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Amrit P. Kaphle
Artificial spin ices are magnetic metamaterials consisting of nanomagnet arrays in a 2-D lattice. Typically, these nanomagnet arrays are binary macrospins that can only be in an up or down state similar to the Ising spins. They have been intensively used to study magnetic frustration and ordering phenomena in a controlled environment. The hexagonal artificial spin ice and square artificial spin ice are among the most heavily studied systems. In this dissertation, we designed a...


Avery Elizabeth Baggett
In this thesis I attempt to answer three questions: H1) Do children use proportionally more prenominal or post-nominal placement of adjectives than adults? H2) Are children more conservative or more creative in their behavior in alternating prenominal and post-nominal placement of adjectives? H3) If colored terms are more frequent in child speech will they pattern more like prenominal adjectives or more like post nominal adjectives, as in adult speech? To do this, I examine two...


Nabin Panth
One of the remarkable steps in loline alkaloid biosynthesis is the installation of an ether bridge between two unactivated C atoms in 1-exo-acetamidopyrrolizidine (AcAP). LolO, a 2-oxoglutarate-dependent nonheme Fe oxygenase, catalyzes both the hydroxylation of AcAP and the resulting alcohol's cycloetherification to give N-acetylnornoline (NANL). The mechanism of hydroxylation is well understood, but the mechanism of the oxacyclization is not. I synthesized difluorinated analogs of AcAP in an attempt to further understand the mechanism of...


Holden Williams
Apolipoprotein E (APOE) is encoded by the APOE gene, present in humans as three main isoforms (E2, E3, and E4). E4 carriers face up to a 15-fold increased risk for developing late-onset Alzheimer’s disease (AD), while E2 carriers are protected. Understanding the risk conferred by E4 has been an extensive research focus for nearly three decades, but the exact mechanism has yet to be proven. Many studies have demonstrated attenuated roles of E4 in classical...

Altering the Distance

Brandon Reinkensmeyer
Distancing—a cognitive reappraisal strategy—increases conciliatory policy support (i.e., policies redressing inequity) by reducing anger. Related but distinct research has used construal level theory (CLT), which explains the relationship between psychological distance and mental representations (e.g., events and attitudes), to explore intergroup relations. CLT demonstrates increased psychological distance induces abstract thinking, which leads to high-level construal (HLC) mindsets. HLC mindsets, like distancing, decrease political polarization and prejudice toward out-groups. As both distancing (an appraisal technique) and...


Hugh Deaner
This dissertation examines the regulated oilsands mining industry of Alberta, Canada, widely considered the world’s largest surface mining project. The industrial processes of oilsands mining produce well over one million barrels of petroleum commodities daily, plus even larger quantities of airborne and semisolid waste. The project argues for a critical account of production concretized in the co-constitutional relations of obdurate materiality and labor activity within a framework of regulated petro-capitalism. This pursuit requires multiple methods...

Reproductive Diapause in the Ladybird Beetle Cycloneda munda

John Obrycki
Adult Cycloneda munda were collected from Fayette County, Kentucky (38.12°N, 84.54°W). Eggs were collected daily from 4 to 6 females and placed in L:D 16:8, 14:10, 12:12,10:14, at 22°C ± 1.0°C. F1 offspring were individually reared in glass vials at each photoperiod on pea aphids and Ephestia kuehniella eggs to examine the effects of photoperiod on development (Data file 1: C-munda-Dev-Times-at-LD.jmp). Comparisons of the developmental responses to the four LD treatments were made. Pairs of...

Numerical Investigation of an Oxyacetylene Torch With Regards to an Ablative Material

Luke Fortner
A computational fluid dynamic (CFD) software is used to model an oxyacetylene torch used as a screening facility for high temperature material testing. First, a published test-case is used to verify the CFD approach. The model that was produced falls within 5% of the Marra et al. [15] work in regards to heat flux and front face temperature, with a one step reaction mechanism that is computationally cheap. Then, the approach is used to model...

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F. Douglas Scutchfield, Charlotte S. Seidman & Robert M., II Shapiro
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Change Happens

F. Douglas Scutchfield
The Journal of Appalachian Health is going through some changes that are reflected in the masthead and banner. We say farewell to some colleagues and welcome the new faces.

When Should Sales Managers Get Involved in Their Salesteams' Transactions

Daniel E. Chavez
The existing literature on sales teams explores various aspects of team members and their effects on sales performance. The literature on sales management has described how managers can promote better results from salespeople. The question at the intersection of these two streams of literature – if managers should be part of sales teams -- has not been addressed and is what we explore. Using data from a Fortune 1,000 firm that operates automotive service stores...

Identifying Bisphosphonate Protein Biomarkers in Equine Sera Using Mass Spectrometry Methods

Malinda Porter
Bone resorptive diseases affect humans and horses, alike. Examples of these diseases include osteoporosis, Paget’s disease, and osteogenesis imperfecta in humans, and navicular disease in the horse (Mitchell et al., 2019; Suva et al., 2021). Bisphosphonates are used to treat these diseases, and may remain in the bone for several years after administration, demonstrating the need for newer drug testing methods. The purpose of the discovery phase of this study was to use blood samples...


J.B. Pitts
The online grocery industry grew exponentially alongside the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. With the implications of this growth still unclear, this study aimed to identify key influences and barriers towards the adoption of online grocery shopping, and to understand how online grocery shopping may affect food security and dietary intake. Across seven counties in Kentucky, North Carolina, and Maryland, 183 participants were surveyed about their usage of online grocery shopping before and after COVID-19,...

