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Nucleotide Excision Repair

Nathaniel C. Holcomb
Lung cancer is a particularly devastating disease, accounting for the most deaths among all cancer types in the United States. Despite a reduction in the country’s smoking rates, cigarette smoking remains the number one risk factor for lung cancer. Additionally arsenic exposure, which occurs primarily through contaminated drinking water in the U.S., is associated with increased lung cancer incidence. The nucleotide excision repair (NER) pathway is critical for maintenance of genomic fidelity, removing DNA lesions...


Susan Mains

Making Justice

Casey Charles

Natural Resource, Regional Growth, and Human Capital Accumulation

Na Zuo
The dissertation research will comprise three essays on the topic of the resource curse hypothesis and its mechanisms. The phenomenon of low economic growth in resource-rich regions is recognized as the “resource curse”. These essays will contribute to an understanding of the regional resource-growth relation within a nation. Essay one tests the resource curse hypothesis at the U.S. state level. With a system of equations model, I decompose the overall resource effect to account for...

Method as the Embodiment of Reason

Bryan Crable

What Induces Female Kicking in Callosobruchus maculatus?

William I. Licht
Sexual conflict over mating duration drives the evolution of male and female adaptations that facilitate the manipulation of mating interactions in their favor. This conflict drives the evolution of traits that improve the fitness of the focal sex despite inflicting costs on mates. However, males can express multiple traits that increase and decrease female fitness simultaneously. When the effects of male traits on female fitness increase or decrease with duration of exposure, females traits that...

Constant False Alarm Rate Performance of Sound Source Detection with Time Delay of Arrival Algorithm

Xipeng Wang
Time Delay of Arrival (TDOA) based algorithms and Steered Response Power (SRP) based algorithms are two most commonly used methods for sound source detection and localization. SRP is more robust under high reverberation and multi-target conditions, while TDOA is less computationally intensive. This thesis introduces a modified TDOA algorithm, TDOA delay table search (TDOA-DTS), that has more stable performance than the original TDOA, and requires only 4% of the SRP computation load for a 3-dimensional...

A History, Analysis, and Performance Guide to Samuel Barber’s Canzonetta for Oboe and String Orchestra

Angela C. Sallas
This dissertation examines Samuel Barber’s Canzonetta for Oboe and String Orchestra, which was intended to be the central movement of an oboe concerto commissioned by the New York Philharmonic. The Canzonetta for Oboe and String Orchestra is representative of Barber’s tendency towards vocal lyricism and neo-romantic tonality, serving as a representation of his compositional style. This document will explore the technical and expressive demands found in Barber’s writing for the oboe and will offer solutions...

A Measurement of the Parity Violating Asymmetry in the Neutron Capture on 3He at SNS

Md Latiful Kabir
Weak nucleon nucleon couplings are largely unknown because of the involved theoretical and experimental challenges. Theoretically the topic is difficult due to the non-perturbative nature of the strong interaction, which makes calculations of the couplings challenging. Experimentally, the topic is difficult given that 1) the observables are determined by ratios between strong couplings and weak couplings which differ in size by seven orders of magnitude, and 2) theoretically clean and predictable measurements are almost always...

Reproducing Childbirth

Veronica Miranda
This ethnographically informed dissertation focuses on the ways rural Yucatec Maya women, midwives and state health care workers participate in the production of childbirth and maternal health care practices. It further addresses how state health programs influence the relationships and interactions between these groups. Although childbirth practices in Yucatan have always been characterized by contestation, negotiation and change, their intensity and speed have significantly increased over the last decade. Drastic changes in the maternal health...

Effects of a Coaching Intervention on Teacher’s Implementation of Naturalistic Strategies to Promote Communication in Children

Kaitlin J. Dick
With accountability on the rise, educators are changing their focus to optimizing instructional strategies in the classroom. Their job performance depends upon their ability to show progress on child outcomes. One way teachers advance this process is by executing more evidence-based practices in their classroom. There is a lack of research in early childhood that report treatment integrity of the treatment package. This study utilized a multicomponent coaching intervention to increasing treatment fidelity of teacher...


