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Traditional Liberal Arts Colleges' Consideration and Adoption of Online Education

Ericka T. Hollis
National research studies have indicated that students are enrolling in more online courses annually (Allen & Seaman, 2010, 2014, 2015); yet, not all higher education institutions are adopting online education. In order to understand more about adoption of online education in higher education and presidents’ perceptions of online education, this study investigated the adoption of online education by traditional liberal arts colleges(TLACs). These institutions and their presidents currently face numerous challenges and threats as TLACs...

Testing a Values-Based Approach to Healthcare Decision-Making in Older Adults

Paul Jefferson Geiger
Despite natural declines in physical and cognitive function, older adults maintain good emotion regulation abilities, leading to emotional wellbeing and resilience. This phenomenon can partially be explained by socioemotional selectivity theory (SST), which posits that when time is perceived as a limited resource, older adults focus attention on positive environmental stimuli to regulate emotions. Although this positivity effect maintains emotional wellbeing, it may disrupt information processing related to healthcare decision-making. Older adults request less information...


Carlos Ricardo Saeb Valenzuela
This research project explores the resources employed in the cadenzas of the first four distinguished guitar concertos of the twentieth-century. The purpose of this research is to establish the influence and impact of these works in the development of a new idiomatic guitar language. Although the first known twentieth-century guitar concerto is Rafael Adame’s Concierto Clásico (1930), it has been largely ignored and has had no significant influence on subsequent generations. Therefore, the focus of...

Personality and Learning Predictors of Adolescent Alcohol Consumption Trajectories

Sarah J. Peterson
In a sample of 1897 youth studied across the last year of elementary school to the second year of high school, we (a) characterized different developmental trajectories of drinking frequency and drinking-related problems and (b) tested an a priori risk model that predicted variation in trajectory group membership. Analyses revealed five separate trajectories for both drinking frequency and drinking problems. Wave 1 scores on impulsigenic traits, expectancies for the reinforcing and stimulating effects of alcohol,...

Develop a Highway Inventory Data Quality Control Scheme (PL-26)

Mei Chen, Obaidur Rahman Kazi & Tony Fields
Since passage of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21), transportation agencies have become increasingly reliant on data for planning and programming, asset management, and performance tracking. An efficient asset inventory database with accurate data is critical for states to comply with MAP-21 (and now FAST Act) requirements. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s (KYTC) Division of Planning maintains the Highway Information System (HIS), which is a primary source of this information for transportation...

Statistical Inference on Trimmed Means, Lorenz Curves, and Partial Area Under ROC Curves by Empirical Likelihood Method

Yumin Zhao
Traditionally the inference on trimmed means, Lorenz Curves, and partial AUC (pAUC) under ROC curves have been done based on the asymptotic normality of the statistics. Based on the theory of empirical likelihood, in this dissertation we developed novel methods to do statistical inferences on trimmed means, Lorenz curves, and pAUC. A common characteristic among trimmed means, Lorenz curves, and pAUC is that their inferences are not based on the whole set of samples. Qin...

Sealants, Treatments and Deicing Salt Practices to Limit Bridge Deck Corrosion and Experimental Deck Sealants and Pier Cap Coating on Interstate 471

Danny Wells, Sudhir Palle, Bobby W. Meade & Theodore Hopwood
This project evaluated the ability of concrete sealants to impede the ingress of chloride ions into concrete bridge decks. Laboratory testing evaluated 24 concrete-penetrating sealants and four film-forming products. The products were selected based on survey results from adjacent state transportation agencies. KTC assisted the KYTC in developing Special Notes for applying four experimental sealants to two bridges (B00056L & B00056R) located on Interstate 471, over 6th Street in New Port, Kentucky. The sealants chosen...


Nikolay Gustenyov
This thesis reports small-scale laboratory experiments designed to visualize the flow over a heated plate. A low-speed wind tunnel was built, and a heating plate was flush mounted on the wind tunnel floor to provide a uniform heat flux over its surface. A paper thin cloth soaked with commercially available Vaseline was placed on top of the heating plate to produce thick smoke streaks that were carried downstream by a horizontal airflow. Both LED light...

