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The analysis of environmental information: a study of the dissemination, mediation and interpretation of news

Fiona Catherine Brown Campbell
The project arose out of the fact that information changes as journalists gather, interpret and disseminate environmental information. A model was developed describing the flow of environmental information in the media, which shows that journalists retrieve information from a complex range of sources before repackaging it into an apparently simplified format. The preliminary stage of this model was enhanced to a secondary level by the data elicited from interviewing journalists, media librarians and scientific personnel....

An investigation of gendered institutions and the ideal worker narrative in the Scottish ICT industry

Lauren Riley
This study critically investigates gendered organisational barriers in the Scottish technology industry, in an effort to understand the impact on gender-minority workers and the most effective ways to support those workers at the firm level. Aspects of organisational culture, gendered discourses between workers and horizontal and vertical job divisions are considered in the formulation of an ideal worker narrative, which privileges some workers and marginalises others. The Scottish ICT sector presented opportunities for the study...

Coopetition as an emerging organisational strategy for supply chain resilience: an exploratory study of the UKCS oil and gas sector

Eunice Y Oke
Coopetition, a form of inter-organisational relationship that combines competitive and collaborative theories, has gained the interests of academics and practitioners of inter-organisational studies. However, despite numerous extensive coopetition reviews, several questions remain unanswered - especially with regards to the formation of the strategy. Although studies have acknowledged that coopetition can occur unintentionally, particularly among organisations in pre-existing collaborative relationships, it remains unclear how or if the nature of formation affects the performance or outcome of...

Overcoming art

Jon Blackwood, Ivana Samandova, Angela Vitanovska & Bojan Ivanov
The origins of this project are in the pre-COVID world. It grew in part out of a desire to map and understand visual culture beyond Skopje; the conflation of contemporary art in North Macedonia with contemporary art in Skopje has been something of a frustration for some time. The original ambition was to travel around regional centres beyond Skopje, engaging citizens in Bitola, Gevgelija, Kumanovo, Prilep, Strumica and Veles. We intended to work with emerging...

The influence of organisational typology, strategy, leadership and psychological forces on UK offshore oil and gas industry safety performance

Philip Spence
The UK Offshore Oil and Gas Industry is recognised as having made significant safety performance improvement progress, following the Piper Alpha disaster (6th July 1988), subsequent Public Inquiry and 106 recommendations made by the Cullen Report. However, accidents continue to occur on offshore assets due to leadership and organisational failures, poor behaviours, lack of operating discipline, asset integrity challenges and an absence of aligned safety strategy. Research was conducted through a strategic lens, looking across...

A mixed methods study of factors influencing health managers acceptance of eHealth services in the Kingdom OF Saudi Arabia

Abdullah Mohammed Alshahrani
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is a country with one of the largest land masses and most difficult geographical terrain in the Middle East. The accessibility of advanced health services, especially for people in rural areas, has been considered one of the main health challenges. Health services across the country are accessible through three categories of providers. The Ministry of Health (MOH), which is the dominant health provider, is responsible for 60% of all...

Novel nanoparticle drug delivery systems: application in the in vitro study of Bisnaphthalimidopropyl derivatives against human colorectal cancer cell lines

Mathieu Brunet
Colorectal cancer is one of the most severe causes of mortality worldwide accounting for 10% of total cancer cases. Although recent advances in early diagnosis have reduced the mortality rate associated with CRC, patients suffering from the later metastatic stage of the disease have a 5-year survival rate of only 14%. To enhance the current treatment options, bisnaphthalimides (BNIPs) were developed as a new group of chemotherapeutic agents. Presenting promising results in vitro against colon...

A computational visual saliency model for images

Manjula Narayanaswamy
Human eyes receive an enormous amount of information from the visual world. It is highly difficult to simultaneously process this excessive information for the human brain. Hence the human visual system will selectively process the incoming information by attending only the relevant regions of interest in a scene. Visual saliency characterises some parts of a scene that appears to stand out from its neighbouring regions and attracts the human gaze. Modelling saliency-based visual attention has...

