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On Becoming What the Story Needs

Dennis Sumara
Abstract In this article, I use Derrida’s (1978) conceptualizing of différance to inform hermeneutic readings of my queer archive of deferrals. These readings show some of the complex ways remembered and forgotten experiences of learning, teaching, and schooling are inevitably shaped by heteronormativity. My interest in différance is informed and maintained by my active resistance to how the subjects needed by those stories can lose track of their deferrals in ways that can reposition the...

Allocating taxable income for provincial corporate income taxation in Canada, 2015-2017: practice and analysis

Michael Smart & Francois Vaillancourt
Canada is one of the few countries in the world where an intra-country formula allocation (FA) mechanism plays an important role in the taxation of corporate income by sub national governments, that is provinces. This paper presents and analyses information prepared for its authors by CRA on the allocation of taxable income between provinces for three years: 2015, 2016 and 2017. Profits allocated using the FA approach account for about one third of taxable income....

Risks of Failure in Regulatory Governance

Dan McFadyen & George Eynon
We identify and discuss the risks of failures in governance of regulatory authorities and the actions governments and regulatory authorities can take to mitigate these risks. The mandates of regulatory authorities are to protect the public by ensuring that entities under their jurisdiction are compliant with the legislation and regulations governing their activity. It is imperative that regulatory authorities hold themselves accountable for fulfilling their responsibilities to the same standard of compliance through consistent, certain,...

Social Policy Trends: Disability Benefit Caseloads in 4 Provinces

Ronald Kneebone
The incidence of disabilities is likely similar across provinces; the number of Disability Benefit caseloads per 1,000 adults is not.

Experiencing Grace and Graceful Moments: In-Between Spaces in Teaching and Learning

Sheelagh Chadwick & Tim Skuce
Abstract: Teacher education’s dominant narrative is often one that accentuates sure-fire methods in the attainment of curriculum goals and objectives. We offer grace as an orientation that could serve to accentuate the profoundly relational generative space of teaching and learning, and to afford opportunities for taking time and making space in the classroom for inquiry into the living disciplines as a means to further understandings of self, other and curriculum matter. In this paper we...

Equivalent classes of degree sequences for triangulated polyhedra and their convex realization

Pascal Honvault
We define an equivalence on the set of all degree sequences of a triangulated polyhedron with a fixed number of vertices and compute them and their cardinal via an algorithm. We also prove that each class is realizable as a convex polyhedron.

Note on group distance magicness on product graphs

Appattu Vallapil Prajeesh & Krishnan Paramasivam
If $l$ is a bijection from the vertex set $V(G)$ of a graph $G$ to an additive abelian group $\Gamma$ of $|V(G)|$ elements such that for any vertex $u$ of $G$, the weight $\sum_{v\in N_{G}(u)}l(v)$ is $\mu$, where $\mu \in \Gamma$, then $l$ is a $\Gamma$-distance magic labeling of $G$. A graph $G$ that admits such an $l$ is $\Gamma$-distance magic and if $G$ is $\Gamma$-distance magic for every such $\Gamma$, then $G$ is a...

Combinatorial interpretations of two identities of Guo and Yang

Mircea Merca
The restricted partitions in which the largest part is less than or equal to $N$ and the number of parts is less than or equal to $k$ were investigated by Andrews. These partitions were extended recently by the author to partitions into parts of two kinds. In this paper, we use a new class of restricted partitions into parts of two kinds to provide new combinatorial interpretations for two identities of Guo and Yang.

Schröder partitions, Schröder tableaux and weak poset patterns

Luca Ferrari
We introduce the notions of Schröder shapes and Schröder tableaux, which provide an analog of the classical notions of Young shapes and Young tableaux. We investigate some properties of the partial order given by containment of Schröder shapes. Then we propose an algorithm that is the natural analog of the well-known RS correspondence for Young tableaux, and we characterize those permutations whose insertion tableaux have some special shapes. The last part of the article relates...

H-absorbence and H-independence in 3-quasi-transitive H-coloured digraphs.

Hortensia Galeana-Sanchez & Eugenia O'Reilly-Regueiro
In this paper we prove that if $D$ is a loopless asymmetric 3-quasi-transitive arc-coloured digraph having its arcs coloured with the vertices of a given digraph $H$, and if in $D$ every $C_4$ is an $H$-cycle and every $C_3$ is a quasi-$H$-cycle, then $D$ has an $H$-kernel.

Environmental Regulation and the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Review of Regulator Response in Canada

Victoria Goodday
Governments worldwide weakened environmental protection in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including federal and provincial government agencies across Canada. In this briefing paper, I review and analyze these actions, comparing the types of rules changed, types of changes, rationale and sectors impacted. Results show that Canadian regulators took one of two approaches: enforcement discretion or pre-emptive rule adjustment. Industry, government and public stakeholders all benefited from relaxed rules. Most of the rules relaxed, however, were...

Book Review. Towards an Ecology of Nursing Knowledge: Nursing and Humanities by Dr. Graham McCaffrey

Lorraine Venturato
McCaffrey, G. (2020). Nursing and humanities. Routledge. (pp. 127, $63.95 CAD, Hardcover) Nursing and Humanities by Dr. Graham McCaffrey explores the role of humanities in nursing knowledge, and McCaffrey makes a compelling case that humanities are an integral, though often invisible, part of nursing practice. He places nursing humanities within the sphere of health humanities and provides a cogent argument, along with examples and insights, to support the claim that the humanities offer not merely...

