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Contributions to Discrete Mathematics, Vol 7, No 2 (2012)

University Of Calgary Faculty Of Science
Vertex decompositions of two-dimensional complexes and graphs Some rigid moieties of homogeneous graphs Domination Value in Graphs A discrete Faà di Bruno's formula A continuous variant of the inverse Littlewood-Offord problem for quadratic forms Frobenius partition theoretic interpretations of some basic series identities Tournaments with kernels by monochromatic paths Antichains and counterpoint dichotomies Algorithms for classifying regular polytopes with a fixed automorphism group Distinguishing homomorphisms of infinite graphs

Contributions to Discrete Mathematics, Vol 6, No 1 (2011)

University Of Calgary Faculty Of Science
On a generalization of the Blaschke-Lebesgue theorem for disk-polygons Option-closed games Adjusting a conjecture of Erdős Coefficients of chromatic polynomials and tension polynomials 2L-convex polyominoes: Geometrical aspects Cones of partial metrics Claw-freeness, 3-homogeneous subsets of a graph and a reconstruction problem Dual linear spaces generated by a non-Desarguesian configuration Partially critical tournaments and partially critical supports

Contributions to Discrete Mathematics, Vol 5, No 2 (2010)

University Of Calgary Faculty Of Science
Strictly chained (p,q)-ary partitions Polytopes derived from sporadic simple groups Signed b-matchings and b-edge covers of strong product graphs Connected domination dot-critical graphs Freiman's theorem for solvable groups On the Parity of p(n,3) and p_Ψ(n,3) The Cops and Robber game on graphs with forbidden (induced) subgraphs Some Ramsey theorems for finite n-colorable and n-chromatic graphs Bounds and constructions for n-e.c. tournaments Homotopy types of independence complexes of forests Least-squares approximation by a tree distance Generalized...

Contributions to Discrete Mathematics, Vol 4, No 1 (2009)

University Of Calgary Faculty Of Science
The search for N-e.c. graphs Results on permutations with distinct difference property A local characterization of combinatorial multihedrality in tilings Geometric realizations of special toroidal complexes {-1,2}-hypomorphy and hereditary hypomorphy coincide for posets Classifying real Lehmer triples: a revived computation Weakly partitive families on infinite sets Computing holes in semi-groups and its applications to transportation problems

Contributions to Discrete Mathematics, Vol 2, No 1 (2007)

University Of Calgary Faculty Of Science
Classes of codes from quadratic surfaces of PG(3,q) An explicit treatment of biquadratic function fields On the rigidity of regular bicycle (n,k)-gons Coloring edges and vertices of graphs without short or long cycles A proof of an extension of the icosahedral conjecture of Steiner for generalized deltahedra Bounds on the achromatic number of partial triple systems A canonical partition theorem for trees The flow lattice of oriented matroids

Binding number, minimum degree and (g,f)-factors of graphs

Takamasa Yashima
Let a and b be integers with 2<= a< b, and let G be a graph of order n with n>= (a+b-1)^2/(a+1) and the minimum degree \delta(G)<= 1+(((b-2)n)/(a+b-1)). Let g and f be nonnegative integer-valued functions defined on V(G) such that a<= g(x)=1+((b-2)/(a+1)), then G has a (g,f)-factor.

Small on-line Ramsey numbers---a new approach

Pawel Pralat & Przemyslaw Gordinowicz
In this note, we revisit the problem of calculating small on-line Ramsey numbers R(G,H). A new approach is proposed that reduces the running time of the algorithm determining that R(K_3,K_4)=17 by a factor of at least 2*10^6 comparing to the previously used approach. Using high performance computing networks, we determined that R(K_4,K_4) <= 26, R(K_3,K_5) < 25, and that R(K_3,K_3,K_3) <= 20 for a natural generalization to three colours. All graphs on 3 or 4...

On the metric dimension of circulant graphs with $4$ generators

Tomas Vetrik
Circulant graphs are Cayley graphs of cyclic groups and the metric dimension of circulant graphs with at most $3$ generators has been extensively studied especially in the last decade. We extend known results in the area by presenting the lower and the upper bounds on the metric dimension of circulant graphs with $4$ generators.

