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Similarity and explanation for dynamic telecommunication engineer support

Kyle Martin
Understanding similarity between different examples is a crucial aspect of Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) systems, but learning representations optimised for similarity comparisons can be difficult. CBR systems typically rely on separate algorithms to learn representations for cases and to compare those representations, as symbolised by the vocabulary and similarity knowledge containers respectively. Deep Metric Learners (DMLs) are a branch of deep learning architectures which learn a representation optimised for similarity comparison by leveraging direct case comparisons...

National oil companies and resource nationalism: a challenge for a petroleum resource-rich state

Victor Azubike
Debates on the relevance of national oil companies (NOCs) as a means for a state to adequately manage their petroleum resources have been put forward by some critics. Some critics argue that the traditional national oil company model is antiquated. At first, national oil companies were set up as agents of the governments, primarily to exert control and ownership over the state’s petroleum resources. Developed Western governments did this. Recently, NOCs in petroleum developing states...

Personalised exercise recognition towards improved self-management of musculoskeletal disorders

Anjana Wijekoon
Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) have been the primary contributor to the global disease burden, with increased years lived with disability. Such chronic conditions require self-management, typically in the form of maintaining an active lifestyle while adhering to prescribed exercises. Today, exercise monitoring in fitness applications wholly relies on user input. Effective digital intervention for self-managing MSD should be capable of monitoring, recognising and assessing performance quality of exercises in real-time. Exercise Recognition (ExRec) is the machine...

UKRI block grant compliance report, 2020-2021

This report details how Robert Gordon University has covered payments for Gold Open Access with articles acknowledging UKRI funding. It also provides overall compliance information for all UKRI-funded articles that feature an RGU-based author. The report covers the financial year from 1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021.

Intersections in the art of Elsa James

Jon Blackwood
In an era where nuance is prized least of all, for it does not translate well in 140 characters, something of a push back is being experienced in Essex. This is a place whose stereotypical portrayals are not a local, but a global joke. TV shows such as 'The Only Way is Essex', an obsessive focus on Essex's criminal underworld and its fictional portrayal in films such as 'The Rise of the Footsoldier' and 'Essex...

Cultural Adaptations: lessons learned evaluation report.

Chris Fremantle & Leslie Mabon
Evaluation Report for Cultural Adaptations, a Creative Europe funded project focused by climate adaptation led by Creative Carbon Scotland and involving sustainability/adaptation professionals in the cities of Glasgow, Ghent (Belgium), Dublin (Ireland) and Gothenburg (Sweden). Distinctively the evaluation was conducted from both sustainability and arts perspectives highlights the competencies and capacities demonstrated by both professionals and organisations in both sectors. It utilises two approaches, one drawing on evaluating knowledge exchange and the other on urban...

Signal processing techniques for on-line partial discharge monitoring of high voltage electrical machines

John W. Jamieson
Large alternating current electrical machines are found everywhere in modern industry. Traditionally, electrical plants have been highly reliable, primarily because the complexity of their electrical design means that they are generously over-rated. However, modern rotating electrical machines are now designed to stricter specifications and,in addition to this, there is a strong economic incentive to continue running older machines (with relatively good thermal efficiency) up to and beyond their original design lifetimes. It is therefore not...

Computational fluid dynamics modelling of fluid flow inside fractured reservoirs

Haider Al-Mashhadanie
Fractured media exist in most layers of the earth's crust, often dominating bulk properties of subsurface geological formations. Therefore, fractured media are involved in many key engineering sectors that impact humans living on Earth. Fractured formations consist of two distinct media sharing the same location: matrix and fracture, which affect each other's flow. Both have heterogeneous properties, such as anisotropic matrix permeability and rough fracture surfaces; also, fractures have varied orientation angles and exist in...

This post is sponsored but all opinions are my own: does fashion blogging offer an authentic voice? An investigation into the credibility of fashion blogger sponsored content and blogger perspectives on the tensions between authenticity and commercialisation

Dr Helen Dargie
This study investigates the impact of commercial sponsorship upon fashion blogging, a form of digital communication that has become important in influencing online consumer behaviour. Fashion companies appreciate the marketing value of blogs and have utilised them to their own advantage. As a result, the fashion blogosphere has become increasingly commercialised. Existing research into changes in fashion blogging has generally focused upon the attitudes and perspectives of blog readers. Relatively little research investigates the attitude...