Sarah Edrington
The process, structure, and property relationship of PAN fiber as a precursor to carbon fiber was studied. The limitations of stable spinning and property improvement associated with hot draw in solution spinning were found and quantified. Conditions were varied to generated precursor fiber up to the limit of draw, from which actual samples were collected for thermal conversion to carbon fiber. Samples of PAN and subsequent carbon fiber were characterized using tensile testing and x-ray...

The Effects of Golf Stance on the Peak Knee Adduction Moment During the Golf Swing

Quenten L. Hooker
INTRODUCTION: The knee joint is one of the most frequently injured structures in the game of golf. The loads experienced by the knee during the golf swing are typically greater than those experienced during walking. In particular, a heightened lead limb peak external knee adduction moment has been linked to the progression of medial compartment knee osteoarthritis (OA). Altering movement patterns is a common strategy that can be used to reduce loading on the knee...

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An Interview with Chantal Mouffe, College International de Philosophie, Paris, France

Martin Bosman & Leila Barre

Interview: David Harvey. The Politics of Social Justice

Raymond P. Baruffalo, Eugene J. McCann & Caedmon Staddon

Appropriate Data / Dada

Martin Scherzinger

Body Image and Sex

Sarah E. Christian
Body image, the subjective view about one’s own body and how others perceive it, has been shown to have numerous impacts on women in multiple facets of their lives, including sexual experiences. This study seeks to examine the specific impact that body image has on women using sexual relationships for self-validation. Findings suggest that the more likely a woman is to perceive herself as overweight, the higher the chance that she seeks out sex in...

The Selfie Generation

Ilyssa P. Salomon
Social media use among adolescents continues to increase each year. This study explored how the amount of time spent using social media and the specific behaviors used on social media, namely behaviors that involve self-objectification, were related to early adolescents’ body image (i.e., body shame and body surveillance). Three types of social media popular among adolescents were examined: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The current study also examined whether certain youth are more at risk for...


Lava R. Timsina
Health services research and public health services and systems research in the past have contributed to a strong foundation of evidence-based progress in organizing, financing, and delivering medical care and public health strategies across the United States. The purpose of this dissertation was to examine disparities in public health systems and in the delivery of population health services in communities served by these systems using nationally representative data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Local...

Cross-Validation of the Validity-10 Subscale of the Neurobehavioral Symptom Inventory

Jordan P. Harp
The present study is a cross-validation of the Validity-10 embedded symptom validity indicator from the Neurobehavioral Symptom Inventory (NSI) for the detection of questionable response validity during evaluation for mild traumatic brain injury (TBI). The sample and data derived from a three-site Veterans Affairs (VA) parent study to validate the TBI Clinical Reminder, a routine set of questions asked of all recently returned veterans at VA facilities to screen for history of TBI. In the...

Agricultural Input Intensification, Productivity Growth, and the Transformation of African Agriculture

Didier Y. Alia
This dissertation studies agricultural input intensification, defined as the increased use of modern inputs such as hybrid seeds, mineral fertilizer, herbicide, and pesticide in African agriculture. It also analyses the potential of this intensification to accelerate productivity growth and tests the effectiveness of two policies, input subsidies and land reforms, in promoting it and consequently in increasing crop yield. In the first essay, we argue that to create the conditions for the emergence of a...

Interpretation of the Depositional Environments and Soft-Sediment Deformation in the Upper Tanglewood Member (Upper Ordovician) of the Lexington Limestone, Central Kentucky, U.S.A.

Dibya R. Koirala
The upper Tanglewood Member is the final member of the Lexington Limestone and is well-known for its soft-sediment deformation. This study has confirmed the carbonate-shoal-complex origin of the unit, and detailed study shows that its development took place during five small-scale, sequence-like, fining-upward cycles related to eustasy and tectonics. Four lithofacies are represented in the unit. Facies analysis of each cycle shows that the thickest and coarsest part of each cycle corresponds to previously uplifted...

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