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Dataset for hydroxylated polychlorinated biphenyls are emerging legacy pollutants in contaminated sediments

Panithi Saktrakulkla, Xueshu Li, Andres Martinez, Keri C Hornbuckle & Hans-Joachim Lehmler
We measured the concentrations of 837 hydroxylated polychlorinated biphenyls (OH-PCBs, in 275 chromatographic peaks) and 209 polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs, in 174 chromatographic peaks) in sediments from New Bedford Harbor in Massachusetts, Altavista wastewater lagoon in Virginia, and the Indiana Harbor and Ship Canal in Indiana, USA, and in Aroclors 1016, 1242, 1248, and 1254. We used the correlation between homologs and the peak responses to quantify the full suite of OH-PCBs including those without authentic...

Instances for 'Impact of Autonomous Vehicle Assisted Last-Mile Delivery in Urban to Rural Settings'

Sara J. Reed, Ann M Campbell & Barrett W Thomas
These test instances are used to reflect real-world changes in customer geographies based on their locations. The test instances are constructed from different counties in Illinois. Each county in the case study has ten instances that each include a depot location (denoted by 0) and 50 customers (denoted as 1-50). Three of the counties (Cook County, Adams County, and Cumberland County) also have five instances that each include a depot location (denoted by 0) and...

Dataset for Room-to-Room Variability of Airborne PCBs in Schools and the Application of Air Sampling for Targeted Source Evaluation

Moala K Bannavti, Keri C Hornbuckle, Jacob C Jahnke & Rachel F Marek
This dataset describes airborne polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) congener masses and concentrations from room-to-room in Columbus Secondary School, a minority-predominant, low-income, public school in rural Iowa (Bannavti and Jahnke et. al., In Review). These experiments were designed to understand if total PCB concentration and congener profiles (distribution) change in a single school depending on the location. The data resulting from this study can inform future PCB analysis and remediation efforts in schools.

Dataset for \"Power laws used to extrapolate the coupled cluster correlation energy to the thermodynamic limit”

Tina N Mihm, Bingdi Yang & James J Shepherd
This data set contains the energies and input parameters for the coupled cluster doubles (CCD) calculations run using our connectivity twist averaging (cTA) code, UEGDEV, over a range of 9 densities designated by the Wigner–Seitz radius, rs. This included the basis set scan data for the complete basis set extrapolation (CBS) used in the basis set correction, and the electron, N, range data for each rs used to obtain thermodynamic limit (TDL) results. The basis...

Dataset for \"Accelerating convergence to the thermodynamic limit with twist angle selection applied to methods beyond many-body perturbation theory”

Tina N Mihm, William Z. Van Benschoten & James J Shepherd
This data set contains text files with inputs and energy outputs for the coupled cluster doubles (CCD) calculations run using our connectivity twist averaging (cTA) code, UEGDEV; as well as text files with inputs and energy outputs used for initiator full configuration interaction quantum Monte Carlo (i-FCIQMC) simulations of the uniform electron gas (UEG) along with graphs as pdfs that show the convergence of the iFCIQMC calculations.

Quantitative PCR data from PCB-contaminated lagoon sediment samples

Timothy E Mattes, Jessica M Ewald, Jerald L Schnoor & Yi Liang
This dataset contains the raw and analyzed results of quantitative PCR experiments using DNA extracted from sediments in a PCB-contaminated wastewater lagoon. There were a total of 27 sample locations, and DNA was extracted in duplicate from each location for a total of 54 samples for analysis. The qPCR experiments were performed using five different qPCR primer sets targeting universal and specific 16S rRNA genes or functional genes associated with aerobic and anaerobic PCB biodegradation....

Multiscale Model Simulation Code and Experimental Multiscale Data

Nathan J Witt, Alan Woessner, Kyle Quinn & Edward Sander
The experimental dataset describes the micro- and macroscale biomechanical responses of mouse skin during uniaxial loading (Woessner et. al, 2021).

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  • 2021

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