Evaluation of the effect of urbanization on urban thermal behaviour using urban heat island indicators: the case of the CBD of Accra

James Gyasi-Addo
Various studies have shown that urban heat island (UHI) can significantly affect the local climate of the built environment. Extreme air temperatures and heat waves adversely affect people's health, their overall well-being and productivity. Tropical urban sites are constantly under the threats of the harsh urban heat island (UHI) effects – a situation which is aggravated by climate change. Several urban morphological factors can potentially modify urban climate and, consequently, the potential energy demand and...

Thinking with the Harrisons: what does now demand?

Anne Douglas & Chris Fremantle
How can we learn to think ecologically when our technological, social, aesthetic and political systems are built on the primacy of human rationality? Helen Mayer Harrison (1927-2018) and Newton Harrison's (b. 1932) practice as artists borrows from that very rationality to offer a repositioning of the human within the ecological. It is founded in the deceptively simple principle of only making work that in some way addresses the wellbeing of the web of life. We...

The evolving nature of mobile telecommunications and its impact on mobile phone entrepreneurship in Ghana: 1998-2008

Patricia Opoku-Wusu
The aim of this thesis is to examine the evolving nature of the mobile phone industry, and its impact on Ghanaian mobile phone entrepreneurs and their businesses. The rapid evolution of mobile phones has significantly changed the telecom industry and impacted on society more generally. In Ghana, as is typical in Africa, the use of mobile phones now surpasses fixed-line telephones. Hence understanding the process involved is useful, not just for its own sake, but...

Terminalia ivorensis and human health: the impact of Terminalia ivorensis on biomarkers of cyto- and genotoxicity in human cells in vitro

Aliu Moomin
Terminalia ivorensis (TI) is a tree found in the tropical and sub-tropical zones of the world. It is used in ethnomedicine for the treatment of diuresis, body pains, malaria and wound healing. There are no data investigating the impact of TI on human liver cells and cancer. Cancer is a global health problem causing an estimated 10 million deaths worldwide in 2020. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are the commonly used methods for the management of cancer...

The impact of environmental forces on Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation's growth strategy and profitability

stephen Sule isa
The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) operates under unprecedented environmental uncertainties, and their response to this dynamism and turbulence will determine the Corporation's success or failure. These environmental uncertainties are categorized into internal and external environmental forces. For instance, politics, regulatory, funding and technology are human aspects that can significantly impact profitability and growth strategy in the oil and gas industry. In anticipation of- and in response to the frequent changes and uncertainty facing the...

The development and evaluation of a hydrogel drug delivery system for dithranol

Aroonsri Priprem
Dithranol is widely used in the treatment of psoriasis, but it has the drawbacks of instability, staining of skin and clothes, and irritation, especially of non-involved skin. A polyurethaneurea hydrogel in sheet form has been used to investigate the possibility of developing a drug delivery system that would confine dithranol to the psoriatic plaque, whilst also providing appropriate stability and drug delivery rates. Analytical methods were developed and evaluated, to ensure that dithranol stability could...

Working together on ecological thinking: relationality and difference

Chris Fremantle
This PhD by Public Output contributes to the wider understanding of 'ecological thinking' in the arts, through the portfolio of peer reviewed research publications of a producer of public art projects in the healthcare and environment settings. A timeline/visual map is included to draw attention to the interrelations between elements in the environmental domain and elements in the health and wellbeing domain. The researcher draws on both ecological understandings of relationality (Bateson, Biesta, Jacobs) and...

Effective business strategies for energy service companies in the East Asian business environment

Tan Yi
This study investigates effective business strategies for energy service companies in the East Asian business environment. The research purpose has three foci. First, it seeks to examine the dominant business environment conditions that impact upon the oil and gas service sector in China, and to a lesser extent, Singapore and Malaysia. Second, the study investigates business strategies adopted by oil and gas service companies in response to the business environment in which they operate. Third,...

Analysis of the performance challenges affecting state-owned refineries in Nigeria: a systems thinking approach

Obinna Iheukwumere
This research aimed to understand how the significant factors that lead to performance challenges across Nigeria's state-owned refineries operationalise to drive their sub-optimal performance. As such, unlike previous studies, this thesis proposed to develop a decision-support model to inform policy intervention measures that will address the refining problems from a holistic viewpoint. Using a literature search, the study identified several challenging factors, which it initially categorised within a political, economic, social, technical, environmental, and legal...

