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Bounds on r-identifying codes in q-ary Lee space

Dhanalakshmi Ramalingam & Chinnapillai Durairajan
Contributions to Discrete Mathematics, Vol. 16 No. 1 (2021)

Bounds of characteristic polynomials of regular matroids

Martin Kochol
Contributions to Discrete Mathematics, Vol. 15 No. 3 (2020)

A classification of isomorphism-invariant random digraphs

Selim Bahadir & Elvan Ceyhan
Contributions to Discrete Mathematics, Vol. 15 No. 3 (2020)

A complete solution to the spectrum problem for graphs with six vertices and up to nine edges

Emre Kolotoglu
Contributions to Discrete Mathematics, Vol. 15 No. 3 (2020)

Scrutinizing Teachers’ Awareness of Global Citizenship Education (GCED) in Jordan

Naima Al-Husban & Mohammad Tawalbeh
This study aimed to determine the Global Citizenship Education (GCED) awareness level of teachers of different subjects in Jordan and to investigate whether their global citizenship awareness levels varied in terms of different demographic variables. The sample comprised 4305 teachers. Data were gathered using an awareness scale and an interview. Findings revealed that teachers showed an unsatisfactory level of awareness of GCED; females were more aware of GCED. Based on the results, it is recommended...

Siblings of an ℵ0-categorical relational structure

Claude Laflamme, Maurice Pouzet, Norbert Sauer & Robert Woodrow
Contributions to Discrete Mathematics, Vol. 16 No. 2 (2021)

A neighborhood condition for graphs to have restricted fractional (g,f)-factors

Sizhong Zhou & Zhiren Sun
Contributions to Discrete Mathematics, Vol. 16 No. 1 (2021)

Coloring permutation-gain graphs

Daniel Slilaty
Contributions to Discrete Mathematics, Vol. 16 No. 1 (2021)

Degree sequence of the generalized Sierpiński ‎graph

Ali Behtoei, Mahsa Khatibi & Fatemeh Attarzadeh
Contributions to Discrete Mathematics, Vol. 15 No. 3 (2020)

The Other in The Self: The Ontological Metaphoricity of Language

Through text and illustrations, I (first author) theorize language as a being that becomes and revels in its plurality, illuminating the inherent and necessary aesthetic and multimodal dimensions of any struggle toward meaning. To do so, I start by foregrounding my own experiences with the diversity that characterizes language to portray the significance of studying its ontology and plurality. I then identify philosophical hermeneutics as a practical metatheory that centrally positions language as a medium...

Journal of Educational Thought / Revue de la Pensée Educative, Vol. 55 No. 2 (2022): Journal of Educational Thought

A Comparison Between Physical Education in Canadian Schools Versus Egyptian Schools: A First Reflection...201 - 214 Nuts and Bolts of Educational Policy and Educational Governance: Unpacking the Nexus between the Two through a Holistic Educational Policy-Governance Approach...175 - 200 A Brief Survey of the Historical Development of Idealistic Educational Philosophy...127 - 174 Enactivism and Game Authoring: A study of Teacher Online Experience from Sociocultural Perspectives...99 - 126 Education in Times of War: An Unanticipated Benefit...

Students as Creators, Drivers, Innovators, and Collaborators

Cheryl Jeffs, Sandi P Hirst & Brit Paris
Papers on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching, Vol. 3 (2019)

A Study of Authentic Assessment in an Internship Course

Rebecca Wilson-Mah
Internship courses are an active and applied opportunity to integrate educational learning programs and courses within practice settings. Individual learners in internship courses have different work internship placements and they start a unique professional and practice journey. How can this authentic learning environment be supported with authentic assessment? What assessments are suitable for internship courses? This study explores authentic assessment concepts and the practice of internship assessment in a graduate internship course in international and...

Vignettes of the iGEM Experience: Student Partnerships Toward Authentic Learning

Robert Mayall & Mayi Arcellana-Panlilio
With the ever-increasing push towards authentic learning within post-secondary institutions, many approaches are being explored. One such method with a particular focus on real-world applications has been the International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) competition program developed at the University of Calgary. This program sees teams of undergraduate students tasked to develop a solution or product for an application of their choice in partnership with a faculty mentor. This paper presents the findings from an interactive...

Impact of the Quick-Response Code Based In-Class Assignments on Students Engagement and Retention

Richard R. J. Goulding, Anna Maria Harlick, Richard Kelly & Karoliina Oksanen
The paper describes a teaching technique alternative to online-based student response systems. We explore the potential of quick response (QR) code sheets as a tool for formative assessment, feedback, as well as a way to increase class engagement, student participation, information retention, and as a method to develop communication skills. The technique is neither institution nor course bound and can be implemented in classes of numerous sizes and levels. While it resembles more traditional teaching...

