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Instructor-Student Rapport as a Psychological Need for Students

Nicholas Tatum
There is a need to explore ways to better motivate students in instruction, as student motivation is an issue confronting teachers at all levels of education. Instructor-student rapport (ISR), a multidimensional concept comprised of students’ enjoyable interaction and personal connection with instructors, has potential to offer educators a tool for increasing these important student outcomes. Further, self-determination theory (SDT) may have utility for illustrating the psychological mechanisms through which instructors influence students by building rapport....

Kentucky Traffic Collision Facts 2000 Report

KENTUCKY’S TRAFFIC COLLISION FACTS report for 2000 is based on collision reports submitted to the Kentucky State Police Records Branch. As required by Kentucky Revised statutes 189.635, “every law enforcement agency whose officers investigate a vehicle accident of which a report must be made...shall file a report of the accident...within ten days after investigation of the accident upon forms supplied by the bureau.” The stated purpose of this requirement is to utilize data on traffic...

Kentucky Traffic Collision Facts 2002 Report

KENTUCKY’S TRAFFIC COLLISION FACTS report for 2002 is based on collision reports submitted to the Kentucky State Police Records Branch. As required by Kentucky Revised statutes 189.635, “every law enforcement agency whose officers investigate a vehicle accident of which a report must be made...shall file a report of the accident...within ten days after investigation of the accident upon forms supplied by the bureau.” The stated purpose of this requirement is to utilize data on traffic...

Circadian Rhythm Phase Shifts Caused by Timed Exercise Vary with Chronotype in Young Adults

J. Matthew Thomas
The circadian system controls 24-hour cycles of behavior and physiology, such as rest-activity and feeding rhythms. The human circadian system synchronizes with, or entrains to, the light/dark cycle (sunrise/sunset) to promote activity and food consumption during the day and rest at night. However, strict work schedules and nighttime light exposure impair proper entrainment of the circadian system, resulting in chronic circadian misalignment. Numerous studies have shown that chronic circadian misalignment results in poor health. Therefore,...

Modulation of Inflammatory Cytokine, Chemokine, and Toll-Like Genes and Transcriptome Analysis of Equine Endothelial Cells Following Infection with Equid Herpesvirus-1, and Equine Arteritis Virus.

Saranajith Wangisa Dunuwille
EHV-1 is a double-stranded DNA virus whereas EAV is a positive sense, single-stranded RNA virus. Therefore, genetically, they are very different from one another. However, both these viruses are endotheliotropic and thus, infect and replicates in equine endothelial cells resulting in vasculitis. Vasculitis is central to the pathogenesis of these two viruses. Thus, the main objective of this thesis was to investigate the inflammatory and innate immune responses of EECs that contribute towards the development...

Synthesis, Design, and Evaluation of the Fluorescent Detection of Polychlorinated Biphenyls(PCBs) in Aqueous System

Irfan Ahmad
The exposure to halogenated persistent organic pollutants (POPs), such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), has been linked to numerous inflammatory diseases, including diabetes, cancer and lowered immune response. PCBs have low solubility in water, and they interact with other contaminants, making their detection quite challenging. While, there have been several attempts at improving the ease of detection and sensing of PCBs, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) remains the gold standard. However, despite its ubiquitous use, GC-MS is...

I Remember Myself

Laura Clewett
“I Remember Myself” is a hybrid memoir told through poetry and prose. It tells the story of a young woman struggling to establish herself as an adult whose life is interrupted by chronic pain. The reader follows her relationships, along with her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journeys through illness and grief. The work explores identity, the nature of the self, and the boundaries between reality and imagination.

The Ecology and Behavior of Spring Migrating Indiana Bats (Myotis sodalis)

Piper Lee Roby
Migration of animals has been studied for decades and has included everything from large terrestrial and pelagic mammals traveling thousands of kilometers to many types of birds flying through several countries to insects going through multiple life cycles in a single migration. The migration of bats has been studied in broad terms to gather coarse information such as distance traveled, connecting summer and winter habitat, and a general understanding of timing. However, only recently have...

