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Analysis of Traffic Growth Rates

Monica L. Barrett, R. Clark Graves, David L. Allen, Jerry G. Pigman, Ghassan Abu-Lebdeh, Lisa Aultman-Hall & Sarah T. Bowling
The primary objectives of this study were to determine patterns of traffic flow and develop traffic growth rates by traffic composition and highway type for Kentucky’s system of highways. Additional subtasks included the following: 1) a literature search to determine if there were new procedures being used to more accurately represent traffic growth rates, 2) development of a random sampling procedure for collecting traffic count data on local roads and streets, 3) prediction of vehicle...

TACOT v3.0

J. Lachaud, N. Mansour, S. White, B. Laub & J.-M. Bouilly

Road Rater Correlation

R. Clark Graves & David L. Allen
In this study, a correlation has been conducted between the Model 400B and the Model 2000 Road Rater. Also contained in this study, is a study of the linearity of the Road Rater measurements. Information gained from this study will provide better understanding of Road Rater measurements.

Characteristics Of A Local Health Department Associated With The Use Of The Health Equity Index

Moira A. Lawson, Sharon Mierzwa & Michael Knapp
Local health departments are tasked with understanding and addressing health inequities in the populations they serve. To meaningfully address health inequities, local health departments have identified the need for credible local data to better understand the relationship between community conditions and health outcomes. Yet, when given access to these data, we observe a very large variation in the level of interest between local health departments. In this study, we offered Connecticut’s Local health departments access...

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