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Frontiers in PHSSR is on the Move

F. Douglas Scutchfield
Recently, Dr. Jenine Harris and her colleagues examined the use of journals by state chronic disease prevention staff to stay up-to-date on public health evidence. We, at Frontiers in PHSSR, are pleased to be included among the journals listed in the survey. Online open-access journals are shifting the paradigm of scientific publication, allowing free and rapid exchange of information. Another illustration of Frontier’s increasing utility is a forthcoming issue of the American Journal of Public...

Exploring the Process, Models, and Outcomes of Hospital-Public Health Partnerships

Danielle M. Varda, Jessica H. Retrum & Carrie Chapman
Health care reform has resulted in changes throughout the health system, including the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirement that hospitals conduct community health needs assessments, taking into greater consideration the public health of their respective communities. This has led to growing strategies to develop partnerships between hospitals and public health (PH) as a way to meet these needs1. Meantime, there is a need for data on Hospital-PH partnerships, due to the growing emphasis that these...

Commentary: Changing the Channel

Anna Goodman Hoover
This commentary asserts the need for research examining the use and efficacy of social media as a tool for meeting public health stakeholders’ information needs. The author points to several potential research questions for the field, situates studies addressing these questions within the PHSSR Research Agenda, and introduces the work of Harris et al. that is included in this issue of Frontiers. The commentary closes with a call for horizontal stakeholder communication that supports evidence-based...

Editorial Comment: Keeneland Conference Plenary Sessions

Glen Mays

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