A computer-aided architectural design system for the analysis, synthesis and appraisal of domestic activity spaces and house plans

Kjartan Langskog
Investigations on functional aspects of domestic activity spaces and of other related design theories have led to the formulation of novel design models for the analysis, synthesis and evaluation processes of house design. A theoretical model of the 2—D plan layout of activity spaces was first developed so as to allow appraisal of the space utilisation efficiency of such layouts, taking into account the distribution of elements (predominantly furniture and fittings) and the user space...

Present and future patterns of energy usage in rural areas

H. Martin Edge
The hypothesis presented in this study is that: "There exists considerable potential for a greater degree of rural energy autonomy, especially through the medium of increasing integration between agricultural/forestry and domestic sectors, to make better use of rural energy resources". This is investigated by two basic lines of inquiry. A study of the future of rural areas and their energy resources and use was carried out, firstly by reference to the available literature, and then...

Enhancing individualised learning and interaction in online learning environments

Dawei Wang
The quality of the student learning experience in an online learning course has raised many debates in educational studies. Evidence found in current literature indicates that individualised learning and interactive learning do contribute to the student learning experience in online learning courses. However, there is little evidence of any major studies that have tried to explore the impact of both individualised learning and interactive learning on the students' experience. Drawing on the constructivist "student-centred" learning...

The dynamics of female offending: case studies in Scotland

Linda Tyler
This research examines female offending in Scotland, and assesses our current understanding of its nature and causes. It acknowledges the importance of work carried out in the area of female criminality in the last twenty years, but stresses that our knowledge of the subject is still limited in comparison to the amount of work carried out in the area of male criminality. The thesis is in three parts. Firstly, it provides a review of the...

A qualitative investigation of the perspectives and experiences women and families living on low income in Aberdeen City associated with the introduction of the Financial Inclusion Pathway in 2019/2020.

Flora Douglas & Emma MacIver
This research project aimed to investigate several things: 1) the lived experiences of parents/carers and mothers of infants and young children in relation to the challenges of parenting on very low incomes (including food coping strategies) in Aberdeen City; 2) the challenges parents may face talking to health professionals about financial problems; 3) their thoughts about nursing and midwifery clinical practice that would facilitate and support the aim of income maximisation through the "Financial Inclusion...

Cultural Adaptations: lessons learned evaluation report.

Chris Fremantle & Leslie Mabon
Evaluation Report for Cultural Adaptations, a Creative Europe funded project focused by climate adaptation led by Creative Carbon Scotland and involving sustainability/adaptation professionals in the cities of Glasgow, Ghent (Belgium), Dublin (Ireland) and Gothenburg (Sweden). Distinctively the evaluation was conducted from both sustainability and arts perspectives highlights the competencies and capacities demonstrated by both professionals and organisations in both sectors. It utilises two approaches, one drawing on evaluating knowledge exchange and the other on urban...

Comfort in clothing: a Baumanian critique of how clothing contributes to the well-being of women in the United Kingdom

Karen Cross
This Comfort in Clothing study explores how fashion, clothing and dress practices contribute to the psychosocial well-being of women in the UK. Fashion is a global industry, fuelled in recent times by the growth of the athleisurewear sector, reflecting the postmodern preoccupation with comfort, leisure and well-being in Western societies. Well-being is identified as important to the individual and on a wider societal level, with rising mental health issues identified as a global health concern...

Similarity and explanation for dynamic telecommunication engineer support

Kyle Martin
Understanding similarity between different examples is a crucial aspect of Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) systems, but learning representations optimised for similarity comparisons can be difficult. CBR systems typically rely on separate algorithms to learn representations for cases and to compare those representations, as symbolised by the vocabulary and similarity knowledge containers respectively. Deep Metric Learners (DMLs) are a branch of deep learning architectures which learn a representation optimised for similarity comparison by leveraging direct case comparisons...

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