Run of the Mine

Dana M. Caldemeyer
“Run of the Mine” examines why workers refused to join unions in the late nineteenth century. Through a focus on the men and women involved in the southern Midwest coal industry who quit or did not join unions, this dissertation analyzes the economic, geographic, and racial factors that contributed to workers’ attitudes toward national unions like the United Mine Workers of America (UMW). It argues that the fluidity between rural industries that allowed residents to...


Sean McCarthy Murphy
Reintroduced populations are vulnerable to demographic and environmental stochasticity, deleterious genetic effects, and reduced population fitness, all of which can increase extinction probability. Population viability is principle to determining the status of reintroduced populations and for guiding management decisions. To attempt to reestablish black bear (Ursus americanus) populations in the central Appalachians, two reintroductions using small founder groups occurred during the 1990s in the Big South Fork area along the Kentucky-Tennessee border (BSF) and in...


Sarah A. Nelson
We may describe a polytope P as the convex hull of n points in space. Here we consider the numbers of chains of faces of P. The toric g-vector and CD-index of P are useful invariants for encoding this information. For a simplicial polytope P, Lee defined the winding number wk in a Gale diagram corresponding to P. He showed that wk in the Gale diagram equals gk of the corresponding polytope. In this dissertation,...

Educational Experiences of Foster Children and Communication Patterns of Key Stakeholders

Teresa Hardin
This research explored the perspective of foster parents on the educational experiences of foster children and experiences of communication patterns with other key stakeholders (social workers, and teachers). Factors focused on were educational experience of foster children, communication patterns, the impact of communication patterns on the educational experience, and barriers to effective communication. Five individuals who were, at the time of the study, foster parents to at least one child were interviewed. Participants openly shared...


Brandon H. French
Technology has advanced greatly over the past few decades and the surge in the industry has impacted the workplace. As a result, K-12 education has worked to integrate 21st century skills into curriculum. Many times this is through STEM classes. This study examined the impact technology had on gifted and talented students’ achievement and creative construction. During a unit on Transformations, a control group received traditional instruction, while an experimental group received traditional instruction with...

Blancura Situacional e Imperio Español en su Historia, Cine y Literatura (s.XIX-XX)

Jose Maria Perez Sanchez
This dissertation studies identity formation and race informed by the discipline Whiteness Studies. As such this dissertation conceptualizes Spanish Whiteness historically and analyzes its representation in Spanish narrative in prose and film. This research responds to two questions: 1) How has Spanish culture historically instrumentalized Blackness thus contributing to the creation of the Western’s conceptualization of Whiteness? 2) What does Spanish representation of Empire say about its Whiteness? In an effort to answer these questions,...

Travel Time Based Congestion Measures for Freeway Corridors

Mei Chen
Travel time based mobility measures have been increasingly used in highway performance analyses. Among them, Travel Time Index (TTI), Planning Time Index (PTI), percentage of travel under congestion (PTC), and buffer index (BI)have been identified as measures of particular interests in Kentucky. The objectives of this study are: (1) Calculate TTI, PTI, PTC, and BI for freeways within the TRIMARC coverage; and (2) Explore potential correlation between the reliability measures and incident characteristics (e.g., number...

Evaluation Plan for the Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks (TACT) Program in Kentucky

Eric R. Green
Kentucky State Police Division of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement in cooperation with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has started a concentrated education and enforcement campaign in an effort to increase the safety and awareness of drivers around commercial vehicles. The University of Kentucky Transportation Center has evaluated this campaign and reported the effectiveness of this effort. This study is a follow‐up to a 2007 study that focused on two high volume, high crash interstate areas:...

Effects of Chloride Contamination on Coatings Performance

Bobby W. Meade, Sidhir Palle, Theodore Hopwood & Rick Younce
Research indicates that chloride concentration as determined by currently available field test methods does not reliably predict protective coating performance on KYTC bridges. Laboratory testing of chloride charged panels also failed to relate chloride concentration to coating performance. The coatings industry provides recommendations for acceptable chloride levels for various exposure conditions but bridges are different than other structural steel and the exposure conditions for bridges are not adequately addressed. Effective chloride remediation strategies and protective...

