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Similarity and explanation for dynamic telecommunication engineer support

Kyle Martin
Understanding similarity between different examples is a crucial aspect of Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) systems, but learning representations optimised for similarity comparisons can be difficult. CBR systems typically rely on separate algorithms to learn representations for cases and to compare those representations, as symbolised by the vocabulary and similarity knowledge containers respectively. Deep Metric Learners (DMLs) are a branch of deep learning architectures which learn a representation optimised for similarity comparison by leveraging direct case comparisons...

Comfort in clothing: a Baumanian critique of how clothing contributes to the well-being of women in the United Kingdom

Karen Cross
This Comfort in Clothing study explores how fashion, clothing and dress practices contribute to the psychosocial well-being of women in the UK. Fashion is a global industry, fuelled in recent times by the growth of the athleisurewear sector, reflecting the postmodern preoccupation with comfort, leisure and well-being in Western societies. Well-being is identified as important to the individual and on a wider societal level, with rising mental health issues identified as a global health concern...

Exploration of competency requirements and current training models in remote medical emergency response in the oil and gas industry of Nigeria: a mixed method study

Kennedy Osakwe Adakporia
Medical Emergency Response (MER) in remote work locations such as the Oil and Gas (O&G) industry industry might encounter challenges with potential delay in response time and negative consequences. The aim of this study was to explore current practices in remote MER in the O&G industry of Nigeria, in order to identify the related training needs of Remote Healthcare Practitioners (RHCPs). Specific objectives included: (i) evaluate evidence of best practice in, and related global benchmark...

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  • 2021

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