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Jason L. Wheatley
Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) is an urban school district in Louisville, Kentucky. While serving more than 100,000 students, JCPS is the 27th largest school system in the United States. JCPS serves students with moderate to severe disabilities (MSD) seeking to attain an alternative diploma upon exiting secondary school. Students with MSD enrolled in JCPS age 16 and older receive transition services to support post-secondary transition. Community stakeholders and JCPS central office staff are concerned...

Common clinical dilemmas in left ventricular assist device therapy

Ahmet Kilic, Michael S. Kiernan, Meredith A. Brisco-Bacik, Sangjin Lee, Behzad Soleimani, Aditya Bansal, Igor Gosev, Peter Eckman, Brian Lima, Brian Bethea, Chetan B. Patel, Jason N. Katz, Jonathan D. Rich & Susan M. Joseph
Background Left ventricular assist device (LVAD) therapy has been thrust into the forefront of surgical treatment for advanced heart failure (HF). Despite advancements in survival and quality of life with these devices, the multi-disciplinary care for these patients remains far from standardized across institutions. Methods A survey of current practices in LVAD was carried out at the St. Jude Medical User’s meeting representing a variety of caregivers including cardiac surgeons, HF cardiologists, non-HF cardiologists, advanced...


Shreyas Joshi
Humans spend a third of their lives sleeping but very little is known about the physiological and genetic mechanisms controlling sleep. Increased data from sleep phenotyping studies in mouse and other species, genetic crosses, and gene expression databases can all help improve our understanding of the process. Here, we present analysis of our own sleep data from the large-scale phenotyping program at The Jackson Laboratory (JAX), to identify the best gene candidates and phenotype predictors...

Modeling Faceted Browsing with Category Theory for Reuse and Interoperability

Daniel R. Harris
Faceted browsing (also called faceted search or faceted navigation) is an exploratory search model where facets assist in the interactive navigation of search results. Facets are attributes that have been assigned to describe resources being explored; a faceted taxonomy is a collection of facets provided by the interface and is often organized as sets, hierarchies, or graphs. Faceted browsing has become ubiquitous with modern digital libraries and online search engines, yet the process is still...


Merryn L. Cole, Merryn L.
This dissertation employed a mixed-methods approach to examine the relationship between spatial reasoning ability and understanding of chemistry content for both middle school students and their science teachers. Spatial reasoning has been linked to success in learning STEM subjects (Wai, Lubinski, & Benbow, 2009). Previous studies have shown a correlation between understanding of chemistry content and spatial reasoning ability (e.g., Pribyl & Bodner, 1987; Wu & Shah, 2003: Stieff, 2013), raising the importance of developing...

Synthesis and Energy Applications of Mesoporous Titania Thin Films

Syed Z. Islam
The optical and electronic properties of TiO2 thin films provide tremendous opportunities in several applications including photocatalysis, photovoltaics and photoconductors for energy production. Despite many attractive features of TiO2, critical challenges include the innate inability of TiO2 to absorb visible light and the fast recombination of photoexcited charge carriers. In this study, mesoporous TiO2 thin films are modified by doping using hydrogen and nitrogen, and sensitization using graphene quantum dot sensitization. For all of these...

Prediction of Acute and Recurrent Ankle Sprains in Athletes

Ryan S. McCann
Ankle sprains are not only among the most common sport-related injuries, but also associated with a high rate of recurrence. While prevention is a favorable approach to reducing the incidence of index and recurrent ankle sprains, identifying individuals at greater risk may improve allocation of preventative resources. This dissertation aimed to accomplish the following through three aims: 1) determine the ability of baseline clinical tests to predict acute lateral ankle sprain (LAS) in an understudied...

\"Evil's Scandalous Logic\"

Katherine Metzo


Maureen Ann LaFemina Cavalcanti
This mixed methods study investigated methods for assessing STEM literacy amongst middle grades students participating in an informal learning environment, specifically, a summer STEM camp. Adopting a situated perspective on STEM literacy, this dissertation employed psychometric techniques and discourse analysis to answer the overarching research question: How can STEM literacy amongst middle school students be assessed in the context of a summer STEM camp? An integrated review of literacy within and across STEM disciplines first...


Enshi Liu
Development of biomass feedstocks with desirable traits for cost-effective conversion is one of the main focus areas in biofuels research. As suggested by techno-economic analyses, the success of a lignocellulose-based biorefinery largely relies on the utilization of lignin to generate value-added products, i.e. fuels and chemicals. The fate of lignin and its structural/compositional changes during pretreatment have received increasing attention; however, the effect of genetic modification on the fractionation, depolymerization and catalytic upgrading of lignin...


Wei-Sian Chen
The purpose of this study is to provide an introduction and analysis of Harvest Festival, a work for piano four hands by Taiwanese composer Yann-Jong Hwang. This work incorporates elements of traditional Taiwanese music that is largely unfamiliar to performers and listeners beyond the border of Taiwan. With the exception of Professor Hwang’s own journal article on this piece, this project is the only study of Harvest Festival available in the United States or Taiwan....

