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Do Bulimic Behaviors Increase Shame?

Heather A. Davis
Binge eating is a harmful, maladaptive behavior associated with comorbid psychopathology. Theory posits that increases in maladaptive, transdiagnostic emotions following binge eating in individuals with BN may predict the experience of comorbid symptoms. The current study served as a laboratory test of the first part of this theory: whether state increases in maladaptive emotions occur following engagement in binge eating behavior in women with BN compared with healthy controls. Women (n = 51) were recruited...

Exploring the Role of Insulin Receptor Signaling in Hippocampal Learning and Memory, Neuronal Calcium Dysregulation, and Glucose Metabolism

Hilaree Frazier
In the late 90’s, emerging evidence revealed that the brain is insulin-sensitive, highlighted by broad expression of brain-specific insulin receptors and reports of circulating brain insulin. Contemporary literature robustly supports the role of insulin signaling in normal brain function and suggests that insulin-related processes diminish with aging, evidenced by decreased signaling markers, reduced insulin receptor density, and lower levels of insulin transport across the blood-brain barrier. In the context of pathological cognitive decline, clinical trials...

Boundary Layers in Periodic Homogenization

Jinping Zhuge
The boundary layer problems in periodic homogenization arise naturally from the quantitative analysis of convergence rates. Formally they are second-order linear elliptic systems with periodically oscillating coefficient matrix, subject to periodically oscillating Dirichelt or Neumann boundary data. In this dissertation, for either Dirichlet problem or Neumann problem, we establish the homogenization results and obtain the nearly sharp convergence rates, provided the domain is strictly convex. Also, we show that the homogenized boundary data is in...

Stratigraphic and Structural Framework of the Carboniferous Rocks of the Central Appalachian Basin in Kentucky

Donald R. Chesnut
Abstract: A series of seven cross sections across the Central Appalachian Basin in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio was constructed in order to determine a stratigraphic and structural framework of the Carboniferous rocks for the basin. Oil and gas well logs, coal-company core descriptions, measured sections, and mapping of surface geology were used to construct these sections. New surface and subsurface faults, folds, and flexures were identified. New, formal and informal lithostratigraphic nomenclature...


Steven Conner Campbell
Acoustic radiation efficiency is defined as the ratio of sound power radiated to the surface vibration power of a piston with equivalent surface area. It has been shown that the radiation efficiency is maximized and may exceed unity when the structural and acoustic wavelengths are approximately equal. The frequency at which this occurs is called the critical frequency and can be shifted with structural modifications. This has proven to be an effective way to reduce...

An Exploration of Law Enforcement Officers' Training Experiences, Training Needs, and Interactions Related to Autism Spectrum Disorder

Kirsten Scheil Railey
Abstract: Although research confirms the effectiveness of training to improve law enforcement officers’ awareness and knowledge of people with intellectual disability, learning disabilities, and mental health disorders (Bailey, Barr, Bunting, 2001; McAllister, Bailey, Barr, 2002; Scantlebury et al., 2017; Wood Watson, 2017), research related to the efficacy of autism-specific law enforcement training is limited. In order to provide up-to-date information regarding training for LEOs related to autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a systematic review of the...

Low-Silica and High-Calcium Stone in the Newman Limestone (Mississippian) on Pine Mountain, Harlan County, Southeastern Kentucky

Garland R. Dever, Jack R. Moody, Thomas L. Robl & Lance S. Barron
Abstract: The coal industry of Kentucky is an important market for limestone. Coal producers use limestone as rock dust for explosion abatement in underground coal mines and as a neutralizing agent in surface-mine reclamation and acid-drainage control. Crushed stone is also used for constructing and maintaining haulage roads. In the Eastern Kentucky Coal Field, the coal-bearing rocks of Pennsylvanian age generally do not contain limestones that are thick enough to quarry or mine economically. But...

Mortgage Loans and Financial Security Among Middle-Aged and Older Americans

Qun Zhang
Abstract: Mortgage loan debt is prevalent among middle-aged and older Americans. With higher average outstanding balances, many people are unlikely to pay off their mortgage debt by retirement. Meanwhile, as people age, health shocks are more likely to occur. Medical expenses may compete with mortgage payments and relate to financial insecurity in later years. In order to alleviate financial strain during times of financial hardship, senior homeowners may find reverse mortgage the solution they are...

