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[Photograph depicting a man and a girl playing croquet]

[Postcard depicting a game of croquet on the beach]

Lucien Tanquerey

[Card depicting a young girl in a park]

[Card depicting boy playing croquet]

[The art of Winslow Homer]

Image accompanies article on Homer Winslow from an antiques magazine from July 1984.

Farm residence of H. B. Kay's

Farm residence located in Illinois. Illustration of a farm residence of Y. A. Glenn below.


Image part of larger illustrative spread, which is a newspaper cover.

[Painting depicting a woman playing croquet]

B. R.
Original initialled by artist.

Croquet ; the laws and regulations of the game

Reproduction of illustration. Image is the frontispiece to the book, "Croquet; the Laws and Regulations of the Game", written by John Jaques.

[Painting depicting a game of croquet]

Residence of A. McArthur

Illustration of McArthur's woollen factory in Ontario underneath. Partial map of Canada on verso.

[Le croquet]

James Jacques Tissot
A girl stands with a croquet mallet in her hands while two other women sit on the croquet field behind her and her dog watches her from the foreground

[Croquet in the South]

Two figures playing croquet, with houses in the background

[A fan, depicting five women playing croquet]

Inscribed with players' names

[Stereograph depicting a game of croquet]

D. C. Osborn

Pemigewasset croquet club

[Stereograph depicts two women playing croquet]

Lily Brayton

Postcard sent in Great Britain from Syd to Kitty Gail. Postcard depicts Lily Brayton and her husband, Oscar Asche.

[Advertising card depicting croquet in a forest]

Advertising card for A. Doyle jeweler.

[Postcard depicting a group playing croquet]

Summer amusements

Various articles on verso.

Overcoat for boy

Other fashion illustrations on same page and articles on verso.

The new game of martelle

Articles on verso.

[Moran family]

Verso states that this is the Moran family depicted on the postcard at the Rosario Island Resort and Spa.

Hall Leys Pleasure Ground

Postcard sent in Great Britain from Mary to Miss Bond.

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