Advanced Fault Area Identification and Fault Location for Transmission and Distribution Systems

Wen Fan
Fault location reveals the exact information needed for utility crews to timely and promptly perform maintenance and system restoration. Therefore, accurate fault location is a key function in reducing outage time and enhancing power system reliability. Modern power systems are witnessing a trend of integrating more distributed generations (DG) into the grid. DG power outputs may be intermittent and can no longer be treated as constants in fault location method development. DG modeling is also...

Truss Bridge Rehabilitation Prioritization

Abheetha Peiris & Issam E. Harik
Kentucky’s inventory of historic steel truss bridges is declining rapidly. There are more than 150 historic truss bridges in the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s (KYTC) bridge inventory. Most of these bridges require maintenance to avoid replacement. However, prioritizing the rehabilitation of these bridges based on their historic importance is challenging. While AASHTO’s Guidelines for Historic Bridge Rehabilitation and Replacement contain guidance on selecting bridges for preservation, currently there is no guidance on how to prioritize those...

US 31W Jefferson County Pavement Surface Treatment Evaluation

Tim C., Jr. Scully
Reflective cracking inevitably occurs when asphaltic concrete (AC) is placed over an existing unfractured Portland cement concrete (PCC) pavement. However, manufacturers state their products will mitigate reflective cracking, therefore extending the pavement life cycle. To evaluate the performance of each manufacturer’s product, an experimental test section consisting of a southbound and northbound segment was established on US 31W in Louisville, Kentucky. The funding for this project will help track the performance of each product from...

Evaluating Costs Associated with Management Decisions of Replacement Dairy Heifers and Their Impact on the Total Rearing Investment

Anna Hawkins
Replacement heifer rearing is critical for the future of the dairy operation, especially to improve genetic merit and maintain herd size. A replacement heifer from the day she is born to the day she calves herself is generally a 2-year investment without potential income. A myriad of options exists on how to manage, fed, and ultimately raise replacement heifers. This study quantifies the costs associated with replacement heifer management decisions from birth to calving related...

Caregivers' Influence on Patients' Heart Failure Self-Care, Hospital Readmission and Mortality

Linda Clements
Background: Heart failure (HF) is a leading cause of hospitalization, readmissions, and death in the United States. Patients hospitalized for HF are at risk for readmission, in- hospital mortality, and early post-discharge death. In the United States, inpatient care has been estimated to cost $83,980 over the lifetime of each patient with HF. The majority of patients with HF depend on caregiver support for successful HF self-care, which is essential for optimal patient outcomes. Support...

Impact of Seasonal Tree-Cutting Restrictions on Construction Bids

Christopher W. Van Dyke, Steven Waddle, Bryan Gibson, Sarah M. McCormack & Steven Douglas Kreis
Many of the maintenance and construction projects undertaken by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) span late spring to early fall (April–October), with this period’s long days, abundant sunshine, and relatively dry conditions being ideal for performing work and minimizing delays from inclement weather. But this compressed timeline for accomplishing work introduces other challenges. Specifically, many of KYTC’s maintenance and construction activities can potentially impact summer habitat of the Indiana bat, which is listed as an...

Development of a Translational Model of Co-Use of Alcohol and Nicotine for Testing Potential Pharmacotherapies

Sarah Elizabeth Maggio
Co-users of alcohol and nicotine are the largest group of polysubstance users worldwide. Although pharmacotherapies are available for alcohol (EtOH) or tobacco use disorders individually, it may be possible to develop a single pharmacotherapy to treat heavy drinking tobacco smokers through capitalizing on the commonalities in their mechanisms of action. Towards this goal, several models of concurrent access to EtOH and nicotine were explored as potential preclinical models of co-use using female alcohol-preferring (P) rats....