Split (n + t)-color partitions and 2-color F-partitions

Meenakshi Rana & J. K. Sareen
Andrews [Generalized Frobenius partitions. Memoirs of the American Math. Soc., 301:1{44, 1984] defined the two classes of generalized F-partitions: F-partitions and k-color F-partitions. For many q-series and Rogers-Ramanujan type identities, the bijections are established between F-partitions and (n + t)-color partitions. Recently (n + t)-color partitions have been extended to split (n+t)-color partitions by Agarwal and Sood [Split (n+t)-color partitions and Gordon-McIntosh eight order mock theta functions. Electron. J. Comb., 21(2):#P2.46, 2014]. The purpose of...

On combinatorial extensions of Rogers-Ramanujan type identities

Megha Goyal
In the present paper we use anti-hook differences of Agarwal and Andrews as an elementary tool to provide new partition theoretic meanings to two generalized basic series in terms of ordinary partitions satisfying certain anti-hook difference conditions. Five particular cases are also discussed. These particular cases yield new partition theoretic versions of G\"{o}llnitz-Gordon identities and G\"{o}llnitz identity. Five $q$-identities of Rogers and three $q$-identities of Slater are further explored. These results extend the work of...

Guide for Reviewers

Marina Spahlinger & Nancy Wayne
The School of Public Policy Publications, Vol 12 (2019)

Drafting A Local Content Policy For The Oil Industry In Ecuador

Sebastian Valdivieso Vega
Oil companies have been operating in Ecuador’s western rain forest for the last 40 years. During that period Ecuador’s economy has grown substantially and has allowed a significant improvement on living conditions of the population. Unfortunately, within the areas of operation, those conditions haven’t changed in a sustainable way and local communities continue to struggle to survive, to get quality education and health access among other basic needs. This research project proposes to establish the...

Evaluating The Future Of The North American Power Grid

Sara Rochelle Korman
This thesis was created to determine the best strategy for future electricity generation in North America. Three scenarios were evaluated: business as usual, high renewables (80%+), and a compromise scenario that reflected a middle-of-the-road strategy. The scenarios were evaluated for required capacity and predicted generation, financial costs, environmental impacts, and social and efficiency implications. While the business as usual scenario was considerably less expensive in terms of direct expenses, once environmental impacts and the resulting...

Evaluation Of The University Of Calgary Cogeneration Plant

Steve Lessoway
With greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity of electrical power in Alberta being among the highest in Canada, facilities are adopting cogeneration technology to achieve reductions in GHG emissions while also benefiting from decreased energy costs. In 2011 the University of Calgary (U of C) completed construction of a $48 million cogeneration plant to work in conjunction with the campus district energy system with expectations of cutting emissions and reducing energy costs. The objective of this evaluation...

Investigating The Environmental, Regulatory, And Socio-economic Challenges Associated With Sara And Cosewic Listed Species On Canadian Pipeline Projects

Courtney Sieben
Public concerns over climate change and its associated impacts have significantly increased scrutiny of the Canadian pipeline industry. Pipeline projects proposed in environmentally sensitive areas, such as Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline and TransCanada’s recently filed Energy East Pipeline, have created concerns for local species and their habitats. These concerns have led to increased regulatory demand, having a significant impact on the cost, schedule, and public perception of proposed pipeline projects in Canada. Despite conducting extensive...

Environmental Regulations For The Hydrocarbon Sector In The Dominican Republic

Teresa De Jesús Flores Gómez

Literature Review And Analysis Of Rainwater Harvesting To Compile Best Practices For An Urban Integrated Water Cycle Management System At The City Of Calgary

Sandra Elizabet Ungerson
This paper investigates and reviews the challenges, benefits, risks, legal position and global perspectives related to rainwater harvesting to learn the best practices for urban water management. These best practices are put in the perspective of the circumstances faced by the City of Calgary regarding potable water, storm water and flood water management related to rain and snow fall. With the arrival of the Calgary City Charter, this document is a valuable source of information...

