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Social capital and engagement in Nigerian small business marketing

Imaobong James
This study explores social capital and engagement in Nigerian small business marketing. It examines how Nigerian small business owner-managers develop and use social capital in the network of relationships to overcome marketing constraints. Social capital can be viewed as a marketing asset available in network relationships. The process perspective of social capital enables understanding of the formation and use of social resources in networks. Social resources in networks are accessed through relationships built on trust...

An investigation of poor women's micropreneurship and their experiences of microfinance in rural south-east Nigeria

Irene Ukanwa
This study set out to understand how one of the poorest, most disadvantaged groups - rural African women - perceive and experience microfinance in the context of extreme poverty. The study employed a qualitative method and purposefully sampled thirty poor rural women entrepreneurs in five villages of South-East Nigeria. Data collected from participant observation, five focus groups and thirty interviews were analysed thematically using the Sustainable Livelihoods Framework (SLF) to develop insight about the many...

The application of a human factors approach to the evaluation of a novel outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy service in Malta

Sara Jo Bugeja
The application of a human factors approach to healthcare has been gaining traction ever since its first mention in the early 1960s. The need for this synergistic collaboration stems from the poor safety and quality outcomes that have been plaguing the history of healthcare, despite continuous efforts by stakeholders to offer patient-centred care at all costs. In recent years, healthcare practitioners have positively contributed to bridging the gap between clinical practices and systems-based approaches. To...

An investigation into contemporary tobacco smoking behaviour in Nigeria: the impact of cultural transference on consumer behaviour and usage intentions

Idowu Adewusi
Tobacco has continued to be a global threat, particularly in developing countries. While it appears that the demands for tobacco products have continued to fall in many developed countries, tobacco growing and consumption is posited to become increasingly concentrated in developing countries. Studies have consistently linked the increase to its commercialisation by the tobacco industry and globalisation is acknowledged to play a vital role in its evolution. Although the emerging area of study to understand...

Improving the human rights accountability of multinational corporations in the oil and gas industry: a case study of Nigeria

Amede Orieso
If we think that the environment is less important than the economy, then we should try holding our breath while we count our money. This thesis examines the legal framework governing the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. The oil and gas industry in Nigeria is beset by many institutional ills, including a lack of political will by regulators to be accountable for enforcing laws and regulations, to be accountable for environmental degradation in the...

Improvement to hydrocyclone used in separating particles from produced water in the oil and gas industry

Adebola Adewoye
Hydrocyclone is used to separate particles from produced water. It can be used in different industries, including oil and gas, water treatment and pharmaceutical (among others). The hydrocyclone can effectively separate particles larger than 10μm, but the efficiency is greatly reduced when the particle size is less than 10μm. This research work therefore aimed to improve the efficiency of separating small oil droplets (particle size of 0-20μm) in liquid-liquid hydrocyclone. In order to achieve this,...

People in mental distress, police and out-of-hours health services: a qualitative exploratory case study of experiences and the intersect of safeguarding services

Inga Heyman
The aim of this study was to explore the experiences of people in mental distress, who come to the attention of police and healthcare professionals outwith routine hours. Some people in the community call on police officers to help manage their self-harm behaviour, with the intention of preventing serious harm. As conduits to healthcare and in keeping with police safeguarding policies, officers will seek healthcare practitioner assessment and support. This can be problematic when an...

Cooperative localisation in underwater robotic swarms for ocean bottom seismic imaging

Adham Sabra
Spatial information must be collected alongside the data modality of interest in wide variety of sub-sea applications, such as deep sea exploration, environmental monitoring, geological and ecological research, and samples collection. Ocean-bottom seismic surveys are vital for oil and gas exploration, and for productivity enhancement of an existing production facility. Ocean-bottom seismic sensors are deployed on the seabed to acquire those surveys. Node deployment methods used in industry today are costly, time-consuming and unusable in...

Bioaccumulation of persistent organic pollutants and trace metals in Scottish marine food webs and their relationship with trophic level and fatty acid signatures

Alethea Madgett
There is a global programme of action in place for the protection of the marine environment to ensure our seas are clean and safe. One of the biggest threats to our oceans is man-made pollution and it is the responsibility of governments to conduct assessments to advise policy. Across the North-East Atlantic, Contracting Parties to the OSPAR Convention for the Protection of the Maine Environment of the North-East Atlantic, including the United Kingdom, are required...

