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A Singer's Stress

Zachary David Morris
Often neglected in voice study is the understanding that a singer’s instrument lives in his/her body and therefore cannot be packed away like other musical objects. Yoga and mindfulness compliment the belief of a whole body instrument. Data gathered on college campuses report that stress and anxiety are on the rise, thus reinforcing the need for MBSR and yoga as beneficial and proven tools for stress relief. The current state of research in the realm...

Blood Ore

Jeremy Alan Flick
While the great poet, James Whitcomb Riley, a native poet from my hometown of Greenfield, has a strong sense of Indiana and his Hoosier-ness. I compare myself to Whitcomb Riley, only in the sense of place, because my understanding of poetry was shaped around his work growing up in Hancock County. I am personally influenced by other poets such as Sylvia Plath, Walt Whitman, and James Wright in style and in content. My poetry contains...

A Diverse Band-Aware Dynamic Spectrum Access Architecture for Connectivity in Rural Communities

Vijay K. Shah
Ubiquitous connectivity plays an important role in improving the quality of life in terms of economic development, health and well being, social justice and equity, as well as in providing new educational opportunities. However, rural communities which account for 46% of the world's population lacks access to proper connectivity to avail such societal benefits, creating a huge "digital divide" between the urban and rural areas. A primary reason is that the Information and Communication Technologies...

The Role of Angular Momentum in the Interplay Between Disk Galaxies and Their Host Dark Matter Halos

Angela Collier
A majority of disk galaxies host stellar bars that regulate and amplify the flow of angular momentum, J, between disks and their parent dark matter (DM) halos. These bars constitute the prime factor driving internal galaxy evolution. Yet, a non-negligible fraction of disks lack this morphological feature, which led to adoption of the Hubble Fork Diagram. The complex evolution of barred galaxies has been studied by means of numerical simulations, complemented by observations. Despite prolonged...

Mermaid Rumspringa

Taylor Sarrett
Abstract: Mermaid Rumspringa is a short story collection that focuses primarily on female protagonists at different stages in their lives. It is an exploration into the effects society has on young people, the way in which mental health issues manifest in young minds, and the way the people who are closest to the individuals dealing with these issues try to adapt and understand them, and in some cases, completely ignore them. This collection utilizes magical...

Breeding for Tomato Resistance to Spider Mite Tetranychus urticae Koch (Acari: Tetranychidae)

Ammar Sami AL-Bayati
Abstract: Cultivated tomato plants are extremely susceptible to the two-spotted spider mite Tetranychus urticae Koch. Selection for pest resistance is usually a crucial step required to achieve successful genetic resistance transfer from wild into cultivated tomato genotypes. S. habrochaites LA2329, a wild relative of tomato, is highly resistant to arthropods. Its resistance has been attributed to the presence of a high density of type IV and type VI trichomes and abundant production of 7-epi-zingiberene, a...

The Effects of a Ketone Body on Synaptic Transmission

Alexandra Stanback
The ketogenic diet is commonly used to control epilepsy, especially in cases when medications cannot. The diet typically consists of high fat, low carb, and adequate protein and produces a metabolite called acetoacetate. Seizure activity is characterized by glutamate excitotoxicity and therefore glutamate regulation is a point of research for control of these disorders. Acetoacetate is heavily implicated as the primary molecule responsible for decreasing glutamate in the synapse; it is believed that acetoacetate interferes...

Maternal Relationships, Bullying, and Deviance: A Comparison of Adolescents With and Without Medical Conditions

Kristina M. Hayes
Abstract: The purpose of the current study was to examine and compare the quality of the mother-adolescent relationship, the prevalence of bullying and cyberbullying perpetration and victimization, and the prevalence of externalizing behaviors, as well as the relationship among these constructs, in a clinical and a nonclinical sample of adolescents. It tested a series of hypotheses focused on group differences in the mother-adolescent relationship, peer victimization, and externalizing behaviors (i.e. deviant behaviors and bullying perpetration)...

