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The central image is of a man facing to the left wearing 16th century Tudor clothing, shoes and haircut. He is carrying a tray with an inkwell and a feather pen standing upright from it. ; Bookplate Type : Pictorial ; Bookplate Function : Ownership


Black ink on cream paper. Text is surrounded by a simple double border. Donor information is typewritten. ; Bookplate Type : Textual ; Bookplate Function : Presentation


This bookplate, black ink on ivory paper, consists of a number of books standing up right on a flat surface. In front of the standing books is a book left open, and a candle stick with candle alight. From the candle's flame, light radiates out in all directions. Running along the left border are a series of vertical lines of varying widths, and along the right border are a series of ten small symbols. ;...

A croquet match

[Illustration depicting a girl playing croquet]

Fictional stories on verso.

[Card photograph depicting a game of croquet]

[Illustration depicting children playing croquet]

The fashions

Fashion plate featuring Thomson's Crinolines.

[Group posing on croquet field]

Reprint of a Civil War era photograph.

[Croquet dress]

Print out of a croquet dress from the Manchester Art Museum's website.

The queen

Clipping from an edition of Alice in Wonderland.

Croquet Schottische

Alfred Concanen
Reproduction of an original.

Confound you, sir!

Illustration depicting a golf game with a joke about croquet.

Le buxton

Photograph of buxton, which is a game similar to croquet. Photograph part of an article on new sports. Whole magazine intact.

Self adjusting buckles

Image is on verso of magazine cover. Other advertisements on page.

An American seaside home for working women

Illustration part of a larger clipping, which contains other illustrations and articles.

Summer in the country

Image above an article on summer vacations. Verso contains article on the history of European morals.

Afternoon cocoa

Advertisements on verso.

So ready!

Cartoon depicts conversation between a man and a woman over a game of croquet. Verso contains articles. Accompanied by a card from the seller of the print.

[Photograph depicting a family]

Photograph depicts a family posing on a croquet lawn. Some of the faded parts are filled in with pen. Names are written underneath the photograph in pencil.

[Card photograph depicting a game of croquet]

Residence of G.C. Shelden

Photograph depicts two women playing croquet.

A juvenile game of croquet

Other illustrations on same page. Articles on verso.

Brotherly love

Advertisements on the rest of the page and verso.

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