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Development and Early Outcomes of the Watauga Compassionate Community Initiative, North Carolina

Tim Marema & Erin Bouldin
Addressing adverse childhood experiences has become a public health imperative, and communities across the United States are working to develop and implement programs and policies to both prevent childhood trauma and support adults who experienced trauma as children. Here we describe the development of the Watauga Compassionate Community Initiative (WCCI) in Watauga, County, North Carolina.

A Healthy Attitude

Tim Marema & Erin Bouldin
When it came to formal philanthropy, Grundy County was not on the map. That changed with the 2012 establishment of South Cumberland Community Fund, which serves the plateau portions of Grundy, Franklin, and Marion counties.

Reviewer Acknowledgments for 2019

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Introduction to the New “Early Reports of Innovation” Section

Erin Bouldin & Tim Marema
The Journal of Appalachian Health is introducing a new section this issue. While the journal is centralizing some of the best research and commentary on Appalachian health, the editorial team felt that practice-focused groups, organizations, and agencies may not be fully represented in the publication.

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