3,880 Works

Burnout in the teaching profession: an exploratory study

Bibliography: p. 139-146.

Frederic Fitch and epistemic blindspotting

Osbert Jian Kang
Bibliography: p. 162-173.

Guru devotion in Tibetan Buddhism

Mark A. Donovan
Bibliography: p. 128-137.

Physical, chemical and isotopic investigations of Ward Hunt Ice Shelf and Milne Ice Shelf, Ellesmere Island, NWT

Martin Orme Jeffries
Bibliography: p. 291-310.

Satiation and aversive shock conditioning: a comparison of two behavioral techniques in the modification of smoking behavior

Sharon Lee Miller
Bibliography: p. 100-109.

The policies and legislation of the United Farmers of Alberta government, 1921 - 1935

Susan M. Kooyman
Bibliography: p. 140-144.

Effect of human interferon preparations in In Vitro activation of lymphocytes from normal and Down's Syndrome individuals

Claire Georgina Cupples
Bibliography: p. 69-78.

A program evaluation of the 'ECO' project: services for troubled adolescent girls and their families

Kathryn Jane Tyndale
Bibliography: p. 112-116.

In the cell of self-knowledge: the development of a hermeneutic horizon of post-secondary teaching

Margo Husby Scheelar
Bibliography: p. 180-192

Toward an understanding of community in schools

Scott F. O. Benwell
Bibliography: p. 143-157

Aspect and the organization of argument structure and phrase structure: evidence from Malay

Hooi Ling Soh
Bibliography: p. 115-118.

Skeletal lower extremity motions during running

Alexander Peter Stacoff
Bibliography: p. 153-167

Canmore corridor regional trails plan

Robert Allan McCully
Bibliography: p. 160-171.

Deidentified dataset from Time spent formatting research manuscripts for submission annually

Kirsten M Fiest & Henry T Stelfox
Deidentified dataset for publication

Examining the role of social capital in women-led grassroots community action in Villa El Salvador, Peru

Brigette Krieg
Bibliography: p. 155-160

The process of perspective: a grounded theory inquiry into the art of living well in the world elite sport

Matthew Brown
Bibliography: p. 163-168.

Technological change and continuity in West African handloom weaving, c. 1300-1980: a case study of southern Ghana

Philip Atsu Afeadie
Bibliography: p. 105-112.

The Collapse of ancient civilizations: lessons from the past

Bibliography: p. 101-116.

Sedimentology of the Middle Jurassic Rock Creek Member in the subsurface of west-central Alberta

Donat J. Marion
Bibliography: p. 108-115.

Dynamic simulation of mult-component distillation

Craig G. Morris
Bibliography: p. 125-133.

The effectiveness of interest group litagation: an assessment of LEAF's participation in Supreme Court cases

Lori Hausegger
Bibliography: p. 116-121.

Structural evolution and metamorphism of basement gneisses and hadrynian cover, Bulldog Creek area, British Columbia

Michael R. McDonough
Bibliography: p. 145-156.

The Sedimentology and diagenesis of the Cadomin formation, Elmworth area, northwest Alberta

Bibliography: p. 131-137.

Re-membering the lesbian body: representation in/as performance

Lynda Hall
Bibliography: p. 288-297

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