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Shear Strength of Compacted Shales

Tommy C. Hopkins
Some basic physical and engineering properties of a broad range of different types of shales located in Kentucky are examined. Physical testing included liquid limit, plastic limit, specific gravity, particle-size analysis, natural water content, and jar-slake determinations. These tests were performed on some forty different types of shales selected from various geological formations of different periods. Geological periods included Recent, Cretaceous, Tertiary, Pennsylvanian Mississippian, Silurian, Ordovician, and Devonian. Engineering tests included slake-durability, bearing ratio, consolidated-undrained...

Calcium Nitrite as a Corrosion Inhibitor in Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks

Theodore Hopwood, David Q. Hunsucker & Edgar Courtney
The use of calcium nitrite es a corrosion-inhibiting admixture in reinforced concrete hes been studied on two bridges· the Kentucky 152 Bridge in Washington County and the Gose Road Bridge in Boyle County. Calcium nitrite was added to concrete used in the slabs, diaphragms and barriers of the KY 152 bridge and only in the slab of the Good Road bridge. Construction of both structures was monitored in the fall of 1986. Placement of concrete...

Earthquake Hazard Mitigation of Transportation Facilites for Graves County

L. John Fleckenstein, David L. Allen & Vincent P. Drnevich
Concern has grown in recent years over the seismic activity of the New Madrid seismic zone in Western Kentucky. Graves County, Kentucky is located in this region. To permit emergency medical, supply, and equipment traffic into this area after an earthquake has occurred, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is interested in the possibility of keeping selected routes passable. This report lists the routes that have been investigated and recommended as being the routes in Graves County...

Evaluation of Procedures for Testing Aggregates

David Q. Hunsucker
This report summarizes findings of a research study conducted to evaluate aggregate testing procedures as related to aggregate soundness and durability. The objectives of the study were to determine a suitable replacement or modification of Kentucky's existing Sodium Sulfate Soundness Test for aggregates which would more accurately reflect in-service performance of concrete pavements and bridges, to correlate freezing and thawing durability data and other test data with sodium sulfate soundness data, and to develop a...

Analysis of Accidents in Construction and Maintenance Work Zones

Jerry G. Pigman & Kenneth R. Agent
This report includes documentation of the two following phases of the study : 1) analysis of statewide accidents for the period 1983 through 1986 in which "road under construction" was listed as a contributing factor; and 2) analysis of accident data and traffic control devices used at 20 case study locations. At the case study locations, accident data were analyzed for a three-year period before construction and compared to the period during construction. Results from...

Review of Work Zone Literature

Jerry G. Pigman & Kenneth R. Agent
A literature search was conducted with the objective of identifying sources of information related to safety in highway work zones. Included is an annotated bibliography of 165 references. From the references, a list of recommendations were made to improve safety in highway work zones. The recommendations were organized into the six categories listed below. Flagging Delineation Traffic Control Devices Accidents Design Policy

A Chronicle of the Kentucky Transportation Research Program

Robert C. Deen & Ronald D. Hughes
The basis for the Kentucky Transportation Research Program (KTRP) was established more than 45 years ago and some of the current staff members have over 35 years experience in transportation research. Over the years, principal investigators have developed expertise in major areas of transportation and have made significant contributions in highway safety, pavement design and performance, embankment analyses, fatigue detection in bridges, noise abatement, traffic control and operations, voidless concrete, pavement texture and skid resistance,...

Laboratory Analysis of Failed Asphaltic Concrete Surface -- US 23, Lawrence County

L. John Fleckenstein & David L. Allen
Laboratory analyses of a failed asphaltic concrete surface are presented. Construction procedures, mix design data, density tests, repeated load tests, asphalt extraction tests, and gradation tests are summarized.