Development of Novel Temperature Responsive Polymeric Sorbents and Their Applications in Water Remediation

Shuo Tang
Water remediation utilizing sorption has found strong interest due to its inexpensiveness, universal nature and ease of operation. In particular, thermo-responsive sorbents consisting of N-isopropylacrylamide (NIPAAm) offer significant potential as “smart” and advanced materials to remove multiple aqueous pollutants. NIPAAm exhibits excellent thermo-responsiveness, which senses the external temperature variation and changes its swelling and sorption behaviors in a sharp and rapid manner. At the beginning of this work, an extensive review of literature has been...

A Brain-Computer Interface for Closed-Loop Sensory Stimulation During Motor Training in Patients with Tetraplegia

Sarah Helen Thomas
Abstract: Normal movement execution requires proper coupling of motor and sensory activation. An increasing body of literature supports the idea that incorporation of sensory stimulation into motor rehabilitation practices increases its effectiveness. Paired associative stimulation (PAS) studies, in which afferent and efferent pathways are activated in tandem, have brought attention to the importance of well-timed stimulation rather than non-associative (i.e., open-loop) activation. In patients with tetraplegia resulting from spinal cord injury (SCI), varying degrees of...

Enzyme and Tissue Alterations in Fishes: A Measure of Water Quality

David E. Hinton, M. W. Kendall & J. C. Koenig
Abstract: A variety of freshwater fishes were studied by light and electron microscopy, enzyme histochemical and biochemical methods, The objective was to determine normal structure and function in specific target organs and to compare these to altered states in aquatic pollution. The basic question, "can fish tissues and enzymes serve as indicators of water quality?," was asked. Microscopic alteration in gill was indicative of copper toxicity at an exposure of 20 parts per billion, Gross...

Ecological Study of the Effects of Strip Mining on the Microbiology of Streams

Ralph H. Weaver & Harry D. Nash
Abstract: The microflora of Cane Branch of Beaver Creek in McCreary County, Kentucky, which drains an area that was strip-mined between 1955 and 1959, was studied and compared with that of Helton Branch which drains a comparable area where there has been no mining. Differences include: the establishment of Ferrcbacillus ferrooxidans, for which procedures were developed for direct colony isolation from the stream; fewer saprophytic bacteria; more numerous and more diversified filamentous and unicellular fungi;...

Economic Development of Areas Contiguous to Multipurpose Reservoirs: The Kentucky-Tennessee Experience

Michael B. Hargrove
Abstract: This study analyzes the effects of multi-purpose reservoir projects on the economic development of areas contiguous to the dam and reservoir. The study concentrates on the development potential in a humid region where the provision of agricultural water is not critical to the economy. Can a reservoir project be a major part of a development program for a local area? How can the favorable effects of the project on the contiguous area be increased?...

Investigation of Amyloid β Oligomer Dissociation Mechanisms by Single Molecule Fluorescence Techniques

Hope Cook Abdalla
Abstract: Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is currently considered the most prevalent neurodegenerative disease and places a large financial burden on society as healthcare resources are limited and the disease does not have a cure. Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by the presence of amyloid beta (Aβ) plaques and neurofibrillary tangles; however current literature suggests Aβ oligomers are the main aggregating species leading to AD symptoms. Therefore, the underlying cause of Alzheimer’s, accumulation of amyloid beta, is currently...

Anticipations of Change: A Socio-Economic Description of a Kentucky County Before Reservoir Construction

Charles Robert Smith
Abstract: In the past the construction of large reservoirs in the United States has been evaluated largely in terms of the economic benefit they bring to the area where they are constructed and to the nation. Where human populations are involved, however, a host of social changes occur, many of which fundamentally alter the way of life of a people. This report is part of a larger study which aims at analyzing the social costs...

Analysis of Unsteady Flow Toward Artesian Wells by Three-Dimensional Finite Elements

Yang H. Huang & Shen-Jyh Wu
Abstract: A three-dimensional finite element computer program was developed for analyzing unsteady flow toward artesian wells. The program is designed especially for determining the drawdown around an artesian well penetrating fully or partially a nonhomogeneous and anisotropic aquifer of irregular shape and cross section. It can also be used as a general program for aquifer simulation and evaluation. A major advantage of the program lies in the minimum amount of input data required. By assuming...

