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Kentucky Annual Economic Report 2019

Jenny Minier, Michael T. Childress, William H. Hoyt & Simon Sheather
This report is one of the important ways that the Center for Business and Economic Research fulfills its mission as specified in the Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS 164.738) to examine various aspects of the Kentucky economy. The analysis and data presented here cover a variety of topics that range from an economic forecast for Kentucky in 2019 to a broad presentation of factors affecting the economy.

Kentucky Annual Economic Report 2020

Michael T. Childress, Michael W. Clark, William H. Hoyt & Simon Sheather
This report is one of the important ways that the Center for Business and Economic Research fulfills its mission to examine various aspects of the Kentucky economy. The analysis and data presented here cover a variety of topics that range from an economic forecast for Kentucky in 2020 to a broad presentation of factors affecting the economy.

Semiparametric and Nonparametric Methods for Comparing Biomarker Levels between Groups

Yuntong Li
Comparing the distribution of biomarker measurements between two groups under either an unpaired or paired design is a common goal in many biomarker studies. However, analyzing biomarker data is sometimes challenging because the data may not be normally distributed and contain a large fraction of zero values or missing values. Although several statistical methods have been proposed, they either require data normality assumption, or are inefficient. We proposed a novel two-part semiparametric method for data...

Donor Age Effects on the Proliferative and Chondrogenic/Osteogenic Differentiation Performance of Equine Bone Marrow- and Adipose Tissue Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Culture

Jasmin Bagge
Orthopedic injuries are a major cause of lameness and morbidity in horses. Bone marrow (BM)- and adipose tissue (AT) derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have shown potential to facilitate the repair of orthopedic injuries and are being used increasingly in veterinary clinics. Presently, the use of MSCs as a therapy for equine patients is most commonly applied as autologous transplants, using BM- and AT-MSCs harvested from the patient shortly after the time of injury. Cell-based...

The Effects of Dietary Nitrate and Vitamin C on Endothelial Function and Oxidative Stress Biomarkers

Reem Basaqr
Background: Endothelial dysfunction is associated with a decline in the vasodilator nitric oxide (NO) and presents alongside other cardiovascular risk factors in the early stages of atherosclerosis. Independently, inorganic nitrate and vitamin C supplementation have shown promise in providing some restoration of NO bioavailability, reduced oxidative stress, and improvements in endothelial function. Some preliminary evidence has suggested that vitamin C may augment the reduction of nitrite to further liberate NO and improve cardiovascular health. However,...


Derek Thomas Nolan
Mastitis is considered one of the most common and costly diseases in the dairy industry. Intramammary infection status at a herd level is measured using somatic cell count (SCC). Understanding the total cost of an elevated somatic cell count can help influence dairy farmers to lower SCC and select management practices to produce higher quality milk. The first objective of our research was to determine if the cost of an elevated somatic cell count to...

Analysis and Assessment of the Reimbursement Rates and Mechanisms for Kentucky’s Publicly Funded Ferries

P. Gayle Marks, Bryan Gibson, Andrew Martin & Steven Douglas Kreis
The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) reimburses publicly operated ferries, including when they cease operations due to severe weather or unforeseen events. Reimbursement procedures are not codified in law and are largely based on historical practice. To determine how the Cabinet should handle reimbursement, funding, oversight of ferry services moving forward, the Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC) reviewed practices adopted by 10 other states and conducted a detailed analysis of Kentucky’s current approach. Of the states KTC...

Evaluation of Rhodococcus equi Susceptibility to Silver Nanoparticle Antimicrobials

Elizabeth Boudaher
Rhodococcus equi is a significant cause of pneumonia in foals and immunocompromised humans. Antimicrobial resistance among R. equi isolates has developed as a consequence of inappropriate stewardship and bacterial evolution, leading to an increased rate of treatment failures that typically result in foal fatality. In the current study, we evaluated the efficacy of antimicrobial silver nanoparticle (AgNP) complexes in controlling R. equi growth. Previous studies characterizing AgNP-induced antibacterial effects in other Gram-positive pathogens led us...