Bridge Decks and Overlays

James H. Havens, Theodore Hopwood & Edgar Courtney
The report presents a historical perspective of the Transportation Cabinet's bridge deck construction and maintenance efforts directed toward increasing bridge deck durability. Bridge decks crack in specific patterns that primarily depend upon bridge designs. Normal deck cracking is due to load-induced and thermal effects. Each type of cracking has a distinct pattern. One-hundred and nineteen experimental bridge deck overlays were inspected. Included were 9 membrane bridges, 87 latex concrete overlays and 23 low-slump overlays. The...

Acoustic Emission Monitoring of In-Service Bridges

Theodore Hopwood & David W. Prine
An experimental acoustic emission (AE) device, the GARD Acoustic Emission Weld Monitor (AEWM), has been field tested on six bridges during this study. In addition, the device was used to test three other bridges under separate contracts from state highway agencies. The device was evaluated to determine if it could detect fatigue-crack growth on in-service steel bridges. The AEWM employs a proprietary three-step model (filter) to reject noise-related AE activity and detect and locate defects...

Performance Survey of Silicone-Sealed Concrete Pavement Joints

David Q. Hunsucker & Edgar E. Courtney
This report summarizes field inspections of various silicone-sealed concrete pavement joints. A list of silicone sealant projects was provided by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Observations of performance were subjective and qualitative.

Road Base Construction Utilizing Coal Waste Materials

David Q. Hunsucker, Gary W. Sharpe, Jerry G. Rose & Robert C. Deen
The paper describes the development and implementation of a no-cement concrete mixture containing pulverized fuel ash (PVA) and atmospheric fluidized bed combustion (AFBC) by-products as the cementitious components for combination with conventional limestone aggregates used as bulk filler. The paper presents a summary of laboratory evaluations and the application of those results to the design of a base for roadway construction. The paper also describes the construction, evaluation, and performance of a pilot application of...

Evaluation of 1985 AASHTO Flexible Pavement Design Equations and Nomographs

Herbert F. Southgate, Gary W. Sharpe & Robert C. Deen
The 1985 AASHTO nomograph and equations for flexible pavements were reviewed and analyzed to determine requirements for input data, sensitivity of designs based on the additional variables for percent reliability, standard deviation, and resilient modulus of subgrade material. Design thicknesses using the 1985 AASHTO Guide were compared to thicknesses using the 1981 Kentucky thickness design method for flexible pavements.

1985 Safety Belt and Child Safety Seat Usage Rates in Kentucky and Evaluation of a Public Information Campaign

Kenneth R. Agent
Two objectives of the survey are summarized in this report. One was to establish 1985 safety belt and child safety seat usage rates in Kentucky and compare those to 1982, 1983, and 1984 rates. The other was to evaluate the effectiveness of public information campaigns as a means of increasing safety belt and safety seat usage rates. Statewide usage rates in the 19 cities previously surveyed in 1982, 1983, and 1984 indicated that driver safety...

The Feasibility of Draglines for Mine Reclamation

Mark Anderson
Draglines are presented in this paper as an alternative for mine reclamation in steep sloping areas. Some abandoned mines in steep sloping areas of Kentucky have unreclaimed slopes which pose safety problems, as well as environmental and aesthetic problems. In addition, many active mines in steep sloping areas of Kentucky have slopes which must be reclaimed in the near future. Current methods of slope reclamation in Kentucky typically involve traditional heavy equipment. The current methods...

Estimation of Equivalent Axleloads

John A. Deacon, Jerry G. Pigman & Jesse G. Mayes
The primary objective of this research study was to develop a procedure for estimating equivalent axle loads for purposes of flexible-pavement design. Maximum use was made of historical data and well-accepted procedures were used in developing the prediction model. A series of computer programs was developed to summarize truck-weight and classification data such that traffic characteristics could be estimated from a matrix of data classified by geographic area, Federal highway system, volume, and extent of...

Latex-Concrete Overlays on Bridge Decks

James H. Havens & Theodore Hopwood
Visual field inspections and soundings were performed on latex concrete overlays on 24 bridges on I 64 between Milepoint 150 and the West Virginia state line. The inspections were conducted in response to a request from the Kentucky Department of Highways to determine if cracking problems in the overlays were related to workmanship or materials. The field inspections revealed that most of the overlay crack problems were related to 1) reflection cracking caused by pre-existing...