A study to scope structures, processes and related outcomes of clinical pharmacy practice as part of the multidisciplinary care of patients with chronic kidney disease

Fatma Al Raiisi
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a complex health-related comorbidity with an enormous economic burden on any healthcare system globally. Clinical pharmacy services have potential to contribute significantly to the multidisciplinary team providing safe, effective and economic care for patients. However, published literature shows there is a lack of robust evidence for the role of clinical pharmacists in providing care to patients with CKD. The overall aim of this doctoral research was to investigate the structures,...

Children's acting senses in place-making: mapping and analysing children's reflective individual and collective sensepointscapes in a primary school playground renewal co-design project with architecture students

Ixiar Ugalde
Children's preferences for place-responsive architecture and place-making are not easy to explain. Conversing effectively about these subjects is also a challenge, not just for children but also design professionals and the general public more broadly. This thesis represents an in-depth enquiry into how children, aged between 7 to 12 years, viewed and interpreted some design proposals for their school play area. These proposals had been obtained in a previous co-design process involving 35 primary school...

An exploration of the influence of the Research Excellence Framework on the implementation of responsible management education in UK business schools

Nkeiruka Ndubuka
A previous work by Doherty et al. (2015) identified the Research Excellence Framework (REF) as one of the barriers to embedding Responsible Management Education (RME) within six UK business and management schools. Since the study concluded, no other study had attempted to single out the REF to explore in-depth if and how it may be influencing RME advancement in UK business schools. This study therefore seeks to explore the possible influence of the REF on...

A theoretical exploration of hospital clinical pharmacists' perceptions, experiences and behavioural determinants in relation to provision of optimal and suboptimal pharmaceutical care

Amanda McLean
Pharmaceutical care describes a range of patient-focused activities delivered by pharmacists. The activities aim to optimise medicines use for patients and to reduce harm from adverse events with medicines. This study was conducted in an NHS Scotland organisation, where the clinical pharmacy service has an established quality management system. It was evident that some gaps existed in the quality assurance parameters for clinical pharmacy services and pharmaceutical care, with there being no clearly defined route...

Numerical and experimental study of the impact of temperature on relative permeability in an oil and water system

Yakubu Balogun
Relative permeability is affected by several flow parameters, predominantly operating temperature and fluid viscosity. Fluid viscosity changes with temperature, which correspondingly affects the relative permeability. Temperature is believed to have a considerable effect on oil–water relative permeability and thus is a vital input parameter in petroleum reservoir development modelling. The actual effect of temperature on oil–water relative permeability curves has been a subject of debate within the scientific community. This is based on contradictory experimental...

Pause time: a multi-perspective exploration of person-centred care in an acute hospital: an interpretative phenomenological analysis study with older people, families and staff

Katrina Whittingham
Since the turn of the 21st century, the term 'Person Centred Care' (PCC) has become integral to healthcare language in policy, education, research and practice. In several healthcare arenas, PCC has become synonymous with the delivery of high-quality care along with multiple drivers - politically motivated, research driven and from the health-related voluntary sector - to incorporate a variety of models of PCC in healthcare. Additionally, a growing body of evidence supports embedding PCC-focused approaches,...

Investigating prescribers' experiences of direct-acting oral anticoagulants for the management of nonvalvular atrial fibrillation

Daria Generalova
Direct-acting oral anticoagulants (DOACs) have relatively recently been licensed for stroke and systemic embolism prevention in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation (AF) and have replaced warfarin as the first line agent of choice. The aim of this research was to determine prescribers' views and experiences of the use of DOACs for the management of non-valvular AF. The first phase was a PROSPERO-registered systematic review of clinicians' views and experiences of DOACs for the management of...

An investigation of gendered institutions and the ideal worker narrative in the Scottish ICT industry

Lauren Riley
This study critically investigates gendered organisational barriers in the Scottish technology industry, in an effort to understand the impact on gender-minority workers and the most effective ways to support those workers at the firm level. Aspects of organisational culture, gendered discourses between workers and horizontal and vertical job divisions are considered in the formulation of an ideal worker narrative, which privileges some workers and marginalises others. The Scottish ICT sector presented opportunities for the study...

