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Where in the World are Canadian Oil and Gas Companies? 2012

Niloo Hojjati & Braeden Larson
Begun in 2011 as an internal research tool for the development of the Extractive Resource Governance Program, this study seeks to answer the vital question: Where in the world are Canadian oil and gas companies? To answer this question, we extract firm-level information from publicly traded Canadian companies in order to establish the location of their activities around the globe.1 The data collected in the “Where in the World” (hereafter WIW) project are presented through...

Energy and Environmental Policy Trends: The Growing Opportunity for LNG in China

Jennifer Winter
THE GROWING OPPORTUNITY FOR LNG IN CHINA Natural gas consumption in China has been growing rapidly since 2006 and was 237 billion cubic metres in 2017. Domestic natural gas production has not kept pace, leaving substantial opportunity for LNG importers. In 2016 the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission released the 13th Five-Year Plan for the Natural Gas Industry, which set a goal of natural gas accounting for 10% of total primary energy consumption by...

Reflections on academic integrity and academic dishonesty: How did we get here, and how do we get out?

Rachael Ileh Edino
In this article, I present a reflection based on my professional experience as a teacher and supervisor of national Grade 12 examination required as the first step for admission into post-secondary institutions in Nigeria, as well as experience as a doctoral student and graduate research assistant supporting a research grant on academic integrity in a Canadian University. I highlighted the natural reaction of the society when one is perceived to have engaged in a dishonest...

The Potential for Canadian LNG Exports to Europe

Jennifer Winter, Sarah Dobson, G. Kent Fellows, Dexter Lam & Paul Craig
Offering numerous ports with the shortest shipping distances to Europe from North America, Eastern Canada has the potential to be a player in the European liquefied natural gas (LNG) market. However, the slower-moving nature of proposed projects on Canada’s East Coast, combined with a glut of global LNG liquefaction capacity, means it will likely be difficult for Canadian projects to gain a foothold in the market in the near term. As just one player in...

North American Free Trade Under Attack: Newsprint is just the tip of the iceberg

Eugene Beaulieu
Canada is now getting a good look at just how aggressively protectionist the Trump administration in the U.S. is ready to act. It has hit Canadian newsprint exports with punishing tariffs based on unjustified claims that the Canadian industry is both subsidized and dumping product below fair-market value into the U.S. marketplace. This latest trade skirmish, following President Donald Trump’s demands to renegotiate NAFTA, American-instigated trade challenges to Canadian exports of softwood lumber (yet again)...

Editorial: Academic integrity gaining increased attention in Canada

Sarah Elaine Eaton
We introduce the second issue of our first volume, highlighting the lead article from Amanda McKenzie and offering commentary on how academic integrity issues have gained attention in the national media this year.

Assessing Policy Support for Emissions Intensive and Trade Exposed Industries

Sarah Dobson & Jennifer Winter
Jurisdictions implementing emissions pricing often face concerns arising from emissions-intensive and trade exposed (EITE) industries. These industries face higher costs than counterparts in other jurisdictions without emissions pricing. There is also risk of emissions leakage, where economic activity from EITE industries in a jurisdiction with emissions pricing leaves for jurisdictions without pricing, leading to lower economic activity and no net reduction in emissions. As a result of these two concerns, jurisdictions implementing carbon pricing often...

Illuminating scholarship to students: Librarian-faculty course collaborations

Alice L.E.V. Cassidy
Collaborations between teaching faculty, librarians and others can lead to enhanced learning experiences for students, especially in the interrelated areas of scholarly research, information literacy and academic integrity. I focus on collaborative projects related to credit courses. ranging from 1st through 4th year, at two Canadian universities, the University and the University. Examples include such techniques and strategies as in-class activities, out of class homework and assignments, flexible assignments and online resources. I highlight collaborations...

2017 Tax Competitiveness Report: The Calm Before the Storm

Philip Bazel, Jack Mintz & Austin Thompson
Canada stands to lose a major competitive edge unless it responds to the challenges of the 2018 U.S. tax reforms by instituting reforms of its own. At 20.9 per cent, Canada’s tax burden on new investment (measured by the marginal effective tax rate or METR), is competitive when compared to countries in the Americas and Asia-Oceania, and it’s the second lowest among the G7 countries. However, the rules of the game are about to change...

The Time has come to Revisit Solvency Funding Rules

Norma Nielson
Canadians are not fond of hearing news about people losing their hard-earned pensions because their employer misused the money. The thought of some Working Joe or Jane being deprived of a pension, after a lifetime of working for a company, is naturally repugnant. That is why regulations around defined-benefit pension plans are designed to force employers to keep their pension funds sufficiently solvent. But there are many ways to achieve that end and, while the...

NAFTA Renegotiations: An opportunity for Canadian Dairy?

Eugene Beaulieu, Ven Balaji Venkatachalam & Philip Rasmussen
Canadian dairy producers have been protected domestically through supply management and internationally through import restricting border controls for over forty years. This combination of domestic and foreign policies keeps Canadian dairy prices artificially high, and allows producers to profit from the market while hitting dairy consumers in the pocket book. These policies are extremely costly for Canadian consumers and benefit a declining number of protected dairy producers. Canadian international trade policies result in 200 per...

