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Sensory Processing and Behaviors Characteristic of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Older Adults with Cognitive Impairment

Elizabeth Rhodus, Elizabeth Hunter, Graham Rowles, Erin Abner, Shoshana Bardach, Justin Barber & Gregory Jicha

Impact of Buckwheat and Methyl Salicylate Lures on Natural Enemy Abundance for Early Season Management of Melanaphis sacchari (Hemiptera: Aphididae) in Sweet Sorghum

Nathan Mercer
Tested effect of buckwheat flowers and methyl salicylate lures to attract natural enemies to sweet sorghum fields to manage Melanaphis sacchari, a recent pest of sweet sorghum.

Comparative Studies of Reproductive Diapause in North American Populations of Three Hippodamia Species (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)

John Obrycki
Adult Hippodamia parenthesis were collected from McLean County, Illinois (40.34°N, 88.77°W), Johnson County, Iowa (41.67°N, 91.52°N), Onondaga County, New York (43.03°N, 76.00°W) and Jefferson County, New York (43.98°N, 75.91°W) (Supplemental Figure 1). Eggs were collected daily from 4 to 6 females in each population and placed in L:D 16:8, 14:10, 12:12,10:14, at 22°C ± 1.0°C. F1 offspring were individually reared in glass vials at each photoperiod on pea aphids and Ephestia kuehniella eggs to examine...

Supplemental Online Materials of Trends in Land Surface Phenology across the Conterminous United States (1982-2016) Analyzed by NEON Domains

Liang Liang, Geoffrey Henebry, lingling liu, Xiaoyang Zhang & Li-Chih Hsu
This research investigated land surface phenology trends across the conterminous United States (1982-2016)by National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) domains. The Supplemental Online Materials (SOM) contain two Appendices. Appendix S1 contains NEON domain-specific results, supplemental tables and figures. Appendix S2 contains datasets of the analysis results. Users can utilize these data to perform customized analysis in lieu of the published outcomes.

Altering Planting Date to Manage Melanaphis sacchari (Hemiptera: Aphididae) Populations in Sweet Sorghum

Nathan Mercer
This study was conducted to determine if altering sweet sorghum planting date from the recommended (mid) could reduce yield loss from the aphid pest, Melanaphis sacchari.

Impacts of Larval Diet on Pre-Imaginal Development, Survival and Adult Size of Six Species of Coccinellidae

Nathan Mercer & John Obrycki
Compared larval development, survival, and adult size of six lady beetle species on a diet of aphids or moth eggs

Parasitoid Host Acceptance and Suitability for Sugarcane Aphid

Nathan Mercer
Commercially available parasitoids were tested for their host acceptance and suitability on the sugarcane aphid, recent pest of sorghum.

New Magnetic Field Models of the Moon

Dhananjay Ravat, Michael Purucker & Nils Olsen
We use L1-norm model regularization of |Br| component at the surface on magnetic monopoles bases and along-track magnetic field differences alone (without vector observations) to derive high quality global magnetic field models at the surface of the Moon. The practical advantages to this strategy are: monopoles are more stable at closer spacing in comparison to dipoles, improving spatial resolution; L1-norm model regularization leads to sparse models which may be appropriate for the Moon which has...

Hydrology Data for Edge of Field Monitoring in a Sinkhole Dominated Karst Landscape, The Homeplace on the Green River

Charles Taylor & Benjamin Tobin
These data are a combination of precipitation quantity, spring flow, spring chemistry, spring and stream field measurement data, and dye trace results for a USDA funded research project at The Homeplace on the Green River in Taylor County, KY.

Suitability of Native Milkweed (Asclepias) Species versus Cultivars for Supporting Monarch Butterflies and Bees in Urban Gardens

Daniel A. Potter
Public interest in ecological landscaping and gardening is fueling a robust market for native plants. Most plants available to consumers through the horticulture trade are cultivated forms that have been selected for modified flowers or foliage, compactness, or other ornamental characteristics. Depending on their traits, some native plant cultivars seem to support pollinators, specialist insect folivores, and insect-based vertebrate food webs as effectively as native plant species, whereas others do not. There is particular need...

Urban and Rural Hospitals Closures and Short-Run Change in Ambulance Call Times [Research Data]

SuZanne Troske, Alison Davis, Kenneth Troske & Sookti Chaudhary

New Surficial Geologic Mapping along the I-65 Corridor in Bullitt, Hardin, and Nelson Counties, Kentucky

Matthew Massey, Maxwell L., III Hammond, Antonia E. Bottoms & Steven L. Martin
This project presents new surficial geologic mapping that will address immediate societal needs and support new scientific discovery in an area of west-central Kentucky prioritized with the guidance of the Kentucky State Geological Mapping Advisory Committee (KSGMAC). The new mapping presented represents four new 1:24,000-scale (or greater) surficial geologic maps located along the actively developing I-65 corridor south of the Louisville metropolitan area. The study area is also situated in a geologically unique area that...

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