Where We Belong: Spatial Imagining in American Women's Life Narratives, 1859-1912

Gokce Tekeli
Abstract: Where We Belong: Spatial Imagining in American Women’s Life Narratives, 1859-1912, studies three marginalized and disadvantaged American women’s self-life narratives during a transitional period in American history. In this dissertation, I am taking an interdisciplinary approach. Where We Belong borrows from social geography, new materialism, and autobiography studies in order to complicate critical discussions of women’s space and place in nineteenth-century women’s self-life narratives. Each chapter of Where We Belong presents a case study...

Veterans' Treatment Courts in Kentucky

Monica Himes
Military veterans are disproportionately represented in United States (U.S.) jails and prisons, with nearly 10% of current inmates being veterans. Veterans’ criminal justice involvement is often precipitated by underlying mental health and substance abuse that are connected to their military service. Veterans’ treatment courts are the judicial response to a need for more coordinated provision of mental health and substance abuse services to veterans involved in the criminal justice system. Modeled after drug courts and...

Maternal Relationships, Bullying, and Deviance: A Comparison of Adolescents With and Without Medical Conditions

Kristina M. Hayes
Abstract: The purpose of the current study was to examine and compare the quality of the mother-adolescent relationship, the prevalence of bullying and cyberbullying perpetration and victimization, and the prevalence of externalizing behaviors, as well as the relationship among these constructs, in a clinical and a nonclinical sample of adolescents. It tested a series of hypotheses focused on group differences in the mother-adolescent relationship, peer victimization, and externalizing behaviors (i.e. deviant behaviors and bullying perpetration)...

Limestone and Lime for SO2 and Pollutant Control in the Ohio Valley

James C. Cobb & Garland R. Dever
Abstract: The purpose of this conference is to emphasize the importance of limestone resources for controlling SO2 emissions from coal-fired power plants. We have brought together experts from utilities to describe important factors in limestone performance in scrubbers and from the stone industry to describe important factors in limestone and lime production. Conference speakers include also representatives from research institutes, equipment manufacturers, government agencies, and geological surveys.

Investigation of Subsurface Tar-Sand Deposits in Western Kentucky

David A. Williams, Martin C. Noger & Patrick J. Gooding
Abstract: Tar sands (also referred to as asphaltic sandstones, heavy-oil deposits, or bitumen-impregnated sandstones) in western Kentucky have been recognized as a potential mineral resource for over l 00 years. Past commercial development has been restricted largely to use as paving material. However, because of the ever-expanding demands for energy, these deposits have become the subject of increasing interest as a potential petroleum resource. Previous studies have provided estimates of the potential resources of shallow...

Three Essays on Municipal Structure and Government Fiscal Management Outcomes

Wenchi Wei
This dissertation aims to reclassify municipal structures of the U.S. municipalities and investigates the effect of municipal structures on government fiscal management outcomes, including fiscal conditions and fiscal slack balances. This dissertation is comprised of four chapters. The first chapter briefly introduces, and each of the remaining three is an independent research article. The second chapter investigates seven essential structural characteristics of the U.S. municipalities and constructs a municipal structure political-administrative index. It then examines...

A Quasi-Experimental Study of Middle Level Student Engineering Understanding Pre- and Post-Treatment

Emily Driessen
Abstract: This qualitative quasi-experimental study analyzed middle-level students’ understanding of engineering before and after instruction. Students from four teachers were examined. Before and after instruction, all students completed the Draw an Engineer Test (DAET) and the Views of Nature of Engineering (VNOE) survey. Additionally, sixteen students (eight girls and eight boys) from each group (Treatment and Comparison) were interviewed before and after instruction. Findings revealed that after instruction (1) many students viewed engineers as makers/builders/workers...

Functional Analyses: A Comparison of Isolated and Synthesized Contingencies

Devin N. Graley
Abstract: The purpose of the study was to compare traditional functional analysis procedures (isolated contingencies) to functional analysis procedures which are modified to include nuanced environmental variables (synthesized contingencies) for children in an outpatient setting in order to determine sensitivity to the isolated or synthesized contingencies. A multi-element design embedded into a multi-treatment design was used to evaluate differentiated rates of challenging behavior across the two analyses for three children exhibiting challenging behaviors. The results...

Curricular Optimization

William G. Thompson-Arjona
Considering the significant investment of higher education made by students and their families, graduating in a timely manner is of the utmost importance. Delay attributed to drop out or the retaking of a course adds cost and negatively affects a student’s academic progression. Considering this, it becomes paramount for institutions to focus on student success in relation to term scheduling. Often overlooked, complexity of a course schedule may be one of the most important factors...