Modified New York Tunnels System

Graeme Dandy
Description: The New York Tunnels system of the previous case modified to include chlorine concentrations. The minimum required chlorine concentration was assumed to be 0.3 mg/L and the chlorine dosing just downstream of the reservoir could be set to lie between 0.5 and 2.5 mg/L. The average daily demand was 1305 million gallons as in the original New York Tunnels problem (above).

Optimal Highway Safety Improvement Investments by Dynamic Programming

Jerry G. Pigman, Kenneth R. Agent, Jesse G. Mayes & Charles V. Zegeer
The process of determining which projects to implement under a given budget, and which to defer until later, is central to the planning and management of highway systems. With a limited budget for construction, maintenance, and safety improvements, investments which will produce the optimal benefits must be chosen. This is often impossible to accomplish without the aid of a computer because of the complexity of the problem. Dynamic programming has been tested and verified as...

Promotion of Fruit and Vegetable Intake Through Recipe Card Distribution and Sampling at Farmer's Markets Throughout Kentucky

Umaima Sidra Afsheen Syeda
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports indicate that 8% and 6.3% of Kentuckians consume enough fruits and vegetables, respectively. The Plate It Up! Kentucky Proud (PIUKP) project is a recipe-development project that aims to boost produce consumption by incorporating local fruits and vegetables. The purpose of this study was to implement promotional strategies using PIUKP recipes at farmers’ markets and determine their effects on consumers’ intent of purchasing and preparing the produce....


Junghyun Lee
From the early 20th century to the present, new discoveries in Handel scholarship and changing ideas of Baroque performance practice have greatly affected the manner in which Handel’s operas and individual arias have been performed. Since the appearance of the first volumes of the Hallische Handel-Ausgabe in 1958, Handel’s works have experienced a renewed appreciation among performers and scholars alike, including countless opera productions. Since the introduction of the CD, many talented singers have published...

Waking Sleep

Delmar R., Jr. Reffett
With the dawning of the twentieth century, writers and critics found themselves facing a social world undergoing massive change, the forces of capitalist modernity leaving the individual increasingly disaffected and disconnected from her surroundings. This social world, rent as it was by alienation, offered a hostile environment for the sort of coherence that had traditionally been prized by Western aesthetics since the Enlightenment. How could a literary work attain a degree of coherence while reflecting...

Study of Cell Charging Effects for the Neutron Electric Dipole Moment Experiment at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Mark Broering
The neutron electric dipole moment (nEDM) collaboration at the Spallation Neutron Source plans to use ultra-cold neutrons in superfluid helium to improve the nEDM limit by about two orders of magnitude. In this apparatus, neutrons are stored in poly(methyl methacrylate), PMMA, cells located in a strong, stable electric field. This electric field is produced by high voltage electrodes located outside of the neutron cells. Several sources generate charged particles inside the neutron cells. The electric...

Living on the Edge

Tony S. Milanzi
This dissertation explores how smallholder tobacco growers in Lilongwe, Malawi, experience and respond to fluctuating and declining incomes, and to a generally unstable market as a result of changes in the global tobacco industry. Policy makers and scholars have for a long-time debated on the question of how smallholder farmers are going to adapt to future institutional and structural changes in global agriculture. Studies on rural livelihood restructuring have revealed that processes of economic globalization...

Weld Penetration Identification Based on Convolutional Neural Network

Chao Li
Abstract: Weld joint penetration determination is the key factor in welding process control area. Not only has it directly affected the weld joint mechanical properties, like fatigue for example. It also requires much of human intelligence, which either complex modeling or rich of welding experience. Therefore, weld penetration status identification has become the obstacle for intelligent welding system. In this dissertation, an innovative method has been proposed to detect the weld joint penetration status using...

Vibratory Roller Evaluation

Donald C. Newberry
In a field evaluation of vibratory rollers, an end-result specification based on a statistical analysis of densities obtained on previous construction projects indicated 98 percent of laboratory density (Marshall) to be desired for Bituminous Concrete, Class I Base. The minimum average of 5 density tests was set at 96.4 percent. Conventional rollers, vibratory rollers, and combinations thereof were qualified on the basis of density-growth curves determined on one or more 1000-foot test sections. An overall...