Feasibility of Computerization of the Bid Item Section of Bid Proposals

Jesse G. Mayes & Mark Isenhour
The feasibility of computerizing the bid item listing in bid proposals has been studied. As a result, a system of computer programsfor the IBM PC microcomputer has been written and submitted to the Division of Contract Procurement, Kentucky Department of Highways, for implementation. This software is menu driven and provides the capability of building and maintaining a bid item code file and interactively building a bid sheet file for producing blank bid sheets as well...

Impact Evaluation of the Traffic Alcohol Program in Lexington, Kentucky

Jerry G. Pigman & Kenneth R. Agent
This report is an evaluation of increased police enforcement to reduce alcohol-related accidents in Lexington-Fayette County, Kentucky. Three types of data were coIlected as a means of evaluating the Traffic Alcohol Program; accident data, arrest and adjudication data, and cost-effectiveness data. Results from before-and-after comparisons and time-series analysis show alcohol related accidents decreased significantly during the study period. When comparing two years before with three years during the increased enforcement, the percent reduction in alcohol-related...

Traffic Accident Rates in Kentucky

John M. Salsman & Kenneth R. Agent
In this study, two types of accident rates were determined. First, accident rates were calculated based on 1983 data. Secondly, the 1983 data were combined with the 1980, 1981, and 1982 data to calculate long-term accident statistics to reflect a four-year average. Comparison of 1983 to combined 1980 through 1982 rates show that the rates have remained remarkedly stable. Several methods of classifying highways were used when determining average rates. Average and critical accident rates...

Effects of Load Distributions and Axle and Tire Configurations on Pavement Fatigue

Herbert F. Southgate & Robert C. Deen
Damage factor relationships for axle and tire configurations are presented. Adjustment factors are provided to account for variations in load distributions within axle groups, distances between axles of a tandem, and variations in tire pressure for both dual and flotation tire configurations. Properly accounting for accumulated fatigue of a pavement requires an accurate Measure of traffic volume, proportions of vehicle styles (classifications) within the traffic stream, dates of service, estimate of the average damage factor...

Test Case Series 3

Tom Van Eekelen, Alexandre Martin, Jean Lachaud & Daniele Bianchi
Numerical simulation of ablative-material response: code and model comparisons

Breakaway Timber Utility Pole Installations in Kentucky

Ronald D. Hughes
This report describes the installation of ten breakaway timber utility poles in Lexington, Kentucky. Installations were made by Kentucky Utilities Company personnel and monitoring has been performed by Kentucky Transportation Center investigators. Retrofit hardware is described and locations of modified poles are detailed. Modified poles have not been struck by vehicles to date. Monitoring will continue until September 1991 at which time a final report will be issued.

Demonstration Project No. 59

David Q. Hunsucker & Gary W. Sharpe
This report summarizes preliminary site investigations, design criteria and procedures, construction criteria and procedures, and results of initial and final evaluations of an experimental road base utilizing lime kiln dust, fly ash and aggregate. Observed performance has been satisfactory. Compressive strength evaluations indicate exceptional early strength and continued strength gain of the pozzolanic base. Back calculation of specific elastic layer moduli indicate that the moduli of the pozzolanic base material is most likely within a...

Evaluation of Stone Column Stabilized Embankment Foundation

Bobby W. Meade & David L. Allen
The purpose of this study was to document construction procedures, monitor field performance, and make recommendations as to the effectiveness and future use of the stone column procedure for foundation stabilization. This effort was executed by use of field inspections, photologs, instrumentation to monitor foundation and field response, and laboratory analyses of existing and possible conditions. Instrumentation included earth pressure meters, a multipoint settlement gage, a horizontal slope inclinometer, a settlement platform, and vertical slope...

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