Encuentro Con la Precariedad

María Julia de León Hernández
In 2008, Spain’s financial crisis had a great impact on the primary sector on which the nation’s ‘economic miracle’ was founded: housing.Land speculation, the increase in housing construction, and easy loans had become one of the hallmarks of twenty-first-century Spanish identity. The crisis del ladrillo (“brick crisis”) plunged the national economy into chaos and condemned many Spanish citizens to job insecurity, loss of earning power, threat of eviction, and put them at high risk of...


yongchao wang
Heavy ethanol use causes neurodegeneration manifested by neuronal loss and dysfunction. It is becoming imperative to delineate the underlying mechanism to promote the treatment of ethanol-induced neurodegeneration. Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress is a hallmark and an underlying mechanism of many neurodegenerative diseases. This study aims to investigate the role of ER stress in ethanol-induced neurodegeneration. In experimental design, adult mice were exposed to binge ethanol drinking by daily gavage for 1, 5, or 10 days...


Oscar Velasquez
Industrial produced respirable particles are known to affect the respirable tract of workers causing serious illness or even death. These particles can be found in any mining operation’s environment, new regulations by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) in 2014 reduced the allowable limit of dust exposure for underground workers. Dust control practices have been improving over the years to lower the number of incidents caused by these particles. In underground mining, water sprays...


Ajin Sunny
This thesis presents a decentralized electromagnetic formation flying (EMFF) control method using frequency-multiplexed sinusoidal control signals. We demonstrate the EMFF control approach in open-loop and closed-loop control experiments using a single-degree-of-freedom testbed with an electromagnetic actuation system (EAS). The EAS sense the relative position and velocity between satellites and implement a frequency-multiplexed sinusoidal control signal. We use a laser-rangefinder device to capture the relative position and an ARM-based microcontroller to implement the closed-loop control algorithm....

Social Networks, Identity, Health, and Quality of Life Among Older Gay and Lesbian Individuals in Rural Environments

Marc Guest
The goal of this dissertation was to explore aging lesbian and gay individuals living in rural communities, in terms of their social networks and the relationships between these networks, identity, health, and quality of life. Guiding the study were three overarching questions. Using a multi-method design, the research was grounded within a socio-ecological context and focused on how structural systems create pathways for health and are affected by social position (intersectionality). Participants (n=25) were recruited...

The Idea of Absolute Ethical Life

Tim Fitzjohn
This dissertation project focuses on G.W.F. Hegel’s early philosophical writings, though primarily on the Natural Law essay (1802/3), and how, through those writings, Hegel positions himself in relation to other thinkers, such as Fichte. Broadly, the modern period saw with it the rise of accounts of what is called natural law. Philosophers prior to Hegel argued that the proper account of natural law must be rooted in some kind of universal framework: either the basis...


Colin C. Smith
Being and Structure in Plato’s Sophist is a study of the metaphysical notion of being as it is at play in Plato’s dialogue the Sophist, and the senses in which Plato’s conception of being entails further accounts of ontological structure and goodness. While modern metaphysics primarily concerns existence, ancient metaphysics primarily concerns what grounds what, and in this dissertation I consider the nature and value of Plato’s understanding of being as a notion of ground...

Circulation Dependence of the Interaction Between a Wing-Tip Vortex and Turbulence

Farshid Najarzadegan
Vortices are present in many fluid flows and depending on the context they may be either beneficial or harmful for different systems or processes. Planar particle image velocimetry was used to examine the vortex evolution and its decay under different turbulence intensities and vortex circulation. The vortex decayed faster in the presence of high turbulence intensity. Vortex trajectories were impacted by turbulence intensity and vortex strength. Trajectories with no turbulence intensity had less variation. The...

Nanomaterials for Double-Stranded RNA Delivery

Stuart Lichtenberg
RNA interference has enormous potential as a potent, specific, and environmentally friendly alternative to small molecule pesticides for crop protection. The use of exogenous double-stranded RNA offers flexibility in targeting and use in crops in which transgenic manipulation is not an option. The combination of RNAi with nanotechnology offers further advantages that are not available with dsRNA alone. In this work, I have evaluated several different combinations of nanomaterials and polymers for use in RNAi-based...


Wesley Fluty
Fault location within electric power systems is an important topic that helps reduce outage duration and increases reliability of the system. This paper explores the topic of fault location using traveling waves generated by fault conditions and the discrete wavelet transform used for time-frequency analysis. The single-ended and double-ended traveling wave methods are presented and evaluated on a single circuit and double circuit 500kV system modeled using MATLAB SIMULINK. Results are compared on the basis...

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