39,759 Works

An Evaluation of social work practice with the terminally ill: a single-subject design

Helen Allison
Bibliography: p. 122.

Molecular genetic studies of the inner core region of the lipopolysaccharide of salmonella typhimu

Dassanayake M. Sirisena
Bibliography: p. 248-264.

The environment and autoimmunity

Leeanne Schoenroth
Bibliography: p. 144-162

\"The rotten people\": Mordecai Richler's seminal first novel

Blair Munro
Bibliography: p. 91-95

A strategic approach to industrial development: the south Peace region of Alberta

Austin John French
Bibliography: p. 156-161.

Reducing development impact: a concept plan for an area in East Springbank

Susan L. Humble
Bibliography: p. 102-105.

Reliability studies in power system planning and design

Yakout Mansour Yakout Mansour
Bibliography: p. 85-87.

Waste water treatment by foam separation

Abraham Mathews
Bibliography: p. 104-107.

Selected preparation program needs for educational administrators in the province of Alberta

Ean Charles Seaton
Bibliography: p. 206-213.

Burnout, job satisfaction and vocational rehabilitation work environments

Sheila Jo-Anne Wood
Bibliography: p. 97-102.

Effects of in-vitro joint loading on articular cartilage chondrocyte viability

Sean Theron Tyson Craig
Bibliography: p. 79-83.

Surfactant and bronchial response

Rommy Koetzler
Bibliography: p. 122-132

Industrial oasis: A publishing house and production facility

John Souleles
Bibliography: p. 38-39

Interaction of a cylindrical beam with a surrounding annular fluid

David Thomas Kyejo
Bibliography: p. 96-99.

An exploratory analysis of the career enhancing aspects of an internet-based program

Joel W. Wilkinson

In vitro expression of human insulin in HEP-3B, HEP-G2, and HEP-G2 (C3A) cell lines

Glenn Douglas Allen
Bibliography: p. 155-161

Level ordering in Oneida phonology

Mary Pepper
Bibliography: p. 182-186.

Application of Olson's circumplex model to sexually abusive families

Cathy Ann Pittman
Bibliography: p. 126-139.

The Effect of diet on the expression of class 1 MHC antigens on pancreatic islet cells and the dev

Xue-Bin Li
Bibliography: p. 80-93.

The Effects of gallbladder stimulation upon breathing in dogs

Bibliography: p. 134-146.

The Environment Conservation Authority 1970-1977: an assessment and analysis

Angela Clark Vuchnich
Bibliography: p. 208-261.

Mid-uv meteor spectroscopy

Stephen Bimal Achal

Molecular hydrogen in planetary nebulae

Chengguang Li
Bibliography: p. 93-97

The Reaction of sulphur with aromatic thiols

Heimo J. Langer
Bibliography: p. 98-101.

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