Sustainable Practices and Related Performance Measures at State Highway Agencies

Lenahan O'Connell
This report identifies seven ways in which an SHA can harm the environment: (1) excessive consumption of virgin materials; (2) unnecessary levels or amounts of storm water runoff; (3) release of environmental contaminants by SHA employees and contractors; (4) inadequate environmental training of employees and contractors; (5) wasteful use of energy by SHA employees and contractors; (6) the promotion of excessive driving by the public and concomitant release of green house gases; and (7) inadequate...

2012 Driver Attitudes and Awareness Survey

Kenneth R. Agent, Eric R. Green & Ronald E. Langley
A basic set of questions were developed that could be used in periodic surveys that track drivers attitudes and awareness concerning impaired driving, seat belt use, and speeding issues. The objective of the survey was to learn the knowledge, views, and behaviors of drivers in these areas. This report documents the results of the 2012 survey with comparison to the 2011 survey as well as the 2010 baseline survey.

Development and Deployment of Aluminum Bridge Decks

Ching Chiaw Choo, Abheetha Peiris & Issam E. Harik
This report contains the analysis and retrofit of a steel truss bridge on KY 974 over Howard Creek in Clark County, Kentucky. The bridge had major corrosion and damage to the steel stringers, along with cracking and leaching occurring in the concrete bridge deck. The retrofit involves the replacement of the corroded steel stringers and the damaged concrete bridge deck. The original concrete deck was removed and replaced by light-weight high-strength aluminum deck panels. The...

Contractor Performed Quality Control on KyTC Projects

Donn E. Hancher, Yuhong Wang & Kamyar C. Mahboub
This report addresses issues related to transferring the responsibility for quality control from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KyTC) to construction contractors. Surveys of the KyTC, other state departments of transportation, and Kentucky highway contractors were done to identify the advantages, concerns, and modifications of the Contractor Performed Quality Control (CPQC) program. An advisory committee of experienced KyTC engineers, FHWA representatives, and contractor representatives met periodically to identify approaches for handling key issues of the program....

Toward Enhancing Estimates of Kentucky’s Heavy Truck Tax Liabilities

Andrew V. McNeill, Suzanne Perkins & Merl Hackbart
Kentucky has established a Road Fund tax structure that is partially based on the principle that the system users pay their fair share of the costs associated with maintaining a safe and efficient highway system in Kentucky. Several of the most important sources of Kentucky’s road fund revenues derived from commercial trucking are dependent on the self-reported tax liabilities submitted by trucking firms. Self- reporting and the interstate nature of this industry allows for the...

Ground Penetrating Radar

David A. Willett & Brad Rister
The following report demonstrates the accuracy of using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to determine both the surface layer thickness for asphalt, and concrete pavements. In addition tests were conducted to identify GPR’s repeatability on dry pavements, GPR’s ability to determine pavement layer thicknesses in wet conditions, and an attempt was made to determine the number of actual field cores necessary to accurately post-process radar data into thickness values. The equipment used to perform these evaluations...

Optimization and Standardization of Pavement Management Processes

David L. Allen & Yuhong Wang
This report addresses issues related to optimization and standardization of current pavement management processes in Kentucky. Historical pavement management records were analyzed, which indicates that standardization is necessary in future pavement management decisions. Based on data patterns from Kentucky’s interstate and parkway systems, two distress threshold values and three stages of pavement distress development were defined in this research. Also, staged survival models were developed in this research to predict the duration of a pavement...

Developing an Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Architecture for the KIPDA Region

Joseph D. Crabtree & Jennifer R. Walton
This report describes the development of a regional Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Architecture for the five-county urban area under the auspices of the Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency (KIPDA). The architecture development process included the following steps: (1) Preliminary Architecture Work; (2) Inventory of Existing and Planned Projects; (3) Assessment of Regional Needs; (4) Development of Preliminary Architecture; (5) Review and Revision of Architecture; and (6) Delivery of Final Architecture and Documentation. Principal tools...

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