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Climate Change and the proposed Canadian Northern Corridor

David Fawcett, Tristan Pearce & James Ford
The Canadian Northern Corridor is a concept for a multi-modal (road, rail, pipeline, electrical and communication) transmission corridor through northern Canada. This paper reviews scientific evidence about potential impacts of climate change in northern Canada and implications for future corridor development. The results show that climate change impacts are already being experienced through northern Canada and are expected to continue and potentially worsen in the future. Permafrost thaw, sea ice melt, extreme weather events, and...

Economic Policy Trends: The Gendered Implications of an Infrastructure-Focused Recovery: Issues and Policy Thoughts

Anna Cameron, Vanessa Morin & Lindsay Tedds
Alberta is banking on sizable investments in infrastructure as it looks to resuscitate an economy devastated by the double blow of an oil price crash and global pandemic. The fiscal injection announced in Alberta’s Recovery Plan lifts infrastructure spending to $10 billion, and will fund what Premier Jason Kenney calls the biggest build in Alberta’s history. Historic as it may be, the approach leaves women behind.

The Regional Distribution of Federal Fiscal Balances: Who Pays, Who Gets and Why It Matters

Robert Mansell, Mukesh Khanal & Trevor Tombe
This paper focuses on the regional redistribution of income, employment and population in Canada associated with federal tax, expenditure and transfer policies. Data on net federal fiscal balances by region (the differences between total federal revenues contributed by a region and the total federal expenditures in and transfers to the region) are presented for the period 1961-2018. Along with showing the nature and extent of the redistribution associated with federal fiscal policies over time, these...

$Q_4$-Factorization of $\lambda K_n$ and $\lambda K_x(m)$

Oğuz Doğan
In this study, we show that necessary conditions for $Q_4$-factorization of $\lambda{K_n}$ and $\lambda{K_{x(m)}}$ (complete $x$ partite graph with parts of size $m$) are sufficient. We proved that there exists a $Q_4$-factorization of $\lambda{K_{x(m)}}$ if and only if $mx\equiv{0} \pmod{16}$ and $\lambda{m(x-1)}\equiv{0}\pmod{4}$. This result immediately gives that $\lambda K_n$ has a $Q_4$-factorization if and only if $n\equiv 0 \pmod{16}$ and $\lambda \equiv 0 \pmod{4}$.

Minimum size blocking sets of certain line sets with respect to an elliptic quadric in $PG(3,q)$

Bart De Bruyn, Puspendu Pradhan & Binod Kumar Sahoo
For a given nonempty subset $\mathcal{L}$ of the line set of $\PG(3,q)$, a set $X$ of points of $\PG(3,q)$ is called an $\mathcal{L}$-blocking set if each line in $\mathcal{L}$ contains at least one point of $X$. Consider an elliptic quadric $Q^-(3,q)$ in $\PG(3,q)$. Let $\mathcal{E}$ (respectively, $\mathcal{T}, \mathcal{S}$) denote the set of all lines of $\PG(3,q)$ which meet $Q^-(3,q)$ in $0$ (respectively, $1,2$) points. In this paper, we characterize the minimum size $\mathcal{L}$-blocking sets in...

Diameter 3

Miodrag Sokic
Let $\mathcal{M}$ be the class of finite metric spaces with nonzero distances in the set $\{1,2,3\}$ omitting triangles of the form $(2,3,3)$ and $(3,3,3)$. We prove that the class of linearly ordered structures from $\mathcal{M}$ satisfies the Ramsey property.

Less Income for More Hours of Work: Barriers to Work for Social Assistance Recipients in B.C.

Gillian Petit, Craig Scott, Blake Gallacher, Jennifer Zwicker & Lindsay Tedds
Individuals enter into paid work with the expectation they will be financially better off than had they not entered into paid work. Unfortunately, for recipients of Income Assistance in the province of British Columbia (B.C.), additional hours of employment may actually take money out of their pocket due to the design of income assistance and its unintended interactions with other income and social support programs and the tax system. In this paper, we illustrate cases...

Infrastructure Policy Trends: The Digital Divide and the Lack of Broadband Access During COVID-19

Katharina Koch
Across Canada, the large number of people working and studying from home require reliable and fast internet access. The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates the urgency of diminishing the ‘digital divide’ in Canada.