Artists practising well

Nicola Naismith
There is growing reliable research evidence which supports the claim that the arts are positive for our health and wellbeing. Creative Health: The Arts for Health and Wellbeing, - the Report from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Arts Health and Wellbeing - offers an overview of practices, detailed case studies and recommendations. There are also a number of good practice guides which help organisations and practitioners plan and deliver participant focused arts initiatives in...

An investigation of casing structural integrity in shale gas horizontal wells during hydraulic fracturing using FEA and machine learning algorithms

Auwalu Inuwa Mohammed
Unconventional oil and gas operators are currently facing the challenge of casing lateral buckling and/or deformation during shale gas wells stimulation through hydraulic fracturing. Failure of the casing during this process can lead to huge financial loss, catastrophic consequences and even fatalities depending on the magnitude and circumstance of the incident. An in-depth literature review was conducted, focusing on casing lateral buckling /deformation, factors attributing to casing failure, failure mechanism, and the resulting failure mode...

Investigations on the development of a novel hybrid sensor for environmental monitoring applications

Kaushalkumar Bhavsar
Heavy metal toxicity is a major environmental problem world-wide. Increased spreading and high concentration levels of the toxic heavy metals in water environments have posed a severe threat to human health and the ecosystem. Over the years, to improve the drinking water quality standards, safe threshold concentrations of these highly toxic pollutants are constantly being lowered by the governmental and environmental bodies. Current instrumental techniques used to detect these low levels of heavy metal ions...

An investigation of the mental health and psychological resilience of UK armed forces personnel following physical combat-related injury in Afghanistan (Operation Herrick) between 2009 and 2011

Kevin Forbes
The relationship between traumatic injury and mental health diagnoses is still not well understood, and mental health outcomes among military personnel with physical, combat-related injuries remain poorly described. At present there are no studies describing the mental health morbidity of UK Armed Forces Personnel following physical combat-related injury. This unique study comprehensively explores post-traumatic stress disorder, common mental disorders and alcohol use disorder, and assesses psychological resilience in that group. This prospective study of 199...

The role of image in the promotion of a region as a visitor destination

Gillian C. Finlay
This research examines the role of image in the promotion of a geographical region as a visitor destination. The inter-relationship between tourism and image was focused upon from both the potential visitor's perspective and the viewpoint of the promoter. Using the Grampian region in the North East of Scotland as a case study, visitors and non-visitors to the area were surveyed to ascertain their image of Grampian, how that image was formed and the perceived...

A mixed-methods study to identify, quantify and explore determinants of antimicrobial prescribing behaviours among clinicians in Qatar

Hend Talkhan
The detection of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and awareness of the magnitude of associated threats to global public health as well as the world economy have long been recognised, with many countries implementing antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) programmes. Although these programmes can be effective, AMS interventions often fail to consider the determinants (contextual influences) of antimicrobial prescribing behaviour, which vary within and across countries, practice settings and health professions. In addition, little attention has been paid to...

Lightweight, affordable, low power solar groundwater piston pump for rural remote regions

Azeem Uddin Azeem Islam
Solar photovoltaic powered groundwater pumping systems (SPWPS) are popular way of fetching water from boreholes in semi-arid areas in rural remote regions of most developing countries, where commercial water and electricity supply is out of reach. As the climate changes and the water table drops in such marginal regions, borehole depth is ever increasing into hundreds of metres below the ground surface. In a SPWPS, the required energy to fulfil water demand at a certain...

Putting ageism in context: examining the relationship between age discrimination and frailty among older individuals aged 65 years and over

Abodunrin Aminu
Frailty is the inability of the body's defence system to cope with stressors. It is known to increase the risk of adverse health outcomes such as mortality, falls and hospitalisation among the older population. While the burden of frailty is continuously documented in the literature, there is still an evidence-practice gap in preventing frailty among the ageing population. To develop strategies that may help prevent frailty, there is a need to recognise its modifiable risk...

Decommissioning the UKCS: increasing flexibility of approach through proportionate regulation and evidence based practice

Richard Brooks
The purpose of this research is to investigate how industry and government can strategically align to improve efficiency and gain environmental benefit from the challenge of decommissioning redundant offshore oil and gas infrastructure, through an alternative evidence-based practice and proportionate regulatory approach. Despite nearly thirty years of periodic decommissioning activity, the regulatory drivers and programme design dynamics continue to be politically driven and not evidence based (Penner, 2001, Bellamy and Wilkinson, 2001 and Pulsipher and...

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