Exploring Creativity in Postsecondary Learning and Teaching

Cheryl Jeffs, Britney Paris & Brianna Hilman
An introduction to the first issue of Papers on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching


Jennifer Winter, Megan Bailey, Emily Galley, Crish Joseph & Blake Shaffer
We examine the positive and negative effects of coal mining in Alberta from a social perspective — that of the province of Alberta rather than the project proponent — using benefit-cost analysis. We provide estimates of the economic, social and environmental impacts (benefits and costs associated with the development, construction, operation and reclamation) of an illustrative coal mine in the Eastern Foothills of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains. Our analysis is meant to inform the public on...

A path to improved health workforce planning, policy & management in Canada: The critical coordinating and convening roles for the federal government to play in addressing 8% of its GDP

Ivy Bourgeault
The goals of a health workforce system are to develop, deploy and sustain an integrated and collaborative network of health workers that is equipped with the necessary skills, supports, incentives, and resources to provide quality care that meets all population health needs in an acceptable, equitable and cost-effective manner. This requires robust data and evidence. A key problem in Canada is that it lags behind comparable OECD countries in terms of health workforce data and...

The Surface Owner’s Burden: Landowner Rights and Alberta’s Oil and Gas Well Liabilities Crisis

Braeden Larson & Victoria Goodday
Inactive and unreclaimed oil and gas wells pose financial, environmental and health risks to Alberta landowners. The province needs to develop stronger policies that will ensure landowners are fairly compensated and well sites cleaned up. The law requires Alberta landowners to lease the surface of their land for oil and gas development in exchange for financial compensation and land reclamation at the end of the lease. However, there are approximately 97,000 inactive wells in Alberta...


Hugh Stephens
The U.K’s request to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) could be a tremendous boon for this bloc. The CPTPP has 11 members at present, including Canada. However, four members — Peru, Chile, Malaysia and Brunei — have yet to complete the ratification process. The U.K.’s potential accession could lead the CPTPP to develop further in response to renewed interest from present and prospective members. Canada and the U.K. have already been discussing...

Aligning Goals for Certification and Professional Growth: Building Cooperation Among Bachelor of Education Programs in Alberta

Amy Burns, Patricia Danyluk, Jodi Nickel, Astrid Kendrick, Theodora Kapoyannis & Elizabeth McNeilly
This article chronicles a provincial collaboration between ten Bachelor of Education degree-granting universities in Alberta, Canada. This collaboration focused on the newly implemented Teaching Quality Standard (2018) in Alberta and its impact on preservice teacher practicums. Data were collected through curriculum mapping and interviews at each institution. Each institution analyzed their own data and shared themes at a number of group meetings. Two common themes arose: (a) the interconnectedness of practicum and teacher education courses...

Is South Africa Failing to Uphold its Human Rights Obligation with Respect to Right to Basic Education Through Extermination of Pit Latrines in Schools? Implications for Department of Basic Education

Bellita Banda Chitsamatanga & Nomthandazo Ntlama-Makhanya.
The right to basic education of a child is a requirement of human dignity. South Africa, through its new dispensation and conformity with human rights laws, is expected to transform and be consistent with the provision of the Constitution of 1996 that promotes and protects the best interest of the child. However, the current standards in a majority of South African schools, particularly in impoverished provinces, has clearly demonstrated the urgent need for rapid fundamental...

Crafting Meaning, Cultivating Understanding: A Prologue to the “Emerging Horizons” Series

Journal of Applied Hermeneutics, 2022: 2022

Art's Speculative Perturbations

In this paper, I consider the speculative movement of understanding performed by art. I show how the repeated coming-into-being of a work’s structure not only participates in life’s living discourse, but offers a model for how to transverse its complex, often contradictory, landscapes. Art reconfigures the edges of (un)intelligibility creating a speculative ethics that perturbs established modes of perceiving and interpreting. I conclude with a call for the necessity of art in a transient world.

Homotopy Type of Independence Complexes of Certain Families of Graphs

Samir Shukla, Shuchita Goyal & Anurag Singh
We show that the independence complexes of generalised Mycielskian of complete graphs are homotopy equivalent to a wedge sum of spheres, and determine the number of copies and the dimensions of these spheres. We also prove that the independence complexes of categorical product of complete graphs are wedge sum of circles, upto homotopy. Further, we show that if we perturb a graph $G$ in a certain way, then the independence complex of this new graph...

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