Mild Cognitive Impairment in Presurgical Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson's Disease

Elizabeth Wallace
Although clinically characterized by motor impairments, Parkinson's disease (PD) often affects cognition early in the disease course. Cognitive changes common in PD include visuospatial abnormalities and prominent executive function (EF) deficits, with 30% of individuals eventually developing Parkinson’s disease dementia (PDD). Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) has been identified as a transitional state between normal cognition and PDD. A large cohort of individuals with PD at the Kentucky Neuroscience Institute have undergone pre-surgical evaluations for deep...

Assessing Machine Learning Utility in Predicting Hydrologic and Nitrate Dynamics in Karst Agroecosystems

Timothy McGill
Seasonal hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico and harmful algal blooms experienced in many inland freshwater bodies is partially driven due to excessive nitrogen loading seen from agricultural watersheds. Within the Mississippi/Atchafalaya River Basin, many areas are underlain with karst features, and efforts to reduce nitrogen contributions from these areas have had varying success, due to lacking a complete understanding of nutrient dynamics in karst agricultural systems. To improve the understanding of nitrogen cycling in...

An Overview of Functional Communication Training for Registered Behavior Technicians

Christopher Dollinger
Functional Communication Training (FCT) is an intervention involving the differential reinforcement of an alternative response (DRA), in which an appropriate communicative response (e.g., asking for a break) is reinforced while the behavior targeted for decrease (e.g., hitting to get out of work) has reinforcement withheld in its presence. Individuals who work as registered behavior technicians (RBT), under the supervision of a board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA), may implement FCT daily. With that being said, many individuals...


Kaitlin Zapel
This research focuses on the gendered labor of craft production and distribution of Otavaleños, an indigenous group in the Imbabura Valley in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. Otavalans are often described as a society of weavers with strong gender divisions. Households typically function as units of production, with tasks ideally broken down along gender lines. Women are generally depicted as secondary workers who do not weave the textiles that make Otavalans famous; however, they are...

A Decoupled Engineering Methodology for Accurate Prediction of Ablative Surface Boundary Conditions in Thermal Protection Systems

Justin Cooper
The main objective of the present work is to demonstrate a method for prediction of aerothermal environments in the engineering design of hypersonic vehicles as an alternative to the current heritage method. Flat plate and stagnation point boundary layer theory require multiple assumptions to establish the current engineering paradigm. Chief among these assumptions is the similarity between mass and heat transfer. Origins of these assumptions are demonstrated and their relationship to conservative engineering design is...

Structural basis of bacterial flagellin for NAIP5 binding and NLRC4 inflammasome activation and the mechanism of flagellin induced release of cytokines in vivo

Jian Cui
The bacterial flagellum is a whip-like structure that protrudes from the cell membrane and is one of the most complex and dynamic biological molecular machines that propels bacteria to swim toward beneficial environments and the sites of infection. It is composed of a basal body, a hook, and a long filament. The flagellar filament contains thousands of copies of the protein flagellin (FliC) monomer arranged helically and ending with a filament cap composed of oligomer...

Development of DC Circuit Breakers for Medium-Voltage Electrified Transportation

Trevor Morgan Arvin
Medium-voltage DC (MVDC) distribution is an enabling technology for the electrification of transportation such as aircraft and shipboard. One main obstacle for DC distribution is the lack of adequate circuit fault protection. The challenges are due to the rapidly rising fault currents and absence of zero crossings in DC systems compared to AC counterparts. Existing DC breaker solutions lack comprehensive consideration of energy efficiency, power density, fault interruption speed, reliability, and implementation cost. In this...

The Resiliency and Thriving of Underrepresented Agricultural Educators

Caleb Hickman
Gay men in agricultural education do not have comprehensive support within the agricultural education profession. When gay men decide to become agriculture educators, they often keep their identity private. This national mixed methods study aims to seek if gay agriculture educators are resilient and thrive in rural communities. The thriving elements of spiritual influence, personal competence, peer support, and family cohesion were surveyed and analyzed using a resiliency lens. Findings include gay male agricultural educators...


Christian Enyoghasi
Sustainable products promise significant economic, environmental, and societal benefits. Numerous methods are available for use during the new product development process to identify alternate product designs that optimize sustainability performance. Once any such design is selected and the product is launched, many uncertainties are likely to affect its performance over the total lifecycle. Such uncertainties give rise to risks that can influence the overall product sustainability performance. However, comprehensive quantitative methods to evaluate the likelihood...

The Use of Video Modeling to Improve Transitions Within a Preschool Classroom

Amanda Duncan
Video modeling is a widely accepted and utilized intervention for students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). A multiple probe design across participants was utilized to evaluate the effectiveness of using video modeling to decrease transition duration within a preschool classroom. Participants were between the ages of 3-5 and students within an interdisciplinary public preschool classroom in a rural county. All sessions were conducted in the student’s classroom during their typical routine and the intervention was...

Energy and Economic Modeling of Stillage Dewatering Processes in Kentucky Bourbon Distilleries

William Brennan
Stillage is a byproduct of alcohol distillation and must be managed in all distilleries to sustain operations. In the United States, fuel ethanol plants typically convert all stillage into Dried Distillers’ Grains with Solubles (DDGS). This process and its variations are well known. Typical stillage management approaches are not well known, however, for the Kentucky bourbon industry. A survey of stillage management approaches in operational bourbon distilleries was conducted. Process modeling was performed to evaluate...

Models and Optimal Controls for Smart Homes and their Integration into the Electric Power Grid

Huangjie Gong
Smart homes can operate as a distributed energy resource (DER), when equipped with controllable high-efficiency appliances, solar photovoltaic (PV) generators, electric vehicles (EV) and energy storage systems (ESS). The high penetration of such buildings changes the typical electric power load profile, which without appropriate controls, may become a “duck curve” when the surplus PV generation is high, or a “dragon curve” when the EV charging load is high. A smart home may contribute to an...

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