form of road-related collisions. The problem affects millions of human lives and costs billions of dollars in economic and social impacts every year. The problem could be addressed thorough several approaches with engineering initiatives being recognized as the most sustainable and cost effective. However, the success of the engineering approaches in reducing collision occurrences hinges upon the existence of reliable methods...

Methodology for the seismic risk assessment of low-rise school buildings in British Columbia

Freddy E. Pina
This thesis presents a methodology for the seismic risk assessment and risk reduction of schools in British Columbia. The methodology permits school buildings to be ranked by risk levels, and includes information that allows designers to establish the seismic capacity of school buildings and to select appropriate retrofit options. This research includes the treatment of seismic hazard in the province by reference to different types of earthquakes that affect the region, and the development of...

The kinin system and ovulation in mammals

Caroline Mary Smith
In this thesis I investigated the possibility that the kinin system could be involved in the process of ovulation. This study was divided into four parts, these are outlined be 1ow. (1) To determine whether and when the kinin system is activated in relation to ovulation, plasma kininogen levels were estimated in female rats, guinea pigs, and humans at different stages of their estrus or menstrual cycles. Non-ovulating females (women using oral contraceptives,, or post-menopausal...

Pigeons’ memory for event duration

Marcia Louise Spetch
Pigeon's working memory for event duration was investigated using variations of the delayed matching to sample procedure. When a retention interval of variable length was interposed between the sample and comparison stimuli, pigeons responded as though a long-duration sample had been short after retention intervals of 10 sec or greater. This "choose short" effect occurred reliably in each subject, regardless of whether the subject was naive or experienced, whether the sample durations were represented by...

Nutrient availability of wheat feed screenings in broiler diet

Maheteme Selassie Wolde-Tsadick
Content and availability of nutrients in ten wheat feed screening samples were determined using day old broiler chicks. The metabolizable energy (ME) value of wheat feed screenings (WFS)in a balanced diet was significantly (P > 0.05) higher than wheat which was used as a control diet. Growth performance of all WFS samples were higher than control diet. Diets one, two, four, seven, ten and eleven had feed efficiency ratipswhich were significantly (P > 0.05) higher...

Studies of rec-1 function in Caenorhabditis elegans

Vijeyakumary Vijayaratnam
The faithful transmission of genetic information to succeeding generations relies on the accurate segregation of chromosomes during meiosis. Central to the meiotic process is recombination. Alteration of the pattern of crossing over can lead to improper chromosome segregation. A recessive mutation in the rec-1 gene in Caenorhabditis elegans eliminates the meiotic pattern of crossing over on the autosomes. Whether or not the rec-1 mutation also affects the X chromosome was investigated. Even though the amount...

Spatial analysis in a successional perspective : a boreal mixedwood landscape in northeastern British Columbia

Marco Albani
Digital elevation models (DEMs), multitemporal Landsat TM images and forest inventory maps were use to study the spatial patterns of boreal mixedwoods in the Boreal White and Black Spruce zone of British Columbia. A Bayesian classification method was developed to produce a high resolution map of posterior probabilities of forest cover classes. The procedure employed the forest inventory maps as prior probabilities, while evidence was provided by the results of a maximum likelihood classifier applied...

Reduction of metallic chlorides and the physical properties of the metal produced

Arnold William Greenius
This paper is a report on the Investigations of the production of metals by the hydrogen reduction of metal chlorides and on the physical properties of the metal produced. The study covers the hydrogen reduction of cobaltous chloride; crystallographic analyses of the cobalt powder produced under conditions of varying reduction temperature and hydrogen flow, and treated under various conditions of cooling and reheating; compacting and sintering of the powder under varying pressures and sintering temperatures;...

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