Depth Enhancement and Surface Reconstruction with RGB/D Sequence

Xinxin Zuo
Surface reconstruction and 3D modeling is a challenging task, which has been explored for decades by the computer vision, computer graphics, and machine learning communities. It is fundamental to many applications such as robot navigation, animation and scene understanding, industrial control and medical diagnosis. In this dissertation, I take advantage of the consumer depth sensors for surface reconstruction. Considering its limited performance on capturing detailed surface geometry, a depth enhancement approach is proposed in the...

Analysis of Inconsistencies Related to Design Speed, Operating Speed, and Speed Limits

Nikiforos Stamatiadis & Huafeng Gong
The objective of this research was to examine the relationship among design speeds, operating speeds and speed limits and address safety and operational concerns regarding the presence of disparities among these speed metrics. Roadway sections were selected throughout Kentucky based on the relationship between design speed and posted speed limit (greater or lower) and on the number of lanes (2 or 4). Speed data and roadway geometry data were collected along these sites to allow...

Development of Procedures for Identifying High-Crash Locations and Prioritizing Safety Improvements

Kenneth R. Agent, Lenahan O'Connell, Eric R. Green, Doug Kreis, Jerry G. Pigman, Neil Tollner & Eric C. Thompson
The objectives of this study were to review and analyze the current procedures for identifying high-crash locations and evaluating and prioritizing roadway safety improvements at high-crash locations, and to recommend improved methods. Several tasks were undertaken to accomplish these objectives, including the following: Review of program guidelines and procedures used by other states to prioritize improvements at high-crash locations Review and documentation of Kentucky’s current procedures Update of Kentucky’s Crash Buildup Program software to be...

Questioning as a Civic Act

Rebecca Glasgow Williams Mueller
The present qualitative study used socio-cultural theory (Wertsch, 1998), pedagogical content knowledge (Shulman, 1987), and reflective practice (Schön, 1983) to examine how social studies teachers define and develop inquiry questions. Existing literature reflects a long tradition of equating inquiry with high quality social studies instruction (e.g., Barton & Levstik, 2004; Bruner, 1977; Griffin, 1942) and arguing that successful inquiry hinges on an engaging question (Barton & Levstik, 2004; Grant, 2003), but relatively little attention has...


Alison Hitch
In this dissertation, I examine the portrayal of filial relationships in the fiction of James Joyce, Hanif Kureishi, and Zadie Smith. I assert that each of these authors, albeit in different ways, uses the archetypal father and son relationship to interrogate the formation of national identity and the concept of national belonging in modern, anticolonial or postcolonial cultures, including Ireland at the dawn of the twentieth century and Britain in the late twentieth century. Chapter...


Tingting Zhai
Studying tumor evolution is a major task to understand the biological mechanism of carcinogenesis, develop new cancer therapies, and prevent drug resistance. We focus on two important questions in tumor evolution. The first question is to quantify intra-tumor heterogeneity, where multiple subclones of tumor cells with distinct transcriptomic profiles. Another question is to estimate the temporal order of alteration of key cancer pathways during tumor evolution. We present a new statistical method to 1) reconstruct...

Cover Crops and Cover Crop Mixes

The potential nutrient cycling benefits from legumes (e.g. N2-fixation) and the high biomass potential of cereal rye are well known. Further studies are warranted to evaluate bi-culture mixtures and their effects on soil nutrient stratification and microbial enzyme activity because these two properties may be differently expressed (enhanced) by legume/grass mixes. The objectives of this study were: (1) show different cover crops and cover crop mixes containing grasses and legumes differentially stratify carbon and N;...

Improving Undergraduate Statistics Education

Anushka Karkelanova
The ultimate goal of statistics education is to create a statistically literate society in which people can appropriately use statistical thinking. Although the need to improve the teaching of introductory statistics courses is not a new one, with increased demand on these courses, there has been constant effort to seek out better ways of teaching these courses. The University of Kentucky (UK) began a reform of its general education program in November 2005. Thinking and...

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