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Gavin P. Washington
During a person’s college years they are beginning to form identities and develop a sense of self. One of the most salient identities that college student-athletes identify with is their athletic identity. Numerous research studies have been conducted on the saliency of a student-athlete’s athletic identity, however the vast majority of those research studies examined student-athletes participating at the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Division I level. This study was designed to extend the previous...

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John F. Sherry

Income and Physical Activity Choices

Xiaowen Hu
The low income population often appears to make poor health choices, including physical activity deficiency. Since outdoor physical activity does not have to be monetarily costly, one explanation for this phenomenon is related to the idea of time preference. Briefly, the benefit of future good health appears to be valued less by those with low income, and they face a choice between consumption today and better health in the future. The objective of this study...

Childe Roland

David Blevins
An original composition in five movements for string quartet, percussion and electric guitar. Majority of the electric guitar parts are marked “quasi-improvisation”, with the intent of allowing the player freedom to explore their own creativity and expand upon the notated guitar parts as desired. The percussion parts, also marked “quasi-improvisation”, allow the player to expand upon the notated rhythms and choose their own combination of muted wood blocks as desired. The name of this piece...


Zijia Li
The large proportion of children from low SES backgrounds and the increasing achievement gap between disadvantaged children and their more advantaged peers are beckoning national attention to investment in early childhood education (Reid, Kagan, Hilton, & Potter, 2015). As evidenced in many research studies (e.g., Heckman & Masterov, 2007), early childhood experiences are critical to the development of children. High-quality early learning is necessary for children, especially disadvantaged children, to narrow the school readiness gap...

disClosure Interviews David Buss

Sean Dummitt & J. Michael Tilley

Editor's Preface

Marcia England

The Know-About-It Trilogy

Elke Streit De Oliveira

Religious Sex / Crosses

Brian Connors-Manke

The Poetics of Transnational Life

Benzi Zhang
This article examines the complexities and ambivalence associated with the flows of immigration, which has created radical effects of dislocation upon identity articulation. Since immigrants develop multiple relationships that cross and span cultural and national borders, the trajectories of their identities would occupy no singular national space but travel in a web of social, economic and cultural links that sprawls over the globe. In the process of immigration, as mutual penetration between the local and...

Traditional Liberal Arts Colleges' Consideration and Adoption of Online Education

Ericka T. Hollis
National research studies have indicated that students are enrolling in more online courses annually (Allen & Seaman, 2010, 2014, 2015); yet, not all higher education institutions are adopting online education. In order to understand more about adoption of online education in higher education and presidents’ perceptions of online education, this study investigated the adoption of online education by traditional liberal arts colleges(TLACs). These institutions and their presidents currently face numerous challenges and threats as TLACs...

Statistical Inference on Trimmed Means, Lorenz Curves, and Partial Area Under ROC Curves by Empirical Likelihood Method

Yumin Zhao
Traditionally the inference on trimmed means, Lorenz Curves, and partial AUC (pAUC) under ROC curves have been done based on the asymptotic normality of the statistics. Based on the theory of empirical likelihood, in this dissertation we developed novel methods to do statistical inferences on trimmed means, Lorenz curves, and pAUC. A common characteristic among trimmed means, Lorenz curves, and pAUC is that their inferences are not based on the whole set of samples. Qin...

Sealants, Treatments and Deicing Salt Practices to Limit Bridge Deck Corrosion and Experimental Deck Sealants and Pier Cap Coating on Interstate 471

Danny Wells, Sudhir Palle, Bobby W. Meade & Theodore Hopwood
This project evaluated the ability of concrete sealants to impede the ingress of chloride ions into concrete bridge decks. Laboratory testing evaluated 24 concrete-penetrating sealants and four film-forming products. The products were selected based on survey results from adjacent state transportation agencies. KTC assisted the KYTC in developing Special Notes for applying four experimental sealants to two bridges (B00056L & B00056R) located on Interstate 471, over 6th Street in New Port, Kentucky. The sealants chosen...


Nikolay Gustenyov
This thesis reports small-scale laboratory experiments designed to visualize the flow over a heated plate. A low-speed wind tunnel was built, and a heating plate was flush mounted on the wind tunnel floor to provide a uniform heat flux over its surface. A paper thin cloth soaked with commercially available Vaseline was placed on top of the heating plate to produce thick smoke streaks that were carried downstream by a horizontal airflow. Both LED light...

Run of the Mine

Dana M. Caldemeyer
“Run of the Mine” examines why workers refused to join unions in the late nineteenth century. Through a focus on the men and women involved in the southern Midwest coal industry who quit or did not join unions, this dissertation analyzes the economic, geographic, and racial factors that contributed to workers’ attitudes toward national unions like the United Mine Workers of America (UMW). It argues that the fluidity between rural industries that allowed residents to...