Measuring the Intangible Values of Natural Streams, Part II

John A. Dearinger, George M. Woolwine, Charles R. Scroggin, Daniel R. Dolan & James S. Calvin
Abstract: This report describes the work done during Part II of a project which had as its aim the development of a way to quantify those intangible values peculiar to a small stream and its watershed. Part I was concerned with an application of the "uniqueness concept" in the evaluation of fifty-eight Kentucky streams. The results of this effort are in Report #40, U. K. Water Resources Institute (1971). During the second part of the...

Generalized Geologic Map for Land-Use Planning: Perry County, Kentucky

Bart Davidson, Steven E. Webb & Daniel I. Carey
Abstract: This map is not intended to be used for selecting individual sites. Its purpose is to inform land-use planners, government officials, and the public in a general way about geologic bedrock conditions that affect the selection of sites for various purposes. The properties of thick soils may supercede those of the underlying bedrock and should be considered on a site-to-site basis. At any site, it is important to understand the characteristics of both the...

Generalized Geologic Map for Land-Use Planning: Boone County, Kentucky

Richard A. Smath, Bart Davidson, Daniel I. Carey, John D. Keifer & Ken Daniels
Abstract: This map is not intended to be used for selecting individual sites. Its purpose is to inform land-use planners, government officials, and the public in a general way about geologic bedrock conditions that affect the selection of sites for various purposes. The properties of thick soils may supercede those of the underlying bedrock and should be considered on a site-to-site basis. At any site, it is important to understand the characteristics of both the...

Determination of Trace Elements in Water Utilizaing Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Measurement

Gary D. Christian, J. Preston, III Miles, Ronald Sensmeier, Melvin Sensmeier, Loraine Craig, Lynn Phibrick & Sudarshan Lal
Abstract: A variety of flameless atomic absorption methods have been investigated for the possible determination of trace elements in water. The general applicability of each technique was determined and where applicable, procedures have been developed for the determination of trace elements in natural waters. Metals were preconcentrated by electrodeposition on a wire. The metals were then atomized for atomic absorption measurement by resistive heating of the wire. As little as 0.01 part per million (ppm)...

Photography, Visual Culture, and the (Re)Definition/Queering of the Male Gaze

David Nicholas Martin
Abstract: The traditional notion of the Male Gaze, first conceptualized by feminist film critic Laura Mulvey in 1975, focused on the objectification of women through depictions structured to gratify a male heterosexual perspective. In this chapter we will revisit this concept and investigate how that gaze may have shifted away from a primarily heterosexual perspective to a socially dominant male perspective (maleness here referring to dominance rather than specific gender, just as “whiteness” might refer...

Generalized Geologic Map for Land-Use Planning: Green County, Kentucky

Daniel I. Carey & Adam Pike
Abstract: This map is not intended to be used for selecting individual sites. Its purpose is to inform land-use planners, government officials, and the public in a general way about geologic bedrock conditions that affect the selection of sites for various purposes. The properties of thick soils may supercede those of the underlying bedrock and should be considered on a site-to-site basis. At any site, it is important to understand the characteristics of both the...

Mapped Karst Groundwater Basins in the Tell City and Part of the Jasper 30 x 60 Minute Quadrangles

Joseph A. Ray, Jack R. Moody, Robert J. Blair, James C. Currens & Randall L. Paylor

The Economic Value of Natural Areas for Recreational Hunting

Kenneth Gene Holbrook
Abstract: The pressures of population growth, urbanization, and improved transportation are diminishing the availability of quality naturalistic sites for recreation while at the same time producing greater demands for their use. One cause contributing to the reduction in acreage in naturalistic areas is the construction of reservoirs. The recreational hunting value of the naturalistic area to be inundated should be considered as a negative consequence in the economic evaluation of a proposed reservoir site. This...

A Preliminary Ecological Study of Areas to be Impounded in the Salt River Basin of Kentucky

Louis A. Krumholz
Abstract: This report covers work that is an extension of Project No. A-019-KY. A series of 25 sampling stations was established in the mainstream and tributaries of the Salt River that extend from the source of the stream in Boyle County to a few miles below the site of Taylorsville Darn in Spencer County. Sampling for water chemistry and biota was carried out semimonthly. Data on temperature, oxygen, depth, and discharge, along with analyses for...

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