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Malanson JMS 2017 Data

George P. Malanson

Instances for The Same-Day Delivery Problem for Online Purchases

Ann M. Campbell, Barrett W. Thomas & Stacy A. Voccia
The available file contains the instances used in the computational experiments in "The Same-Day Delivery Problem for Online Purchases" by Stacy A. Voccia, Ann M. Campbell, and Barrett W. Thomas (see https://doi.org/10.1287/trsc.2016.0732 and http://myweb.uiowa.edu/bthoa/iowa/Research.html for the paper). The compressed file contains a file "Description.txt" that describes the individual instances. Note that the paper presents results for only 25 of the instances from each category. To facilitate future research, additional instances are included in the posted...

Data for Dynamic Orienteering on a Network of Queues

Barrett W. Thomas, Shu Zhang & Jeffrey W. Ohlmann

Relations of Alpine Plant Communities across Environmental Gradients: Multilevel versus Multiscale Analyses. Data

George P. Malanson, Dale L. Zimmerman, Mitch Kinney & Daniel B. Fagre

Distance and environmental difference in alpine plant communities. Data

George P. Malanson

Tadpole Startle (C-Start) Response Videos

Sanam Zarei, Bernd Fritzsch, James H.J. Buchholz, Kasra Zarei & Karen L Elliott

Instances for Sugarcane Harvest Logistics in Louisiana

Barrett W. Thomas, Kamal Lamsal & Philip C. Jones
This zip file contains the 11 instances used in the paper “Continuous time scheduling for sugarcane harvest logistics in Louisiana.” (https://doi.org/10.1080/00207543.2015.1052156) You can find the publication details for that paper at http://myweb.uiowa.edu/bthoa/iowa/Research.html. The paper contains all of the details regarding the construction of the sets.

Data for A Hybrid Fluxgate and Search Coil Magnetometer Concept Using a Racetrack Core

David M. Miles
The data is raw measurements from a prototype magnetic field instrument. The data was all captured in a laboratory setup and is intended to demonstrate the utility of the instrument concept to future satellite and rocket applications. There are also a series of matlab scripts which import and process the data to create the figures in the accompanying manuscript.

Instances for \"Integer Programming Techniques for Workforce Assignment Models that Recognize Human Learning\"

Huan Jin, Barrett W. Thomas & Mike Hewitt
These datasets were used for the computational experiments associated with the paper "Integer programming techniques for makespan minimizing workforce assignment models that recognize human learning." Publications details for the paper are available from https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cie.2016.03.027 and http://myweb.uiowa.edu/bthoa/iowa/Research.html.

Daily Routing for Customer Relationships in Pharmaceutical Sales

Shu Zhang, Jeffrey W Ohlmann & Barrett W Thomas

Multi-Period Orienteering with Uncertain Adoption Likelihood and Waiting at Customers. Data

Shu Zhang, Jeffrey W Ohlmann & Barrett W Thomas

Waveforms for Tri-Random Arc Heating of Dusty Plasmas

Zach Haralson & John Goree

Instances for \"The Restaurant Meal Delivery Problem: Dynamic Pick-Up and Delivery with Deadlines and Random Ready Times\"

Barrett W. Thomas, Ann M. Campbell, Nicholas Woyak & Marlin Ulmer

Maasai Speech Samples

Lindsey Taylor Quinn-Wriedt
This is a collection of audio files from seven native speakers of Maasai, an Eastern Nilotic language spoken in southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania. These files are the raw data that were collected for analysis to write my dissertation, <em>Vowel Harmony in Maasai</em> (2013). The two fieldwork trips to Arusha, Tanzania were funded by a T. Anne Cleary International Dissertation Research Fellowship from the University of Iowa and by Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant BCS1149310...

Movie Showing the Structure of a Dusty Plasma

Bin Liu & John Goree

Instances for \"Sugarcane Harvest Logistics in Brazil\"

Barrett W. Thomas, Kamal Lamsal & Philip C. Jones
Posted are the mill area geographies and the Python code for transforming the geographies into individual instances. The geographies and code allow one to recreate the instances used in the paper "Sugarcane Harvest Logistics in Brazil" published in <em>Transportation Science</em> Vol. 51, No. 2, May 2017, pp. 771–789. https://doi.org/10.1287/trsc.2015.0650.

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