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Research reveals ... : an update on gambling research in Alberta, 2021-2022

Alberta Gambling Research Institute

Pressing Its Luck: How Ontario Lottery and Gaming Can Work For, Not Against, Low-Income Households

Brian Dijkema & Johanna Wolfert
In this paper, we tell the story of Ontario’s involvement with gambling and explore how it got hooked. The state has not always been the leading dealer in gambling or user of the revenue it produces. In fact, gaming’s path from an illegal and suppressed activity to a legal one, and its eventual transmogrification into a lean, mean, revenue machine having the government’s full support and encouragement, was circuitous and filled with ironies and unintended...

Securing Smart Homes with OpenFlow

Mitchell Frank & Majid Ghaderi
The Internet of Things (IoT) trend is introducing additional devices to home networks. Home networks face the same threats as every other network. Recently, IoT devices have been compromised by attackers and used as staging points for further attacks. Home users may not have the technical capability or funding to run advanced security devices designed to protect enterprises. Solutions to this problem exist, but in some cases, they rely on third party cloud services or...

Augmented Reality Map Navigation with Freehand Gestures

Kadek Ananta Satriadi, Barrett Ens, Maxime Cordeil, Tobias Czauderna, Wesley J. Willett & Bernhard Jenny
Freehand gesture interaction has long been proposed as a ’natural’ input method for Augmented Reality (AR) applications, yet has been little explored for intensive applications like multiscale navigation. In multiscale navigation, such as digital map navigation, pan and zoom are the predominant interactions. A position-based input mapping (e.g. grabbing metaphor) is intuitive for such interactions, but is prone to arm fatigue. This work focuses on improving digital map navigation in AR with mid-air hand gestures,...

Sketching and Ideation Activities for Situated Visualization Design

Nathalie Bressa, Kendra Wannamaker, Henrik Korsgaard, Wesley J. Willett & Jo Vermeulen
We report on findings from seven design workshops that used ideation and sketching activities to prototype new situated visualizations — representations of data that are displayed in proximity to the physical referents (such as people, objects, and locations) to which the data is related. Designing situated visualizations requires a fine-grained understanding of the context in which the visualizations are placed, as well as an exploration of different options for placement and form factors, which existing...

Bumble Bees of Calgary: A key and illustrated guide for identification of the bumble bee species found in Calgary, Alberta

Tobyn Neame, Sarah Ritchie & Mindi Summers
A guide to the natural history, diversity, and identification of Calgary bumble bees.

Guest Editorial: An Ode to 215 Babies Tossed Away Unmarked

David W Jardine
Remembering the Babies

Infrastructure Policy Trends: Critical Mineral Mining in Canada

Alaz Munzur
Critical minerals are commodities with few effective substitutes like nickel, uranium, copper and cobalt. Their “criticality” depends on factors like market volatility, supply risk, environmental impact and priorities regarding economic development and national security. It is an evolving term and a mineral commodity considered critical now may be less so in the future. These minerals are essential for a functioning economy since they are vital inputs in almost all industries from defence to telecommunications, manufacturing...

The key role of No-Carbon State-Owned Enterprises in Global Climate Action: Leveraging the G20 forum to accelerate the energy transition

Leonardo Beltran-Rodriguez & Juan Roberto Lozano-Maya
The energy sector is the single largest source of carbon emissions, for which actions oriented to reduce its carbon intensity are critical to effectively tackle climate change. A great and yet largely untapped potential to reduce its emissions lies in oil and gas companies. Cognizant of this potential, in recent years several International Oil Companies (IOCs), publicly traded organizations with large capital access and wide geographical reach, have looked forward to effectively reduce their carbon...

Book Review. Towards an Ecology of Nursing Knowledge: Nursing and Humanities by Dr. Graham McCaffrey

Lorraine Venturato
McCaffrey, G. (2020). Nursing and humanities. Routledge. (pp. 127, $63.95 CAD, Hardcover) Nursing and Humanities by Dr. Graham McCaffrey explores the role of humanities in nursing knowledge, and McCaffrey makes a compelling case that humanities are an integral, though often invisible, part of nursing practice. He places nursing humanities within the sphere of health humanities and provides a cogent argument, along with examples and insights, to support the claim that the humanities offer not merely...

Risks of Failure in Regulatory Governance

Dan McFadyen & George Eynon
We identify and discuss the risks of failures in governance of regulatory authorities and the actions governments and regulatory authorities can take to mitigate these risks. The mandates of regulatory authorities are to protect the public by ensuring that entities under their jurisdiction are compliant with the legislation and regulations governing their activity. It is imperative that regulatory authorities hold themselves accountable for fulfilling their responsibilities to the same standard of compliance through consistent, certain,...

Allocating taxable income for provincial corporate income taxation in Canada, 2015-2017: practice and analysis

Michael Smart & Francois Vaillancourt
Canada is one of the few countries in the world where an intra-country formula allocation (FA) mechanism plays an important role in the taxation of corporate income by sub national governments, that is provinces. This paper presents and analyses information prepared for its authors by CRA on the allocation of taxable income between provinces for three years: 2015, 2016 and 2017. Profits allocated using the FA approach account for about one third of taxable income....

