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People in mental distress, police and out-of-hours health services: a qualitative exploratory case study of experiences and the intersect of safeguarding services

Inga Heyman
The aim of this study was to explore the experiences of people in mental distress, who come to the attention of police and healthcare professionals outwith routine hours. Some people in the community call on police officers to help manage their self-harm behaviour, with the intention of preventing serious harm. As conduits to healthcare and in keeping with police safeguarding policies, officers will seek healthcare practitioner assessment and support. This can be problematic when an...

Children's acting senses in place-making: mapping and analysing children's reflective individual and collective sensepointscapes in a primary school playground renewal co-design project with architecture students

Ixiar Ugalde
Children's preferences for place-responsive architecture and place-making are not easy to explain. Conversing effectively about these subjects is also a challenge, not just for children but also design professionals and the general public more broadly. This thesis represents an in-depth enquiry into how children, aged between 7 to 12 years, viewed and interpreted some design proposals for their school play area. These proposals had been obtained in a previous co-design process involving 35 primary school...

A study to scope structures, processes and related outcomes of clinical pharmacy practice as part of the multidisciplinary care of patients with chronic kidney disease

Fatma Al Raiisi
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a complex health-related comorbidity with an enormous economic burden on any healthcare system globally. Clinical pharmacy services have potential to contribute significantly to the multidisciplinary team providing safe, effective and economic care for patients. However, published literature shows there is a lack of robust evidence for the role of clinical pharmacists in providing care to patients with CKD. The overall aim of this doctoral research was to investigate the structures,...

Bioaccumulation of persistent organic pollutants and trace metals in Scottish marine food webs and their relationship with trophic level and fatty acid signatures

Alethea Madgett
There is a global programme of action in place for the protection of the marine environment to ensure our seas are clean and safe. One of the biggest threats to our oceans is man-made pollution and it is the responsibility of governments to conduct assessments to advise policy. Across the North-East Atlantic, Contracting Parties to the OSPAR Convention for the Protection of the Maine Environment of the North-East Atlantic, including the United Kingdom, are required...

Cooperative localisation in underwater robotic swarms for ocean bottom seismic imaging

Adham Sabra
Spatial information must be collected alongside the data modality of interest in wide variety of sub-sea applications, such as deep sea exploration, environmental monitoring, geological and ecological research, and samples collection. Ocean-bottom seismic surveys are vital for oil and gas exploration, and for productivity enhancement of an existing production facility. Ocean-bottom seismic sensors are deployed on the seabed to acquire those surveys. Node deployment methods used in industry today are costly, time-consuming and unusable in...

Improvement to hydrocyclone used in separating particles from produced water in the oil and gas industry

Adebola Adewoye
Hydrocyclone is used to separate particles from produced water. It can be used in different industries, including oil and gas, water treatment and pharmaceutical (among others). The hydrocyclone can effectively separate particles larger than 10μm, but the efficiency is greatly reduced when the particle size is less than 10μm. This research work therefore aimed to improve the efficiency of separating small oil droplets (particle size of 0-20μm) in liquid-liquid hydrocyclone. In order to achieve this,...

The search for missing pieces: a grounded theory of adult adoptees' experiences of searching and re-engaging with birth families

Clare Swan
The lived experience of adult adoptees in searching and re-engaging with birth families is an under-researched area, and receives limited focus in social work practice and policy. The aim of this study is to explore both the experience and the impact of searching and re-engaging with birth families on the emotional and psychological wellbeing of adult adoptees. The study adopted a constructivist grounded theory methodology, drawing on the principles of phenomenology and symbolic interactionism. The...

An exploratory multi-case study of the health and wellbeing needs, relationships and experiences of health and social care service users and the people who support them at home in a regional area of Scotland

Louise Henderson
The aim of this research was to explore the health and wellbeing needs, relationships, and experiences of Health and Social Care (HSC) Service Users and the people who support them at home, in a regional area of Scotland. Current United Kingdom legislation sets a precedence of person-centred HSC that meets the health and wellbeing needs of Service Users and their families through improved experiences. Despite this, current research in the field focuses on evaluation of...

