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Examining self-talk of the Canadian national men's hockey team

Kimberley Amirault
Bibliography: p. 88-98.

Hydration and volume stability of concrete materials containing a lignin admixture

Souad Mahmoud Khalil
Bibliography: p. 159-170.

Implementation of smart radio modem protocols

Jason Conrad Sokolosky
Bibliography: p. 152-153.

Lines and circles: structure in the novels of Jack Hodgins

JoAnn McCaig
Bibliography: p. 126-131.

Posterior cortical lesions and a conditioned emotional response (CER)

Larry Allan Gillespie
Bibliography: p. 101-109.

Topics and tools in the introductory computer science curriculum

Katrin Becker
Bibliography: p. 70-74.

School, hospital information exchange: boundary spanning for chronically ill children

Basil Myers
Bibliography: p. 261-268.

Similarity analysis as applied to boundary value problems in solid mechanics

Rangaswamy Seshadri
Bibliography: p. 71-75.

Dogmatism as related to the quality of the co-therapists' relationship

Judy L. Johnson
Bibliography: p. 75-81.

Economic diversification and development for the province of Alberta: a systemic approach

Edward W. De Jong
Bibliography: p. 297-310.

A fully epistemic hidden variable model for emulating quantum dynamics

Michael Skotiniotis
Bibliography: p. 71-76

Identity and European integration: the role of cultural policy

Kassandra Dietrich Rothenstadt
Bibliography: p. 133-147

Synchronous machine digital control development

Kenneth John Runtz
Bibliography: p: 84-89.

Alienation and anomie in a detention home: an exploratory study

Linda Jean Wacker
Bibliography: p. 79-84.

Analysis and design of passive rotor transverse flux machines with permanent magnets on the stator

Bodo Eike Hasubek
Bibliography: p. 146-150

Anticipatory grief of families of dying patients

Mary Carolyn Ross
Bibliography: last 4 p.

Craniofacial growth patterns in Tanzania: epidemiology and 3D assessment of children with and without orofacial clefts

Mange Festo Manyama
Orofacial clefts [cleft lip (CL), cleft palate (CP), and cleft lip and palate (CLP)] are the most common orofacial congenital malformations found among live births, accounting for 65% of all head and neck anomalies. Due to conflicting information on the epidemiology of cleft deformities in African populations, this study was conducted to describe the epidemiology and patterns of orofacial clefts in Tanzania. This thesis also identified and described aspects of facial shape that vary most...

Development of a dynamic system for testing structural masonry elements and study of frp bed joint reinforcement

Monica J. Guzman Correa
Bibliography: p. 141-150

A model of natural gas exploration effort in the western Canadian sedimentary basin

Beata H. Komierowski
Bibliography: p. 63-71

A sustainable fiscal rule to manage non-renewable resource revenues: oil sands as a second chance for Alberta

Lindsay Marie Kendall
Bibliography: p. 72-73

Photocatalysis for waste gas treatment: kinetics and fluidized bed reactor modeling

Mojgan Karimi Golpayegani
Bibliography: p. 83-89

Evaluating value improving practices for large scale projects

James Peter Lozon
Bibliography: p. 288-306

Forced into the beauty pageant: an economic analysis of female well-being and the pursuit of ideal beauty

Sarah E. Lang
Bibliography: p. 110-123

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