Laboratory Performance Comparison of Vortecone Inertial Dust Scrubber to Flooded-Bed Dust Scrubber

Adam J. Levy
Increasing incidence of Black Lung disease in miners since the early 1990s has concerned law makers and the mining industry. New regulations promulgated by MSHA in 2014 lowered the permissible limit of dust exposure of underground workers. The hazards of respirable coal dust have been common knowledge throughout the mining industry since the enactment of the 1969 Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act, and many administrative controls have been put in place since its...

On Making a Difference

Joshua Kerby Jennings
Short-term missions participants encounter difference in purportedly captivating ways. Current research, however, indicates the practice does not lead to long-lasting, positive change. Brian M. Howell (2012) argues the short-term missions experience is confined to the limitations of the short-term missions narrative. People who engage in short-term missions build assumptions, seek experiences, understand difference, and convey meaning, as a result of this narrative. The process of telling and retelling travel stories is integral to the short-term...

Artwork: Industrial Mechanical, Inc.


Micheal Palmer

The Bush Administration's Big Lies

Douglas Kellner

Love and the Supermarket of Desire

T. S. McMillin

Parental Empathy, Aggressive Parenting and Child Adjustment in a High Risk Sample

Shuang Bi
The current study examined the relation between parental empathy, parenting aggression and child maladjustment in a group of parents who perpetrated child abuse and neglect. Twenty parents who were court mandated to receive a parenting intervention program at the Nest Center for Women, Children, and Families participated in this research study. Information about parental dispositional empathy, parent-child specific empathy, parenting aggression and child internalizing and externalizing symptoms were collected through an interview with the parents....


Howard B., III Clark
The purpose of this research was to evaluate consumer response based on two distances (12 and 24 inches) between tables in a fast-casual restaurant. An onsite survey was conducted to measure customers’ cognitive, emotional, and behavioral responses to questions on pleasure, privacy, stress, arousal, comfort, control, customer satisfaction, and future dining intentions based on their experience with the table spacing. Results showed that table spacing has an effect on diner’s pleasure, feelings of privacy, and...


Kathryn H. Owen
Historically, research has focused on White individuals’ initial responses to learning about White privilege and other indicators of early stages of racial awareness and identity development. However, the literature is relatively sparse regarding understanding the experiences of racial identity development in White individuals who are beyond initial introductions to racial awareness, such as Counseling Psychologists (CPs). The assumption is that Counseling Psychology professionals are adequately trained to provide efficacious mental health services and engage in...

Effect of Interlayers on Mechanical Properties and Interfacial Stress Transfer of 2D Layered Graphene-Polymer Nanocompsites

Colton C. Roach
Graphene, a monolayer of sp2-hybridized carbon atoms arranged in a two-dimensional (2D) lattice, is one of the most important 2D nanomaterials and has attracted tremendous attentions due to its unique geometric characteristics and exceptional mechanical properties. One of the most promising applications of this 2D nanomaterial is in polymer nanocomposites, in which the ultra-stiff, ultra-thin graphene layers function as reinforcement fillers. However, two significant questions remain to be answered: (1) whether the mechanical behaviors of...

Sexy, Thin, and White

Ellen A. Stone
The vast majority of media images present one idealized type of woman: she is thin, sexualized, and White. While research has shown that there are stereotypes associated with sexualized women, research has not addressed whether these stereotypes vary based on other characteristics such as body type and race. The current study aimed to examine the stereotypes associated with women who varied in body size, sexualization, and race. Additionally, the current study examined whether exposure to...

Colorings of Hamming-Distance Graphs

Isaiah H. Harney
Hamming-distance graphs arise naturally in the study of error-correcting codes and have been utilized by several authors to provide new proofs for (and in some cases improve) known bounds on the size of block codes. We study various standard graph properties of the Hamming-distance graphs with special emphasis placed on the chromatic number. A notion of robustness is defined for colorings of these graphs based on the tolerance of swapping colors along an edge without...

Exploring Predator-Prey Interactions in Agroecosystems through Molecular Gut-Content Analysis

Kacie J. Athey
Generalist predators can contribute to vital ecosystem services by potentially inducing trophic cascades as natural enemies of pests in agroecosystems. As the human population of the world gets larger, we need to produce more food on ever-smaller swaths of available land relying on ecosystem services, in the form of pest control, that may contribute to agricultural sustainability. Teasing apart the exact trophic linkages between predators and prey is a vital first step and essential to...

Computational Investigation of Transmural Differences in Left Ventricular Contractility and Hydrogel Injection Treatment for Myocardial Infarction

Hua Wang
Heart failure (HF) is one of the leading causes of death and impacts millions of people throughout the world. Recently, injectable hydrogels have been developed as a potential new therapy to treat myocardium infarction (MI). This dissertation is focused on two main topics: 1) to gain a better understanding the transmural contractility in the healthy left ventricle (LV) wall and 2) investigate the efficacy of the hydrogel injection treatment on LV wall stress and function....

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