Empowering Migrant Women Through Poetry

Stamatoula Panagakou
It was a lovely summer day in Athens when I welcomed Alishba, Sahar, Mahdia, Sakineh, Fatima, Khadija, Mahboubeh, Heba and Rahima in my poetry workshop. We shared tea and coffee, cakes and fresh fruit. The room was filled with laughter and vivid conversation in English, Greek, Arabic and Farsi. The women looked happy and relaxed, as we were ready to explore the poetry of the Nobel Laureate Odysseus Elytis (1911-1996). Selected poems from his Orientations...

Guest Editorial: An Ode to 215 Babies Tossed Away Unmarked

David W Jardine
Remembering the Babies

Towards a supportive math pedagogy: Power dynamics and academic integrity considerations

Timothy Yusun & Ann Gagné
Mathematics is a discipline with implicit power dynamics that affects who is seen as a viable educator and learner. In this paper we explore the power dynamics of the teaching and learning of mathematics at the university level, highlighting the inequitable and exclusionary aspects of math pedagogy that can lead to academic misconduct. We argue that a supportive pedagogy that meets learners at their social location will model academic integrity and create an educational environment...

The emotional labour of academic integrity: How does it feel?

Jason Aaron Openo & Rick Robinson
Academic integrity is valued in all Canadian educational systems, yet no real accounting of academic integrity violations (AIVs) exists primarily because faculty under-report them. Numerous disincentives dissuade faculty from reporting AIVs, and voluntarily reporting violations increases emotional labour. Still, some faculty feel duty-bound to do so. This paper explores the neglected emotional experience when reporting AIVs using a phenomenological approach. Interviews with a purposive, homogenous sample of faculty at a small Canadian community college who...

Emergence and Innovation in Digital Learning (2016) George Veletsianos, editor

Andrew Ruis
Alberta Journal of Educational Research, Vol. 63 No. 4 (2017): Winter 2017

Probing Language Teachers’ Stroking and Credibility in Relation to Their Success in Class

Reza Pishghadam & Maliheh Karami
Given the significance of teacher success in the adequacy of teaching and learning, the present study aims to examine the role of two factors, namely teacher stroking (teacher attention) and teacher credibility in relation to teacher success. To do so, a total of 301 English as a foreign language (EFL) learners completed three survey instruments: the Student Stroke Scale, the Source Credibility Scale, and the Characteristics of Successful Teachers Questionnaire. Using confirmatory factor analysis (CFA),...

A Call for “Trans-action”: The Role of Enacted Stigma in Mediating the Relationship between School Climate and School Attachment among Gender Minority Students

Tracey Peter, Catherine Taylor & Tamara Edkins
Several studies have highlighted the association between enacted stigma with various mental health and educational disparities among sexual minority students, but fewer have done so with an exclusive gender minority sample and even less have included school attachment as an outcome measure. The purpose of the current analyses is to test the main effects that an LGBTQ-inclusive school context as well as enacted stigma has on school attachment, and whether enacted stigma acts as a...

Multicultural Education in Canadian Preservice Programs: Teacher Candidates' Perspectives

Donatille Mujawamariya & Gada Mahrouse
This report examines Canadian teacher candidates' perspectives on the multicultural education component of the preservice teacher education program they attend. The data analyze were collected through a questionnaire that set out to explore whether teacher candidates were satisfied with the multicultural education preparation they received and their ideas on how it might be improved. We present the findings in two parts. First we consider the teacher candidates' critiques and suggestions on multicultural education to reveal...

The Effects of Ethnic Capital and Family Background on School Performance: A Case Study of Chinese-Canadian Adolescents in Calgary

Henry P. H. Chow
Alberta Journal of Educational Research, Vol. 50 No. 3 (2004): Fall 2004

Collaborative Inquiry and School Leadership Growth: Introduction to Special Issue

William Edgar Boyd & Martin Hayden
Alberta Journal of Educational Research, Vol. 67 No. 3 (2021): Fall: Theme Issue

Citizenship Under Fire: Democratic Education in Times of Conflict (2006) by Sigal R. Ben-Porath

Nathan Jacklin
Alberta Journal of Educational Research, Vol. 63 No. 1 (2017): Spring 2017

Barriers to Education for the Marginalized Adult Learner

Sarah Flynn, Jason Brown, Andrew Johnson & Susan Rodger
This qualitative study examines barriers to adult education by the marginalized adult learner. We adopted an inclusive approach by interviewing potential adult learners who had not participated in adult education programs due to illiteracy. Five overlapping themes related to barriers emerged and were categorized as: family values and responsibilities (i.e., cultural); the emotional effect of family poverty on participants’ lives (i.e., anger at the welfare system); disrupted school and learning experiences (i.e., multiple school changes);...

“It Doesn’t Feel Like a Natural Fit”: Co-operating Teachers Account for Their Evaluation and Assessment of Pre-service Teachers’ Efforts to Fulfill Social Justice Indicators

Valerie Lyn Mulholland & Twyla Salm
Teacher education has long been troubled by the problem of reconciling what happens in course work with how that learning is taken up in practicum experiences. Our faculty asks co-operating teachers to account for interns’ professional growth by the extent to which the interns meet the requirements of the Internship Placement Profile (IPP). The study focuses on the eight IPP items which relate directly to “teaching for social justice.” The theoretical framework draws upon the...

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