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Attuning to the Roma

Ioanida Costache
The talk explores aspects of Roma Holocaust testimony and its sonic legacy in the context of the contemporary politics of “sounding Roma” in the Romanian public sphere.

The gäṭa beraya drumming tradition of Sri Lanka : [supplementary material]

Eshantha Peiris
The attached files are supplements to the author’s doctoral dissertation at http://hdl.handle.net/2429/75832

The Last Ghetto : An Everyday History of Theresienstadt

Anna Hájková
Terezín, as it was known in Czech, or Theresienstadt as it was known in German, was operated by the Nazis between November 1941 and May 1945 as a transit ghetto for Central and Western European Jews before their deportation for murder in the East. Terezín was the last ghetto to be liberated, one day after the end of World War II. The Last Ghetto is the first in-depth analytical history of a prison society during...

Do We Really Live in a Secular Age?

Edward Slingerland

[Opening ceremony for Haida section of Totem Pole Park]

, Norman A.M. MacKenzie, Phyllis Ross, Kenneth Caple, Harry Hawthorn & Peter Kelly

The Secret Lives of Deep-Sea Volcanoes

Maya Tolstoy
Dr. Tolstoy is a prolific researcher. Her findings have been published in distinguished peer-reviewed scientific publications, such as Science and Nature magazines. She has led numerous research expeditions at sea, and was part of the largest community marine seismology experiment to date: The Cascadia Initiative. Dr. Tolstoy is the recipient of the Wings Worldquest Sea Award honouring women in exploration, and was a finalist for NASA’s Astronaut selection. Dr. Tolstoy serves on the National Academy...

Ships, satellites, and social media : How we understand Arctic climate change

Dr. Tortell is a biological/chemical oceanographer with broad interests in ocean-climate interactions. His research focuses on developing new methods to measure biological productivity in the ocean and the production of trace gases. Recently he has been seeking to understand the potential climate effects of these gases on Arctic and Antarctic marine systems. His research employs a variety of laboratory and field-based measurements to examine the interactions between marine micro-organisms and ‘climate-active’ trace gases. Dr. Tortell...

A Talk from the Bottom of the Box: Reflections of an Award-winning Poet for Youth

JonArno Lawson
Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and hosted by the School of Library, Archival, and Information Studies (SLAIS). JonArno Lawson is the author of a range of books for all ages, from collections of poetry for teens to single poem picture books. He also is a writer of non-fiction. He will discuss his creative and publishing process and read from his books. Lawson lives in Toronto with his wife and three children....

Integrating Science, Environment and Equity

L. M. Lavkulich
Communication is the most important biological activity that allows species, including Homo sapiens, to survive. In our complex, and some might argue, “detached from nature” world, academic communication has not kept pace with population growth, affluence and technology. The human desire is for more but the Earth from a human dimension is finite. Human impacts on our natural environment are increasing in intensity, in geographic space and in ways that are not predicted. There is...

Rats! Purveyors of pestilence or public health helpers?

Jennifer Gardy, Agatha Jassem, Michael Lee & Kaylee Byers
Are rats disgusting bearers of plagues? Or are they public health indicators to which we should really be paying attention? Held just prior to Halloween, this talk featured SPPH Assistant Professor Jennifer Gardy, who spoke about how animal, environmental, and human health are all linked, BCCDC Virology Laboratory program head Dr. Agatha Jassem who discussed what diseases humans could catch from our rodent cohabitants, and UBC PhD students, and Vancouver Rat Project researchers, Michael Lee...

The Flower Princess and the Imaginations of Hong Kong

Kwok Kou Leonard Chan
The list of Cantonese operas includes thousands of titles. But only a handful of them stand the test of time. Amongst these gems, Tang Disheng’s The Flower Princess (Di nü hua 帝女花) is a particularly successful one. The playwright created a world where politics and ethics, patriotism and romantic love, intertwine. The work is far more than entertainment, with its cultural influence growing rather than waning over time. Adaptions of the opera in different art...


Ig Henneman & Ab Baars
Artist Presentation given by musicians and long time collaborators Ab Baars and Ig Henneman at the 2017 IICSI colloquium "Lines of Flight: Improvisation, Hope and Refuge." Baars and Henneman discuss the important role that trust plays in improvisation.

How climate change could deplete global fish stocks

William Cheung
Join Wall Scholar William Cheung to learn how climate change impacting marine fisheries and ecosystems. Cheung also discusses how we can mitigate this growing problem.

Monsoon Islam : Trade and Faith on the Medieval Malabar Coast

Sebastian R. Prange
In the medieval period, a distinct form of islamic thought and practice developed within the world of the Indian Ocean. 2017 Wall Scholar Sebastian Prange explains how monsoon Islam was shaped by merchants and commercial interests rather than in battle.