Has the City-Rural Tax Base and Land-Use Balance Changed in Alberta? Explorations into the Distribution of Equalized Property Assessments Among Municipality Classes

Melville McMillan
Alberta ended its regional planning commissions in 1996. They were replaced by voluntary inter-municipal negotiation, but this has raised concerns about adverse effects on land use. Pressure to terminate the commissions came largely from the rural municipalities. Some of them felt the commissions retarded their economic development. They believed that in a less restrictive planning environment, they would be able to attract a greater share of development, especially business. This study assesses the consequences of...

Capacity Market Design: Motivation and Challenges in Alberta’s Electricity Market

David Brown
Alberta’s electricity market is currently undergoing a period of substantial transition. The province should proceed with caution as it switches from an energy-only electricity market to a capacity market by 2021. Many other jurisdictions have already made the changeover and Alberta can learn from their experiences in order to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls that can arise with the deployment of a capacity market.There were growing concerns that the existing electricity market structure would not...

Capacity Market Design: Motivation and Challenges in Alberta’s Electricity Market

David Brown
Alberta’s electricity market is currently undergoing a period of substantial transition. The province should proceed with caution as it switches from an energy-only electricity market to a capacity market by 2021. Many other jurisdictions have already made the changeover and Alberta can learn from their experiences in order to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls that can arise with the deployment of a capacity market.There were growing concerns that the existing electricity market structure would not...

Canadian Perspectives on Academic Integrity, Vol 1, No 1 (2018): Inaugural Issue

Welcome to our inaugural issue of Canadian Perspectives on Academic Integrity, Volume 1, Issue 1, 2018.

Academic Integrity Outreach: supporting high school students for success in higher education

Leeanne Morrow
This brief article highlights how the Library at the University of Calgary works with high schools to teach their students about academic integrity with a focus on building ethical research and writing skills in advance of students' transition to a post-secondary learning environments.

Launching an Institutional Academic Integrity Campaign

Loie Gervais
The University of Manitoba launched its first institution-wide academic integrity campaign in Fall 2016. The aim of the campaign is to promote a positive educational message of academic integrity that is inclusive of all university members, including faculty, students, and staff. In this article I share points to consider for practitioners who wish to implement promotional academic integrity strategies in their institutions.

Fiscal Policy Trends: The Path to Balance or the Road to Ruin?

Bev Dahlby
The NDP government’s plan to balance the provincial budget by 2023-24 is based on drastically cutting capital spending and on optimistic revenue projections. In order to show that these are the key elements of the “Path to Balance”, we need to know how interest payments on debt, total operating expenditures, and the cash deficits will evolve under the government’s plan, but these key fiscal variables are not reported in the budget documents.

Social Policy Trends: Social Assistance Caseloads in Alberta by Family Composition

Ronald D. Kneebone &
SOCIAL ASSISTANCE CASELOADS IN ALBERTA BY FAMILY COMPOSITION During Alberta’s recent economic recession, most new social assistance cases were filed for single individuals. Alberta Works is a social assistance program that allows certain individuals to receive income support from the provincial government. One of the eligibility criteria is that those persons must be free of physical or mental limitations that could affect their employment opportunities. Once they are accepted into the Alberta Works program, those...

An International Comparison of Tax Assistance for R&D: 2017 Update and Extension to Patent Boxes

John Lester & Jacek Warda
Business investment in research and development (R&D) is widely recognized as providing benefits to the broader economy that exceed the benefits to the firms that perform the R&D. As a result of this externality or spillover, most governments provide support for R&D in order to encourage more of it. In 2017, 29 of the 35 members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) provided tax incentives for spending on R&D. That’s up slightly...

Social Policy Trends: The Energy Boom and Income

Ronald D. Kneebone &
THE ENERGY BOOM AND INCOME GROWTH In the last decade, both rich and poor households in Alberta enjoyed significant income growth. An energy boom fueled by high, though volatile, oil prices was a key driver of economic growth in Alberta for much of the period 2000- 2015. Who was the beneficiary of that boom? The graphs show, for each year during the period 2000-2015, the average after-tax and after-transfer incomes of the top 10% of...

Tri-Agency Open Access Policy: Navigating requirements for grant holders

Christie Hurrell, Robin Smith & Rowena Wake
The harmonized open access policy released by the tri-council granting agencies (NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR) applies to all individuals receiving an NSERC or SSHRC research grant with an award date after May 1, 2015, and has been in place for CIHR grant holders since 2008. Grant recipients are now required to ensure that any peer-reviewed journal publications arising from Agency-supported research are freely accessible within 12 months of publication.

Library-Faculty Relations -- Gaps and Bridges: Connecting within our Communities

Melanie Boyd
This talk was presented to the Association of College and Research Libraries (Western New York/Ontario Chapter) Conference in May 2007.

Copyright Wars, Fair Dealing and Libraries

Robert Tiessen
Presented on October 19, 2013 at the Netspeed Conference in Edmonton.

Local Library Services: University of Calgary Library Services

Nadine Hoffman
A panel presentation made to the Calgary Law Libraries Group members to identify services available in Calgary. Presentations were also made by Evette Berry, Calgary Public Library, and Sonia Poulin, Alberta Law Libraries.

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