High-Carbonate, Low-Silica, High-Calcium Stone in the High Bridge Group (Upper Ordovician), Mason County, North-Central Kentucky

Warren H. Anderson & Lance S. Barron
Abstract: The High Bridge Group (Middle Ordovician) of northeastern Kentucky is a major source of limestone and dolomite for construction, agricultural, and industrial stone. These industries require carbonate rocks of high chemical purity. Chemical analyses of foot-by-foot samples from a Mason County core show that three zones of high-calcium and several thick zones of high-carbonate and low-silica stone are present in the High Bridge at a mineable depth. Mason County is located in northeastern Kentucky,...

The Effects of Natural Resource Dependence and Democracy on the Incremental Budgeting Theory and Punctuated Equilibrium Within a Budgetary Context

Barrak Ghanim Algharabali
Abstract: I contribute to the literature by providing additional factors that could affect the incremental budgeting theory and punctuated equilibrium theory (PET) within a budgetary context. Because of the fluctuation in the price of natural resources, I argue that dependence on natural resources could lead to less stable budgets than ones not dependent on natural resources. I also argue that democracy is another source that leads to stability in the budget, relative to countries that...

Overview of Sand and Gravel Resources of Kentucky

Preston McGrain
Abstract: Sand and gravel represent Kentucky's second-most important source of mineral construction material, being exceeded only by limestone. However, deposits which meet most requirements and specifications for aggregates are not evenly distributed. This report is an overview of the sand and gravel resources of Kentucky, summarizing data gathered from literature search and personal observations. Principal production of sand and gravel in Kentucky is concentrated in the channels and valleys of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers....

Hydrogeology and Ground-Water Monitoring of Coal-Ash Disposal Sites in a Karst Terrane near Burnside, South-Central Kentucky

Shelley Minns Hutcheson, Lyle V. A. Sendlein, James S. Dinger, James C. Currens & Arsin M. Sahba
Abstract: The effects of two coal-ash disposal facilities on ground-water quality at the John Sherman Cooper Power Plant, located in a karst region of south-central Kentucky, were evaluated using dye traces in springs. Springs were used for monitoring rather than wells, because in a karst terrane wells are unlikely to intercept individual conduits. A closed-out ash pond located over a conduit-flow system discharges to three springs in the upper Salem and Warsaw Formations along Lake...

Enhance NMF-Based Recommendation Systems with Auxiliary Information Imputation

Fatemah Alghamedy
This dissertation studies the factors that negatively impact the accuracy of the collaborative filtering recommendation systems based on nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF). The keystone in the recommendation system is the rating that expresses the user's opinion about an item. One of the most significant issues in the recommendation systems is the lack of ratings. This issue is called "cold-start" issue, which appears clearly with New-Users who did not rate any item and New-Items, which did...

The Influence of Access to Informal STEM Learning Experiences on Middle School Students' Self-Efficacy and Interest in STEM

Soledad G. Yao
Abstract: Informal learning experiences have become increasingly effective in enhancing self-efficacy and interest in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).This study investigated the impact of access to informal STEM learning experiences on student self-efficacy and interest in STEM before and after participating in the 2018 See Blue See STEM Summer Experience. Pre-survey results indicated that middle school students who had previous access to informal STEM learning experiences are 3.21 times as likely...

Poéticas Minimalistas de la Ciudad Contemporánea

David Delgado López
Throughout the Spanish poetic production of the 20th century, cities have developed a relevant role as a recurring space at the same time as society urbanized and an exodus took place from agricultural areas to the work centers offered by the cities. Since the second half of the 19th century the city has been the meeting place for people from different backgrounds where the poet found, from his exclusive point of view, a new universe...

The Role of Angular Momentum in the Interplay Between Disk Galaxies and Their Host Dark Matter Halos

Angela Collier
A majority of disk galaxies host stellar bars that regulate and amplify the flow of angular momentum, J, between disks and their parent dark matter (DM) halos. These bars constitute the prime factor driving internal galaxy evolution. Yet, a non-negligible fraction of disks lack this morphological feature, which led to adoption of the Hubble Fork Diagram. The complex evolution of barred galaxies has been studied by means of numerical simulations, complemented by observations. Despite prolonged...

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