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Classifying and Mapping Aquatic Vegetation in Heterogeneous Stream Ecosystems Using Visible and Multispectral UAV Imagery

Rozalia Agioutanti
The need for assessment and management of aquatic vegetation in stream ecosystems is recognized given the importance in impacting water quality, hydrodynamics, and aquatic biota. However, existing approaches to monitor are laborious and its currently not feasible to track spatial and temporal differences at broad scales. The objective of this study was therefore to map and classify aquatic vegetation of a shallow stream with heterogenous mixtures of emergent and submerged aquatic vegetation. Data was collected...


Steven J. Gerencser
This article analyzes 4 episodes of the Japanese reality television program Terrace house: Aloha State for instances of gender indexing language to investigate the gap between actual speaker usage of these features and the linguistic ideology surrounding their usage as is perpetrated and perpetuated by media. Specifically, the gender indexing features which will be investigated to accomplish this are sentence final particles and first-person pronouns. Instances of these linguistic features are typically presented as features...

Membrane Palmitoylated Protein Magu-3 Regulates the C. elegans Locomotor Circuit via Modulation of Cholinergic Activity

Henry Richburg
Precise coordination of the activity and transmission in excitatory and inhibitory neural circuits is essential for healthy information flow. Synaptic scaffolding proteins play a key role in the regulation of circuit activity through the localization and organization of receptors, channels, and other synaptic machinery to facilitate signal transduction. Using the C. elegans motor circuit which has both cholinergic (excitatory) and GABAergic (inhibitory) inputs onto muscles, we revealed an unexplored role of a family of scaffolding...

Using Concurrent Operant Analyses to Predict Reinforcers to Increase Work Completion in Schools

Amanda Schaefer
In this study, a concurrent operant analysis (COA) was conducted for two elementary aged students in a public school to determine if the results yielded a possible reinforcer for work completion. A simultaneous treatments design was used during the COA to evaluate choice making behavior. The results of the COA indicated the student’s choice making behavior was maintained by access to tangibles, access to attention, or escape. The results were then used to create a...

Matrix Interpretations and Tools for Investigating Even Functionals

Benjamin Stringer
Even functionals are a set of polynomials evaluated on the terms of hollow symmetric matrices. Their properties lend themselves to applications such as counting subgraph embeddings in generic (weighted or unweighted) host graphs and computing moments of binary quadratic forms, which occur in combinatorial optimization. This research focuses primarily on counting subgraph embeddings, which is traditionally accomplished with brute-force algorithms or algorithms curated for special types of graphs. Even functionals provide a method for counting...

Increasing Accuracy in Police Report Writing

Zachary Greene
The current alternative thesis project consisted of creating an online learning course intended to increase the accuracy with which preservice and in-service police officers write police incident reports. The online course consists of 6 separate modules and utilizes principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) to assist the learner in understanding and applying the content of the modules. Specifically, components of interactive computer training (ICT), consisting of video modeling, voice over narration, interactive activities, and self-pace...


Mary Levi
The influence of mental illness on jury decision-making has rarely been investigated, and even fewer studies have examined how jurors perceive a victim with mental illness. The present study investigated the effect of victim mental illness on jury decision-making in a rape trial using a 3 (victim mental health status: schizophrenia, depression, no illness) x 2 (participant gender: female, male) between-subjects design. I hypothesized that mock jurors would render fewer guilty verdicts in the schizophrenia...

Understanding The Degradation Mechanism in Methyl ammonium Lead Halide Perovskite and Black Phosphorene via Electrical Transport Study

Huda Aljeailan
This work seeks to understand the degradation mechanism of technically important material systems such as black phosphorene (BP), arsenic phosphorene (AsP) and Methyl ammonium lead iodide (CH3NH3PbI3) perovskite. Degradation studies were conducted by studying the in-situ electrical transport properties (resistance and thermoelectric power (TEP)) of these materials in vacuum (under annealed condition) and after exposure to the ambient air. BP and both exhibited p-type semiconducting (positive TEP) behavior under annealed conditions and the changes in...


Olivia Kelly
The purpose of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching the PECS protocol to preschool students with disabilities using the PECS Phases I-II. A multiple probe across participants design was used to conduct the study and evaluate the effectiveness of the training on the PECS Phases I-II. The results of the study demonstrated that teaching the PECS protocol using picture cards of preferred items was effective in the preschool setting to teach preschool...

Etiology of Firefighter Injuries

Alyssa Quinn Eastman
BACKGROUND: Structural firefighting involves the performance of rigorous occupational tasks in unpredictable, dynamic, and hot environments which increases firefighters’ risk of injury. Specifically, the National Fire Protection Association reported that musculoskeletal injuries account for 56% of non-fireground and 41% of fireground injuries. Furthermore, physical training is the most common cause of injury, accounting for one-third of all injuries and resulting in 41% of post-injury absences from work. There is limited research identifying occupational and exercise...

Fighting 'Stance'

William Yasha Breslove
For researchers, the study of video game players - how they behave, interact, and cooperate in a virtual world – presents a challenge: what methodologies are best suited to approaching these interactions? From a sociolinguistic approach, how do gamers converse, and what do these conversations reveal about epistemic, affective, and political relationships? This study uses John DuBois’ Stance Theory (2007) and recent modifications of it (Kiesling 2022), to analyze data gathered from the popular multiplayer...