Social Policy Trends: Disability Benefit Caseloads in 4 Provinces

Ronald Kneebone
The incidence of disabilities is likely similar across provinces; the number of Disability Benefit caseloads per 1,000 adults is not.

On Becoming What the Story Needs

Dennis Sumara
Abstract In this article, I use Derrida’s (1978) conceptualizing of différance to inform hermeneutic readings of my queer archive of deferrals. These readings show some of the complex ways remembered and forgotten experiences of learning, teaching, and schooling are inevitably shaped by heteronormativity. My interest in différance is informed and maintained by my active resistance to how the subjects needed by those stories can lose track of their deferrals in ways that can reposition the...

Experiencing Grace and Graceful Moments: In-Between Spaces in Teaching and Learning

Sheelagh Chadwick & Tim Skuce
Abstract: Teacher education’s dominant narrative is often one that accentuates sure-fire methods in the attainment of curriculum goals and objectives. We offer grace as an orientation that could serve to accentuate the profoundly relational generative space of teaching and learning, and to afford opportunities for taking time and making space in the classroom for inquiry into the living disciplines as a means to further understandings of self, other and curriculum matter. In this paper we...

Empowering Migrant Women Through Poetry

Stamatoula Panagakou
It was a lovely summer day in Athens when I welcomed Alishba, Sahar, Mahdia, Sakineh, Fatima, Khadija, Mahboubeh, Heba and Rahima in my poetry workshop. We shared tea and coffee, cakes and fresh fruit. The room was filled with laughter and vivid conversation in English, Greek, Arabic and Farsi. The women looked happy and relaxed, as we were ready to explore the poetry of the Nobel Laureate Odysseus Elytis (1911-1996). Selected poems from his Orientations...

Combinatorial interpretations of two identities of Guo and Yang

Mircea Merca
The restricted partitions in which the largest part is less than or equal to $N$ and the number of parts is less than or equal to $k$ were investigated by Andrews. These partitions were extended recently by the author to partitions into parts of two kinds. In this paper, we use a new class of restricted partitions into parts of two kinds to provide new combinatorial interpretations for two identities of Guo and Yang.

Note on group distance magicness on product graphs

Appattu Vallapil Prajeesh & Krishnan Paramasivam
If $l$ is a bijection from the vertex set $V(G)$ of a graph $G$ to an additive abelian group $\Gamma$ of $|V(G)|$ elements such that for any vertex $u$ of $G$, the weight $\sum_{v\in N_{G}(u)}l(v)$ is $\mu$, where $\mu \in \Gamma$, then $l$ is a $\Gamma$-distance magic labeling of $G$. A graph $G$ that admits such an $l$ is $\Gamma$-distance magic and if $G$ is $\Gamma$-distance magic for every such $\Gamma$, then $G$ is a...

H-absorbence and H-independence in 3-quasi-transitive H-coloured digraphs.

Hortensia Galeana-Sanchez & Eugenia O'Reilly-Regueiro
In this paper we prove that if $D$ is a loopless asymmetric 3-quasi-transitive arc-coloured digraph having its arcs coloured with the vertices of a given digraph $H$, and if in $D$ every $C_4$ is an $H$-cycle and every $C_3$ is a quasi-$H$-cycle, then $D$ has an $H$-kernel.

Schröder partitions, Schröder tableaux and weak poset patterns

Luca Ferrari
We introduce the notions of Schröder shapes and Schröder tableaux, which provide an analog of the classical notions of Young shapes and Young tableaux. We investigate some properties of the partial order given by containment of Schröder shapes. Then we propose an algorithm that is the natural analog of the well-known RS correspondence for Young tableaux, and we characterize those permutations whose insertion tableaux have some special shapes. The last part of the article relates...

Equivalent classes of degree sequences for triangulated polyhedra and their convex realization

Pascal Honvault
We define an equivalence on the set of all degree sequences of a triangulated polyhedron with a fixed number of vertices and compute them and their cardinal via an algorithm. We also prove that each class is realizable as a convex polyhedron.

Fear' Studies: A Conceptual Proposal

R. M. Fisher
This preliminary document offers the conceptual framework, rationale, key definitions, and areas of interest which serve to support 'Fear' Studies as a new theme for post-secondary education...

A New 'Fear' Studies Vocabulary

R. M. Fisher

Fearology: The Biography of an Idea

R. M. Fisher

Fostering Collaborative Learning in an Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Education Course

Barbara Brown, Christy Thomas, Joshua Hill & Gabriela Alonso-Yañez
An interdisciplinary approach to designing lessons requires collaboration among teachers. In undergraduate programs in education, faculty often assign group tasks and students struggle with negotiating ideas and effectively engaging in collaborative learning with peers. In this study, researchers used repeated surveys and social network analysis to examine pre-service teachers’ peer-group interactions while co-designing an interdisciplinary unit plan. Findings suggest effective relationships are needed to support collaborative learning, peer leaders can support collaborative learning and instructors...

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