An appraisal of wind energy conversion systems for agricultural enterprises

Susan Macmillan
A detailed wind prediction model is developed, which predicts wind regimes and energy outputs from wind turbine generators at locations that are remote from sites where long-term wind data is available. The model accounts for the local, directional influences on the wind flow of topography and surface characteristics. The model for the validation runs performs well and predicts energy outputs over several months to generally within 7% of the actual energy outputs. Experience is described...

Entrepreneurial enactment as social value creation: an exploration of the Aberdeen entrepreneurial ecosystem

Paul Makplang Fwangchi
The research explored how entrepreneurial enactment leads to social value creation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem using interpretive qualitative approach. The research and findings are delivered in a structured narrative. This approach is adopted to reveal how entrepreneurial enactment traverses economic profitability to include personal and social value creation through the agency of social interaction. By adopting a modified social interaction model, the research explored the perspectives of eleven key informants using semi-structured interviews. Interviews were...

An exploration of the contribution of the arts to local economies in terms of human and social capital

Shauna Narine
Although research exists about the positive impacts of the arts on well-being and society, public funding towards this sector in the UK has decreased significantly over the past decade. Researchers suggest a demonstration of how the arts impact local economies is necessary to justify their funding. This thesis provides a demonstration that, in addition to being good in themselves, the arts have a positive effect on the economy. It utilised Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) to...

An investigation of contemporary public building design with particular reference to disabled peoples' design needs and designer awareness

Joanne Milner
The hypothesis presented in this study is to test the theory that designers do not give adequate consideration to the needs of people with disabilities and that they perceive of people with disabilities as a separate minority who require 'special' provision. Within this context it is suggested that building designers would be more able to serve the needs of people with disabilities if building design education incorporated a more holistic and user-responsive syllabus. The research...

Dynamic relationship between oil price and macroeconomic variables: evidence from oil exporting and oil importing countries in Africa

Chinedu Nnenna Okoro
This study examines the asymmetric long-run and short-run relationship between oil price and key macroeconomic variables, within the context of net oil-exporting and importing countries in Africa. Using quarterly data ranging from 1996(Q1) to 2016(Q4), panel ARDL estimation is carried out to analyse how asymmetric changes in oil price affect macroeconomic activities in African countries and whether the effects are similar or different in oil importing and exporting African countries. The results show significant positive...

An exploration of the use of theory and visualisation in behaviour change interventions to help healthcare staff prevent and control healthcare-associated infections

Kostas Tsattalios
Changing healthcare staff's behaviours is of paramount importance in improving infection prevention and control (IPC), and decreasing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Thus many supportive interventions have been developed in pertinent areas, such as hand hygiene (HH). The concepts of theory and visualisation in behaviour change research are well described and embraced across the social sciences as they provide rigorous and innovative interventional solutions. However, the use of each of these concepts within interventions in IPC and...

Exploration of competency requirements and current training models in remote medical emergency response in the oil and gas industry of Nigeria: a mixed method study

Kennedy Osakwe Adakporia
Medical Emergency Response (MER) in remote work locations such as the Oil and Gas (O&G) industry industry might encounter challenges with potential delay in response time and negative consequences. The aim of this study was to explore current practices in remote MER in the O&G industry of Nigeria, in order to identify the related training needs of Remote Healthcare Practitioners (RHCPs). Specific objectives included: (i) evaluate evidence of best practice in, and related global benchmark...

Comfort in clothing: a Baumanian critique of how clothing contributes to the well-being of women in the United Kingdom

Karen Cross
This Comfort in Clothing study explores how fashion, clothing and dress practices contribute to the psychosocial well-being of women in the UK. Fashion is a global industry, fuelled in recent times by the growth of the athleisurewear sector, reflecting the postmodern preoccupation with comfort, leisure and well-being in Western societies. Well-being is identified as important to the individual and on a wider societal level, with rising mental health issues identified as a global health concern...

Similarity and explanation for dynamic telecommunication engineer support

Kyle Martin
Understanding similarity between different examples is a crucial aspect of Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) systems, but learning representations optimised for similarity comparisons can be difficult. CBR systems typically rely on separate algorithms to learn representations for cases and to compare those representations, as symbolised by the vocabulary and similarity knowledge containers respectively. Deep Metric Learners (DMLs) are a branch of deep learning architectures which learn a representation optimised for similarity comparison by leveraging direct case comparisons...

