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Elementary Earth and Space Science Methods

Ted Neal
This book is intended for use by future teachers, written from the perspective of students who have taken Science Methods II. The student authors gathered and created resources to help prospective elementary cience teachers better understand science and feel confident in your abilities as a future teacher.

Guided Inquiry Activities for Programming Language Concepts

Brandon D Myers
POGIL is a research-based instruction strategy comprising peer learning, development of process skills, and activities that are designed around the constructivist theory of learning cycles (pogil.org).

Beginning Korean. Activity Book 1

Sang-Seok Yoon, Joung-A Park & Jeehae Yoo
The Korean Activity Book 1 is designed to provide various useful materials for practicing Korean. This book is ideal for learners at the Novice Low to Novice High levels who want to practice writing and pronouncing hangeul, communicate in Korean by creating sentences using basic grammar and vocabulary, and understand and create simple conversations that are useful in everyday conversations. The Korean Activity Book 1 is not a textbook, so it does not include lengthy...

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