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More Than Meets the Eye: A Look Into Representational Issues in Advertising

Elizabeth Ann Langlois
Abstract: Representation has become a buzzword in the advertising industry. With more consumers asking for brands to represent more diverse people in advertisements, this study examined cases when representation in advertisements received negative feedback. By examining three cases where brands received negative feedback after the release of an ad, the researcher explored perceptions and reactions toward the representation of Black people in advertisements. This study conducted a thematic analysis of popular press and trade publications...


Ran Duan
Dementia is a clinical syndrome caused by neurodegeneration or cerebrovascular injury. Patients with dementia suffer from deterioration in memory, thinking, behavior and the ability to perform everyday activities. Since there are no cures or disease-modifying therapies for dementia, there is much interest in identifying modifiable risk factors that may help prevent or slow the progression of cognitive decline. Medications are a common focus of this type of research. Importantly, according to a report from the...


Sharon Lynn Simmons
Bullying continues to be a serious problem in schools. School social workers and teachers face challenges daily to deal with bullying. This author examined school social workers’ and teachers’ perceptions about their feelings of efficacy to deal with bullying and what may account for those feelings in a population of 71 teachers and 26 social workers employed in Kentucky schools. Research was gathered using a self-report, electronic survey consisting of subscales of the Teachers’ Attitudes...


Marcus Painter
In the first chapter, I find counties more likely to be affected by climate change pay more in underwriting fees and initial yields to issue long-term municipal bonds compared to counties unlikely to be affected by climate change. This difference disappears when comparing short-term municipal bonds, implying the market prices climate change risks for long-term securities only. Higher issuance costs for climate risk counties are driven by bonds with lower credit ratings. Investor attention is...

Perceptions of Fairness and Political Support in the Face of Economic Inequality

Gregory W. Saxton
In this dissertation, I investigate two key questions: 1) What are the specific conditions under which economic inequality undermines democratic legitimacy; and 2) How does inequality map onto individuals’ perceptions of fairness and subsequently affect satisfaction with democracy and trust in political institutions? I first argue that individuals’ perceptions of distributive unfairness are key factors whereby economic inequality undermines democratic legitimacy. Inequality - and subsequent perceptions that the economic distribution is unfair - undermine political...

Use of Functionalized Bimetallic Membranes for Treatment of Contaminated Groundwater at a Hazardous Waste Site in Kentucky

Lucy C. Pacholik
Providing access to clean drinking water will continue to be a challenge for civil engineers for generations to come. Since many communities around the world rely on groundwater as a source of drinking water, remediation technologies must be implemented at sites where groundwater contamination exists due to years of mismanagement of hazardous waste. Using nanosized zero-valent metals such as iron and zinc embedded within and on the surface of functionalized (PAA) membrane filters has shown...

Promotion of Fruit and Vegetable Intake Through Recipe Card Distribution and Sampling at Farmer's Markets Throughout Kentucky

Umaima Sidra Afsheen Syeda
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports indicate that 8% and 6.3% of Kentuckians consume enough fruits and vegetables, respectively. The Plate It Up! Kentucky Proud (PIUKP) project is a recipe-development project that aims to boost produce consumption by incorporating local fruits and vegetables. The purpose of this study was to implement promotional strategies using PIUKP recipes at farmers’ markets and determine their effects on consumers’ intent of purchasing and preparing the produce....


Fahmida Rahman
Probe speed data are widely used to calculate performance measures for quantifying state-wide traffic conditions. Estimation of the accurate performance measures requires adequate speed data observations. However, probe vehicles reporting the speed data may not be available all the time on each road segment. Agencies need to develop a good understanding of the adequacy of these reported data before using them in different transportation applications. This study attempts to systematically assess the quality of the...

Posttraumatic Stress and Risky Sex in Trauma-Exposed College Students

Jessica Flores
Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has been linked to heightened engagement in risky sexual behavior (RSB) across diverse samples, and impulsivity has been postulated as a potential linkage (Weiss et al., 2012). Limited information has been published on the role that impulsivity can play in strengthening the relationship between PTSD and RSB in college students. The current study examined the moderating role of impulsivity dispositions: negative/positive urgency, (lack of) perseverance, sensation seeking, and (lack of) premeditation...

Study of Factors Affecting Distribution System PV Hosting Capacity

Fanxun Li
As renewable energy plays an increasingly important role in the power system, the addition of PV systems to the distribution network has become a major trend in the current power system development. However, if a PV system with excessive capacity is added to the distribution network, voltage problems may occur in the system. Hence, it is important to determine the capacity of the PV system that can be added at the distribution system. The thesis...

The Redesigned Vortecone

Allison Taylor
Dust creates health and safety issues in mining and there are several different ways to reduce the amount of respirable dust created. Dust particles also affect the operation and efficiency of mining equipment. One device currently used to reduce dust in a coal mine is a flooded-bed dust scrubber. These type of scrubbers are found on continuous miners and are designed to capture dust particles close to the cutting head. However, the fibrous screens on...

Modeling of spallation phenomenon in an arc-jet environment

Raghava Sai Chaitanya Davuluri
Space vehicles, while entering the planetary atmosphere, experience high loads of heat. Ablative materials are commonly used for a thermal protection system, which undergo mass removal mechanisms to counter the heat rates. Spallation is one of the ablative processes, which is characterized by the ejection of solid particles from the material into the flow. Numerical codes that are used in designing the heat shields ignore this phenomenon. Hence, to evaluate the effectiveness of spallation phenomenon,...

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