Innovation and Reflexivity in the Research Process

Daniela Fontenelle-Tereshchuk
Journal of Educational Thought / Revue de la Pensée Educative, Vol. 53 No. 1 (2020): Journal of Educational Thought

Declaring My Ontological and Epistemological Stance: A Reflective Paper

Benedict Kojo Otoo
Undertaking research requires a researcher to foreground their paradigm/worldview in the form of their ontological and epistemological stance. It is important to develop a deeper understanding of the assumptions underpinning a range of educational traditions and their relationships to educational research in general. A researcher may construct knowledge socially as a result of his or her personal experiences in life within their natural settings. Qualitative research seeks to promote a deep understanding of a social...

Reconciliatory Pedagogy: Teacher Perspectives and Practices

Clancy Evans & Sarah Charlesbois
The release of the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Report in 2015 has prompted research and pedagogy that focuses on Indigenous education, updated teaching standards, and re-designed curriculum; however, experiences of teachers who have been called to act in the service of reconciliation have received minimal research attention. This study found that although the majority of educators believe in the necessity of this work, few are taking steps towards reconciliation through their work as educators. This...

Mandatory Mask Bylaws: Considerations Beyond Exemption For Persons With Disabilities

Jessica Kohek, Ash Seth, Meaghan Edwards & Jennifer Zwicker
Mandatory mask bylaws are set to be instated in both Calgary and Edmonton, and other regions of Canada in efforts to reduce transmission of COVID-19. While mandatory mask bylaws are rooted in the interest of public safety, accessibility challenges for persons with disabilities need to be considered to ensure full participation in society. This communiqué highlights some key considerations for implementation of inclusive mandatory mask guidelines. The City of Calgary and other jurisdictions are implementing...

Further Contemplations: Inaugural Canadian Symposium on Academic Integrity

Brandy Leigh Usick, Jennie Miron & Brenda M Stoesz
This editorial shared the contemplations of three symposium participants who are also scholars and educators in the field of academic integrity: Jennie Miron, PhD, Brenda M. Stoesz, PhD, and Brandy Usick, MEd. We share our individual reflections that underscores our optimism and enthusiasm for the future of the field of academic integrity scholarship within Canada.

Social Policy Trends: Unemployment and the Use of Food Banks

Ronald Kneebone
Food banks provide support to individuals and families in need. Rising unemployment increases the number of people seeking their services.

Globalization and Higher Education: Exploring Holistic Learning Through Sri Aurobindo’s Thought

Stephen R. White
The challenge for scholars in higher education is to explore globalization as not only a social problem but also to explore visionary ideas from which to conceptualize globalization. This challenge requires that we construct new prescriptive models for a global studies agenda that advances a more subjective humanitarian existence; consistent with research of today’s college students learning dispositions. The proposition presented here is that Indian philosopher Sri Ghose Aurobindo's (1881-1955) Neo-Hindu evolutionary theory of human,...

On Learning To Read

O. Weininger
Journal of Educational Thought / Revue de la Pensée Educative, Vol 17 No 1 (1983)

Divisions on a Ground

Olive P. Dickason
Journal of Educational Thought / Revue de la Pensée Educative, Vol 17 No 1 (1983)

Poverty, Power, and Authority in Education

Robert F. Lawson
Journal of Educational Thought / Revue de la Pensée Educative, Vol 17 No 1 (1983)

Stations and Callings: Making It Through the School System

Jane Gaskell
Journal of Educational Thought / Revue de la Pensée Educative, Vol 17 No 1 (1983)

The Element of Success In Transactions

Arnold M. Rothstein
There are differences between transactions and in expectations of success. The concept of success may not be borrowed from dissimilar transactions and applied indiscriminately in judging whether teaching acts have been executed. From a statement that one has taught something, only the intent to produce a desired outcome may be inferred. The actual results of teaching are not implicit within such a statement but require some determination of effectiveness.

Psychology and Education of the Gifted

D. R. Pugh
Journal of Educational Thought / Revue de la Pensée Educative, Vol 16 No 3 (1982)

Psychology and Education of the Gifted

Sonja Grover
Journal of Educational Thought / Revue de la Pensée Educative, Vol 16 No 3 (1982)

Progressive Education: A Marxist Interpretation

Michael W. Apple
Journal of Educational Thought / Revue de la Pensée Educative, Vol 16 No 3 (1982)

Response to Professor Orteza: Faculty of Education and a Body of Knowledge

Priscilla Eccles
Journal of Educational Thought / Revue de la Pensée Educative, Vol 16 No 3 (1982)

Authority, Power and Resistance: Response to A.S . Carson

Susanne De Castell
Journal of Educational Thought / Revue de la Pensée Educative, Vol 16 No 3 (1982)

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