National oil companies and resource nationalism: a challenge for a petroleum resource-rich state

Victor Azubike
Debates on the relevance of national oil companies (NOCs) as a means for a state to adequately manage their petroleum resources have been put forward by some critics. Some critics argue that the traditional national oil company model is antiquated. At first, national oil companies were set up as agents of the governments, primarily to exert control and ownership over the state’s petroleum resources. Developed Western governments did this. Recently, NOCs in petroleum developing states...

Personalised exercise recognition towards improved self-management of musculoskeletal disorders

Anjana Wijekoon
Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) have been the primary contributor to the global disease burden, with increased years lived with disability. Such chronic conditions require self-management, typically in the form of maintaining an active lifestyle while adhering to prescribed exercises. Today, exercise monitoring in fitness applications wholly relies on user input. Effective digital intervention for self-managing MSD should be capable of monitoring, recognising and assessing performance quality of exercises in real-time. Exercise Recognition (ExRec) is the machine...

Signal processing techniques for on-line partial discharge monitoring of high voltage electrical machines

John W. Jamieson
Large alternating current electrical machines are found everywhere in modern industry. Traditionally, electrical plants have been highly reliable, primarily because the complexity of their electrical design means that they are generously over-rated. However, modern rotating electrical machines are now designed to stricter specifications and,in addition to this, there is a strong economic incentive to continue running older machines (with relatively good thermal efficiency) up to and beyond their original design lifetimes. It is therefore not...

Computational fluid dynamics modelling of fluid flow inside fractured reservoirs

Haider Al-Mashhadanie
Fractured media exist in most layers of the earth's crust, often dominating bulk properties of subsurface geological formations. Therefore, fractured media are involved in many key engineering sectors that impact humans living on Earth. Fractured formations consist of two distinct media sharing the same location: matrix and fracture, which affect each other's flow. Both have heterogeneous properties, such as anisotropic matrix permeability and rough fracture surfaces; also, fractures have varied orientation angles and exist in...

This post is sponsored but all opinions are my own: does fashion blogging offer an authentic voice? An investigation into the credibility of fashion blogger sponsored content and blogger perspectives on the tensions between authenticity and commercialisation

Dr Helen Dargie
This study investigates the impact of commercial sponsorship upon fashion blogging, a form of digital communication that has become important in influencing online consumer behaviour. Fashion companies appreciate the marketing value of blogs and have utilised them to their own advantage. As a result, the fashion blogosphere has become increasingly commercialised. Existing research into changes in fashion blogging has generally focused upon the attitudes and perspectives of blog readers. Relatively little research investigates the attitude...

An investigation of casing structural integrity in shale gas horizontal wells during hydraulic fracturing using FEA and machine learning algorithms

Auwalu Inuwa Mohammed
Unconventional oil and gas operators are currently facing the challenge of casing lateral buckling and/or deformation during shale gas wells stimulation through hydraulic fracturing. Failure of the casing during this process can lead to huge financial loss, catastrophic consequences and even fatalities depending on the magnitude and circumstance of the incident. An in-depth literature review was conducted, focusing on casing lateral buckling /deformation, factors attributing to casing failure, failure mechanism, and the resulting failure mode...

Investigations on the development of a novel hybrid sensor for environmental monitoring applications

Kaushalkumar Bhavsar
Heavy metal toxicity is a major environmental problem world-wide. Increased spreading and high concentration levels of the toxic heavy metals in water environments have posed a severe threat to human health and the ecosystem. Over the years, to improve the drinking water quality standards, safe threshold concentrations of these highly toxic pollutants are constantly being lowered by the governmental and environmental bodies. Current instrumental techniques used to detect these low levels of heavy metal ions...

An investigation of the mental health and psychological resilience of UK armed forces personnel following physical combat-related injury in Afghanistan (Operation Herrick) between 2009 and 2011

Kevin Forbes
The relationship between traumatic injury and mental health diagnoses is still not well understood, and mental health outcomes among military personnel with physical, combat-related injuries remain poorly described. At present there are no studies describing the mental health morbidity of UK Armed Forces Personnel following physical combat-related injury. This unique study comprehensively explores post-traumatic stress disorder, common mental disorders and alcohol use disorder, and assesses psychological resilience in that group. This prospective study of 199...

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