39,759 Works

The ecotoxicology of zinc on a freshwater leech, Nephelopsis obscura

Heather Marie Gray
Bibliography: p. 87-104.

Multiplicity through abstraction: a design for medium density housing

Laura Marlayne Plosz
Bibliography: p. 79.

The Effect of transactional analysis: on the self-concept of adolescent women

Betty Ann Mackey
Bibliography: p. 60-67.

The Facilitation of career awareness in grade ten girls

Penelope Jane Robinson Woodcock
Bibliography: p. 54-63.

Observations of the far infrared absorbtion spectrum of the stratosphere from a balloon platform

David Andrew Naylor
Bibliography: p. 225-230.

The Historical background of the Indian and Northern Education Program

Catherine Isabel Littlejohn
Bibliography: p. 229-242.

Project scheduling using simulation

Reza Ghodsi
Bibliography: p. 119-126

The Working-woman factor and urban structure

Beverley A. Pitman
Bibliography: p. 225-250.

Transport properties of perfluorinated and aromatic ionomer membranes

Alfred Eduard Steck
Bibliography: p. 148-158.

Space and season: a study of the spatial behavior of prehistoric Arctic hunters

E. Bielawski
Bibliography: p. 151-163.

Investigation of administrators' and teachers' perceptions of classroom television

Dennis V. E. Christensen
Bibliography: p. 84-89.

Technological change and continuity in West African handloom weaving, c. 1300-1980: a case study of southern Ghana

Philip Atsu Afeadie
Bibliography: p. 105-112.

The Edmonton Omniplex: design of a multi-use sports facility

Robert James Johnston
Bibliography: last 8 p.

The effects of temperature and food ration on the reproductive strategy of Nephelopsis obscura

Beata Biernacka
Bibliography: p. 109-121.

Archaeology and ethnohistory of the Arrow Lakes, southeastern British Columbia

Christopher J. Turnbull
Bibliography: p. 172-189.

Nihilism: the postmodern dilemma

William Stewart
Bibliography: p. 96-99.

A Study of the effects of shape on stress-resultants and displacements in a shell of revolution

Arnor Kjartan Aston-Eikrem
Bibliography: p. 78-80.

Optimum strategies for obtaining a maximal set of random variables from a sequence of independent random variables

Darlene Wanda Osterlin
Bibliography: p. 49.

Sedimentology of the Late Cretaceous Judith River Formation, \"Cathedral\" area, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta

James M. Wood
Bibliography: p. 200-213.

Breaths of history

Laura May Auger
Bibliography: p. 45-46

Depressive realism in clinically depressed, remitted and nondepressed female subjects

Dennis Pusch
Bibliography: p. 69-78.

Disaggregate multimodal choice model for work trips

Varghese Cherian
Bibliography: p. 192-199.

Dynamic response of spherical shells under large deformations

Pak-Kin Chan
Bibliography: p. 127-133.

Feasibility and system analysis of oil and gas well telemetry links

Jai Bhagwan
Bibliography: p. 213-221.

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