National School Library Day : The Place and Space for Canadian Children's Literature in Our Lives and Libraries

Maggie DeVries, , Judith Saltman & Yukiko Tosa
Why should we care about Canadian Children’s literature in our lives and libraries? Is Canadian identity critical in a digital, global, pop culture world? Do parents, teachers, teacher-librarians, librarians and young people really care whether they read Canadian or not? Join with our panel presenters as they discuss these questions and more. Maggie DeVries will offer her perspective as a writer for children who has situated both her fiction and non-fiction in BC. Jan Hare...

Post-Imperial Eurasia and Fragmented Europe in Vladimir Sorokin’s Telluria

Tatiana Filimonova
Russian writer Vladimir Sorokin’s fiction transcends national borders both physically and figuratively. Not only is he widely read abroad, but also the settings of his works have stretched across the whole Eurasian continent, exploring Russia’s place in the global order. Sorokin’s foray into the future of Russian statehood stemmed from his resentment at the popularity of Eurasianism—a conservative neo-imperialist ideology—in post-Soviet Russia. This talk will concentrate on how Eurasianist ideas influenced contemporary literary production, and...

Human(e) Interactions with the Environment

Yemi Adeyeye, Evan Bowness, Mollie Chapman, Tugce Conger, Jamie Fenneman, Graham McDowell, Emily Rugel, Steve Williams & Stefan Pauer
In collaboration with the Public Scholars Initiative (PSI), the IKBLC Community Engagement & Programs division presents the “PhDs Go Public Research Talk Series,” which showcases doctoral students telling their community-engaged research stories in just under seven minutes. In “Human(e) Interactions with the Environment,” nine PhD students from UBC’s Public Scholars Initiative engage the public by using the Pecha Kucha format to present on how their research is contributing to the public good, and making a...

Exploring music and piano playing with young children : a piano teacher's pedagogical stories : [supplementary material]

Jee Yeon Ryu
The attached files are supplements to the author's doctoral dissertation at http://hdl.handle.net/2429/64117

Forging a Language for a New World : Modern Punjabi Literature in India, Pakistan, and Beyond : [Interview with Harbhajan Singh]

Ajay Bhardwaj
Harbhajan Singh Hundal discusses the role Punjabi literature and writers have played in not only literary movements of the time, but social movements such as the Naxalite movement. Moreover, he further goes on to discuss how changes in time influence literature, social conditions, and the role of the writer. This introspective look at Punjabi literature is important for understanding the evolution of writing in the Punjabi context.

Critical Contributions to Nursing Knowledge and Practice : Looking Back and into the Future of Nursing Education

Kathy O’Flynn-Magee, Joan Anderson, Marion Isobelle Clauson, Geertje Boschma, Sheila Rankin Zerr, Catherine Haney, Frances Affleck & Ranjit Dhari
Joan Anderson - Critical Inquiry in a Practice Discipline: History Matters!: In this presentation I discuss how patients’ construction of life stories, obtained through ethnographic research, guided my engagement with different genres of critical inquiry, e.g. feminist and postcolonial feminist theories; and later, critical humanism. I draw attention to the analytic breadth of these theories, which illuminate how history and context shape the experiencing of suffering. I examine the opportunities for praxis-oriented knowledge exchange to...

The Failure of Access : Rethinking Open Education

Ishan Abeywardena, Juan Pablo Alperin, Christina Hendricks, Jenna Omassi, Tara Robertson & Brady Yano
The use of open re-use licenses and Internet technologies have long promised to reduce barriers to education by making it more distributed, equitable, and open. Indeed, the promise of open education can trace its roots to the the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations 1948, which states “everyone has a right to education.” However, there is little formal evidence that open education has an impact on increasing access to learning or...

\"Turntable Poetry, Mixed-Race, and Schizophonophilia\"

Wayde Compton & Jason De Couto
Presentation given by Wayde Compton and Jason de Couto at ICASP 2010 Colloquium "Sound Lines: Improvisation, Text, and Media." Compton and de Couto blend poetry and sound samples in a mixed-media turntable performance that touches on the themes of race, perception and identity.

Panel Discussion : Indigenizing Instruction : Transformative Practices from Western Canada

Deborah Lee, Jenna Walsh, Kim Lawson, Camille Callison & Sarah Dupont
This session aims to identify ways to support and promote accurate information about Aboriginal people, identify how current library structures may be barriers to full inclusion for Aboriginal students and how to address them, and identify power issues at play in our own instructional practice and how to make positive changes. Panelists are asked to consider the following questions: How do you help your community find themselves in your collection or in your course? How...

Civility and Partisanship : How We Can Train Future Politicians

Cameron Max
Dr. Cameron co-founded the Institute for Future Legislators at UBC, the world’s first school for politicians. His most recent book, Political Institutions and Practical Wisdom (2018), explores how to cultivate the character and judgment necessary to become a wise practitioner. Dr. Cameron was the 2005 Canadian Bicentennial Professor at Yale University, and a 2011 Peter Wall Institute Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence. His books include Strong Constitutions: Social-Cognitive Origins of the Separation of Powers (2013); The Making of...

Morality and the Brain

Patricia Smith Churchland

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