Sean McCarthy Murphy
Reintroduced populations are vulnerable to demographic and environmental stochasticity, deleterious genetic effects, and reduced population fitness, all of which can increase extinction probability. Population viability is principle to determining the status of reintroduced populations and for guiding management decisions. To attempt to reestablish black bear (Ursus americanus) populations in the central Appalachians, two reintroductions using small founder groups occurred during the 1990s in the Big South Fork area along the Kentucky-Tennessee border (BSF) and in...


Sarah A. Nelson
We may describe a polytope P as the convex hull of n points in space. Here we consider the numbers of chains of faces of P. The toric g-vector and CD-index of P are useful invariants for encoding this information. For a simplicial polytope P, Lee defined the winding number wk in a Gale diagram corresponding to P. He showed that wk in the Gale diagram equals gk of the corresponding polytope. In this dissertation,...

Educational Experiences of Foster Children and Communication Patterns of Key Stakeholders

Teresa Hardin
This research explored the perspective of foster parents on the educational experiences of foster children and experiences of communication patterns with other key stakeholders (social workers, and teachers). Factors focused on were educational experience of foster children, communication patterns, the impact of communication patterns on the educational experience, and barriers to effective communication. Five individuals who were, at the time of the study, foster parents to at least one child were interviewed. Participants openly shared...


Brandon H. French
Technology has advanced greatly over the past few decades and the surge in the industry has impacted the workplace. As a result, K-12 education has worked to integrate 21st century skills into curriculum. Many times this is through STEM classes. This study examined the impact technology had on gifted and talented students’ achievement and creative construction. During a unit on Transformations, a control group received traditional instruction, while an experimental group received traditional instruction with...

Blancura Situacional e Imperio Español en su Historia, Cine y Literatura (s.XIX-XX)

Jose Maria Perez Sanchez
This dissertation studies identity formation and race informed by the discipline Whiteness Studies. As such this dissertation conceptualizes Spanish Whiteness historically and analyzes its representation in Spanish narrative in prose and film. This research responds to two questions: 1) How has Spanish culture historically instrumentalized Blackness thus contributing to the creation of the Western’s conceptualization of Whiteness? 2) What does Spanish representation of Empire say about its Whiteness? In an effort to answer these questions,...

A Compendium on Class I, Type C Mixes

Ellis G. Williams
Recently the Class I, Type C Surface Mix has been the subject of numerous discussions resulting from present paving operations on Muldraugh Hill (U.S. 31W and U.S. 60) south of Louisville, and from performance of pavements placed heretofore on some Louisville Streets. Apparently, past difficulties have created some doubt about the suitability of Type C surfaces in heavy traffic areas for which it was intended. Type C does not represent the ultimate in stable mixtures,...

Field Trip to Daviess and Henderson Counties for Inspection of Gravel-Bituminous Roads

Ellis G. Williams
This series of inspections started April 28, with inspection of pavements containing gravel located in Daviess County. It was found that most pavements containing this aggregate has been resurfaced last year using a crushed limestone aggregate. There were, however, three hot-mix and one road-mix pavements remaining.

An Investigation of Lean Concrete Mixes as Base Courses for Bituminous Surfaces

S. T. Collier
Cement concrete bases for pavements with bituminous surfaces are, of course, not new. However, it has been many years since concrete has served this purpose except as a pavement itself ultimately resurfaced after years of service. The outstanding qualities of many roads which developed in this way were obvious without any particular tests, and for many years there apparently was no attempt to evaluate them. Probably structural value was first investigated in tests on airfields...

Laboratory Test Results on Natural Sand Produced by the Kapco Construction Company in Logan County

Ronald D. Hughes
On September 19, 1962, a sample of sand produced by the Kapco Construction Company was received by the Research Division. This material was sampled at the quarry in Logan County and forwarded to the Research Division by personnel from District No. 3 of the Bowling Green Office. The sample was submitted for laboratory evaluation in regard to possible use of the material as fine aggregate in Class A concrete.

Construction Report on Experimental Use of Natural, Bituminous, Quartz Sandstone (Kentucky Rock Asphalt) as a Traffic-Bound Aggregate

George R. Laughlin
Major deposits of natural, bituminous, quartz sandstone (Kentucky Rock Asphalt) occur in six counties of western Kentucky and a few minor deposits occur in eastern Kentucky. Crushed rock asphalt has been used extensively in Kentucky and elsewhere for over 50 years for surfacing roads.* The most productive area was in Edmonson County where the Caseyville and Bee Springs formations were quarried and mined. These deposits have been described as oil-pools which are now defunct and...

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