The influence of organisational typology, strategy, leadership and psychological forces on UK offshore oil and gas industry safety performance

Philip Spence
The UK Offshore Oil and Gas Industry is recognised as having made significant safety performance improvement progress, following the Piper Alpha disaster (6th July 1988), subsequent Public Inquiry and 106 recommendations made by the Cullen Report. However, accidents continue to occur on offshore assets due to leadership and organisational failures, poor behaviours, lack of operating discipline, asset integrity challenges and an absence of aligned safety strategy. Research was conducted through a strategic lens, looking across...

A computational visual saliency model for images

Manjula Narayanaswamy
Human eyes receive an enormous amount of information from the visual world. It is highly difficult to simultaneously process this excessive information for the human brain. Hence the human visual system will selectively process the incoming information by attending only the relevant regions of interest in a scene. Visual saliency characterises some parts of a scene that appears to stand out from its neighbouring regions and attracts the human gaze. Modelling saliency-based visual attention has...

Coopetition as an emerging organisational strategy for supply chain resilience: an exploratory study of the UKCS oil and gas sector

Eunice Y Oke
Coopetition, a form of inter-organisational relationship that combines competitive and collaborative theories, has gained the interests of academics and practitioners of inter-organisational studies. However, despite numerous extensive coopetition reviews, several questions remain unanswered - especially with regards to the formation of the strategy. Although studies have acknowledged that coopetition can occur unintentionally, particularly among organisations in pre-existing collaborative relationships, it remains unclear how or if the nature of formation affects the performance or outcome of...

Novel nanoparticle drug delivery systems: application in the in vitro study of Bisnaphthalimidopropyl derivatives against human colorectal cancer cell lines

Mathieu Brunet
Colorectal cancer is one of the most severe causes of mortality worldwide accounting for 10% of total cancer cases. Although recent advances in early diagnosis have reduced the mortality rate associated with CRC, patients suffering from the later metastatic stage of the disease have a 5-year survival rate of only 14%. To enhance the current treatment options, bisnaphthalimides (BNIPs) were developed as a new group of chemotherapeutic agents. Presenting promising results in vitro against colon...

A mixed methods study of factors influencing health managers acceptance of eHealth services in the Kingdom OF Saudi Arabia

Abdullah Mohammed Alshahrani
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is a country with one of the largest land masses and most difficult geographical terrain in the Middle East. The accessibility of advanced health services, especially for people in rural areas, has been considered one of the main health challenges. Health services across the country are accessible through three categories of providers. The Ministry of Health (MOH), which is the dominant health provider, is responsible for 60% of all...

Personalised exercise recognition towards improved self-management of musculoskeletal disorders

Anjana Wijekoon
Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) have been the primary contributor to the global disease burden, with increased years lived with disability. Such chronic conditions require self-management, typically in the form of maintaining an active lifestyle while adhering to prescribed exercises. Today, exercise monitoring in fitness applications wholly relies on user input. Effective digital intervention for self-managing MSD should be capable of monitoring, recognising and assessing performance quality of exercises in real-time. Exercise Recognition (ExRec) is the machine...

National oil companies and resource nationalism: a challenge for a petroleum resource-rich state

Victor Azubike
Debates on the relevance of national oil companies (NOCs) as a means for a state to adequately manage their petroleum resources have been put forward by some critics. Some critics argue that the traditional national oil company model is antiquated. At first, national oil companies were set up as agents of the governments, primarily to exert control and ownership over the state’s petroleum resources. Developed Western governments did this. Recently, NOCs in petroleum developing states...

Exploration of competency requirements and current training models in remote medical emergency response in the oil and gas industry of Nigeria: a mixed method study

Kennedy Osakwe Adakporia
Medical Emergency Response (MER) in remote work locations such as the Oil and Gas (O&G) industry industry might encounter challenges with potential delay in response time and negative consequences. The aim of this study was to explore current practices in remote MER in the O&G industry of Nigeria, in order to identify the related training needs of Remote Healthcare Practitioners (RHCPs). Specific objectives included: (i) evaluate evidence of best practice in, and related global benchmark...

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