Henry Snider
Genetic mutations in the TREM2 gene are highly correlated with risk of Alzheimer’s disease, but alternative splicing patterns of TREM2 transcripts have not been fully described. Characterization of TREM2 alternative splicing will be of significant use to the scientific community as the field of Alzheimer’s disease research progresses. The goal of this study was to fully describe splicing patterns in TREM2, as different splicing isoforms of genes can alter express and/or function of the final...


Shanita Jackson
I am fascinated with the spiritual, physical, and psychological experiences that occur when one’s flesh crawls. The experiences, akin to inverted goosebumps, result from provocations of the senses or of the mind. James Blake’s latest album, for example, triggers my flesh to crawl. The art on the album cover depicts a decaying body turned into a canyon-like labyrinth. In undergrad, attempts to conceptualize slave-deck diagrams disturbed my flesh to crawl. I am intrigued by how...


Mia Radevski
Alcohol use disorder (AUD) has been associated with a dysregulated stress system. Therefore, regulating stress hormones has been investigated as a potential therapeutic target for AUDs. The purpose of the current study was to investigate whether a stress hormone receptor antagonist, PT150, would block the rewarding properties of ethanol. Quail were used as subjects because a conditioned place preference (CPP) apparatus that utilized visual cues was used, and quail readily attend to visual cues. Visual...


Sue Mize
In this essay, using the theories of psychiatrist, Eric Berne and his script theory; psychoanalyst, Carl Jung and his archetypes and mandalas; as well as the Native American Medicine Wheel; and the Hindu notion of the kundalini, I analyze the psychological development of Adele Quested of E.M. Forster’s A Passage to India (1924) and Anna Wulf of Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook (1962). Adela Quested goes to India seeking the real India and while engaging...

Part-Time Normals

Ivy Faye Monroe
Self-understanding of one’s gender identity both emerges from, and rearticulates into, the ways one experiences and mediates their personal and social relationships with the geographic worlds they inhabit. Trans geographical literature has, to date, created compelling work on the social geographies of trans people in highly-gendered spaces. This thesis extends the existing literature to research how gender is both experienced and performed in the mundane structures of everyday life. Building from theories of cruel optimism...


Sara Brown
Humanity is synergistic with art and medicine. Likewise, art education can be impactful throughout medical education. Art as a tool to develop the next generation of healthcare differs from the clinical goals of creative art therapies. Over the prior decade, many medical schools now provide curricular offerings in the arts and humanities. Less is known about the application in postgraduate medical settings. The focus of this thesis is to review the pairing of artist-educators with...


Mahmoud El Jazzar
Organizational change can be defined as an alteration of a core aspect of an organization’s operation, structure, or culture. Previous research on organizational change mainly has focused on different types of technical changes, such as alternative project delivery methods and strategies to adopt the design-build approach successfully. Also, previous studies have focused on the project level changes instead of organizational level responses. Here I show using a proposed change model and performing thematic, and analysis,...

The Toyota Production System (TPS) in a Non-Traditional Manufacturing Environment

Kevin McCracken
The Toyota Production System (TPS), also known as Lean Manufacturing (LM), was founded in the automotive industry and has contributed to Toyota’s decades of success. This has brought much attention to TPS and how this system may be implemented in other industries. Focusing on the TPS foundational element of standardization, this study examines the impact of target cycle time (TCT) on process fluctuation in a fast-food environment. In order to observe the effects of TCT,...

Safety in the Woods

Austin Leake
Logging is a dangerous field; in this study the researcher looks to see the knowledge both before and after professional loggers participate in the Kentucky Master Logger Program. This information was used to see the overall effectiveness of the Kentucky Master Logger Program. The researcher found an overall improvement in logging professionals’ perceptions and understanding of logging safety. The researcher recommends creating an emphasis on a safe work culture through safety incentives and a greater...

Avoiding Epistemic Imperialism: Queerness, Contingency, and Translation in Postcolonial Scholarship

Neville Hoad, Jacob Saindon & Kirsten Corneilson

Learner Outcomes from an ECHO in Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Lillie Reinhart
Background: Students with complex communication needs (CCN) rely on the use of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) to support their communication; however, many students are leaving high school without an effective form of communication. To build capacity and increase school professionals’ knowledge and self-efficacy in AAC, this thesis used an adaptation of Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) for use with AAC. Methods: Using a post then pre-retrospective survey, participants self-reported changes in knowledge,...


Hayley Stahl
Though fibroadenomas are clinically benign in most cases, clinical research suggests that these lesions can cause diagnosis-related physical health complications and psychological distress. However, this research is limited and should be investigated further. Thus, this study aimed to explore how patients appraise their fibroadenoma diagnosis uncertainty. Additionally, this study sought to determine if a correlation existed between appraisal and decision making as well as identify the factors that influence the most common treatment decision: removal....

Personality and Coping in Response to Traumatic Experiences in Emerging Adult Women

Julia J. Beier
Intimate dating violence is a common occurrence, especially among women (CDC, 2019). Because this type of trauma is so prevalent, it is important to explore how experiences of it impact women and how they cope with its effects. This study explored how individual differences impact the ways in which young women cope with trauma, as well as whether the type of trauma moderate the link between individual differences and coping strategies. Participants were 304 college-age...

Speaking of Home Here and There

Katherine Feske-Kirby
This thesis explores how highly educated immigrants articulate a sense of belonging upon relocating to the United States, more specifically to the Lexington, KY area. Engaging with feminist political geography as well as migration and cultural studies, I argue that articulations of belonging are framed through transnational attachments, which respectively expand individuals’ ability to employ everyday forms of belonging. Expressions and understandings of transnational belonging are framed through in-depth interviews on participants’ workplace, relational dynamics,...

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