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[The nostalgia postcard]

British reproduction postcard with explanation on verso of the original photo from 1910 depicted on the recto.

Croquet grounds

Postcard sent in the United States from Edward, who was staying at the location depicted in the postcard, to Wilhelm Koven.

[Postcard depicting a family playing croquet]

[French postcard depicting young women playing croquet]

The lawn

[Lantern slide depicting a game of croquet]

Opening day

Image part of larger illustrative spread, which is a newspaper cover.

Stock farm & residence of John Van Horn

Illustrations of the residences of William W. Holmes and John Foley in Illinois above. Illustrations of other residences on verso.

Earlham College

Illustration depicts Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana. Part of larger illustrative spread. Partial map of Indiana on verso.

A croquet match

Poster of image reprinted in 1988.

[Photograph depicting men and women playing croquet]

George Bell
Photograph is attached to the photographer's card.

[Russian postcard depicting children playing croquet]

[Card photograph depicting three girls playing croquet]

[Card photograph depicting a game of croquet]

Aubrey House

Training college

Postcard sent in Great Britain to Hilda Bowes from Mrs. Day.

The Moosilauke

The vicarage

[Postcard depicting a large group posing with croquet equipment]

Postcard sent in Great Britain to Mrs. Forlong Gordon. Verso marked with a stamp, "J. Thorley Wrenon".

[Postcard depicting a game of croquet]

Lake Pleasant

The terrace

Postcard sent in Great Britain to Miss Platt from Madge.


Postcard sent in Great Britain to Minnie Aithen.

Beacon Hotel

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