Costa Rican Power Security Strategy For 2030 Using Distributed Generation In The Industrial Sector

Alonso Alegre
Costa Rica faces constant energy demand growth and environmental concerns for mega-power developments. The aim of this research was to determine if distributed generation might reduce the installation of mega-power plants in Costa Rica. As an alternative proposal to mega-power projects, Costa Rica’s industrial sector in an urban area might fulfill its own electricity requirements through to 2030, by installing photovoltaic modules in a distributed generation system. My proposal is that distributed generation will represent...

Economic Feasibility And Sustainability Dimensions Of Recovering And Composting Food Waste From Canadian Natural Resources Limited (cnrl) Horizon Site's Work Camps.

Adriana Zuniga
The purpose of this study is to determine if it is environmentally sustainable and economically feasible to recover and compost the food waste from Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNLR) Horizon work camps. Then CNRL could use the compost produced as part of the land reclamation process. CNRL is situated 75 kilometres (km) north of Fort McMurray, Alberta. Thus, the research project identifies the in-vessel aerobic system as the option for the weather conditions found in...

Feasibility Of Using Natural Gas Cogeneration For Greenhouse Power, Heating And Co2 Enrichment

Andria Panidisz & Hannah Wentzell
Cogeneration technology, known for energy efficiency, low energy costs and low greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, generates both heat and power. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is also produced and is typically vented. However, the potential exists to use the CO2 to promote plant growth in a greenhouse. The objective of this evaluation is to determine whether a one‐megawatt (MW) natural gas cogeneration unit is a technologically, environmentally and economically feasible method to provide power, heat and CO2...

Sustainable Destinations: A Comparison Study Of Energy And Water Audits Of Hotels In The Galapagos Islands And Banff.

Connor Bedard
This paper seeks to understand the challenges and opportunities that exist for water conservation and energy efficiency in the hospitality industry in two separate and distinct destinations: the Galapagos Islands and the Town of Banff. Energy and water audits were conducted on a sample of six hotels and hostels in each destination to understand energy and water consumption and identify opportunities for improvements and savings. We found that low-cost initiatives such as using LED lights,...

Sustainable Development Goals (sdgs) And Firm Level Response: Suncor’s Sustainability Reporting And Disclosure Strategy

Markus Guy Selkirk
A single case study design was used to discover any strategic implications that the Sustainable Development Goals may have on Suncor Energy’s sustainability and reporting strategy. A literature review exploring how the SDGs impact the private sector revealed prominent themes relating to the concepts of increasing expectations of private sector SDG alignment, private sector SDG alignment driving value creation, and SDG alignment within the private sector mitigating risk. Data was collected through participant-observer and secondary...

The Link Between Current Sustainability Frameworks And The Introduction Of Technology Into A Remote Community

Habib Sairi
The paper reviews the concept of sustainability by examining if the current Sustainability Frameworks support the introduction of technology into remote communities. The role of technology whether through the use of solar energy, the development of greenhouse farming, or the improvement of water collection is to enable a community to be self-sufficient and achieve the ultimate goal of food security. Focused data collection was used to specifically look at problems that The Sustainability Framework programs...

The Pan Canadian Framework In Achieving 30% Reductions By 2030: Success Or Failure?

Jass Baidwan
The Paris Agreement allows countries around the world to determine their own contributions towards combating climate change and the rising temperatures. Canada intends to reduce the greenhouse gases it emits by 30% below 2005 levels by 2030. To assist in meeting this goal, the Pan Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change was adopted in 2016. Outlined in this framework are several policies and measures that are intended to reach the emissions reduction. This...

What Are The Proven Utility Scale Applications For Solar Steam Systems In Alberta?

Apostol Radev
This paper will assess What are the proven utility scale applications for Solar Steam systems in Alberta? Although Alberta does not have adequate sunshine to generate year-round electricity through solar technology, there is suitable irradiance to economically produce high-quality steam for use in industrial processes. Solar steam systems will empower Alberta oil industry meet its environmental commitments while providing revenues that can help recoup capital investment. This study will integrate an economic analysis as an...

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