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Resilience and Adaptation in a World System Periphery

Gavin Davies
The Lake Atitlan Basin of highland Guatemala boasted fertile soils and was rich in natural resources, making it an attractive area for permanent settlement. However, the region lacked a number of important items, such as salt, cotton, and obsidian, all of which had to be obtained through trade. Good agricultural land was also scarce in certain parts of the lake and the steep hillslopes were easily eroded, making it necessary for communities to maintain access...

Curricular Optimization

William G. Thompson-Arjona
Considering the significant investment of higher education made by students and their families, graduating in a timely manner is of the utmost importance. Delay attributed to drop out or the retaking of a course adds cost and negatively affects a student’s academic progression. Considering this, it becomes paramount for institutions to focus on student success in relation to term scheduling. Often overlooked, complexity of a course schedule may be one of the most important factors...

Mortgage Loans and Financial Security Among Middle-Aged and Older Americans

Qun Zhang
Abstract: Mortgage loan debt is prevalent among middle-aged and older Americans. With higher average outstanding balances, many people are unlikely to pay off their mortgage debt by retirement. Meanwhile, as people age, health shocks are more likely to occur. Medical expenses may compete with mortgage payments and relate to financial insecurity in later years. In order to alleviate financial strain during times of financial hardship, senior homeowners may find reverse mortgage the solution they are...

Low-Silica and High-Calcium Stone in the Newman Limestone (Mississippian) on Pine Mountain, Harlan County, Southeastern Kentucky

Garland R. Dever, Jack R. Moody, Thomas L. Robl & Lance S. Barron
Abstract: The coal industry of Kentucky is an important market for limestone. Coal producers use limestone as rock dust for explosion abatement in underground coal mines and as a neutralizing agent in surface-mine reclamation and acid-drainage control. Crushed stone is also used for constructing and maintaining haulage roads. In the Eastern Kentucky Coal Field, the coal-bearing rocks of Pennsylvanian age generally do not contain limestones that are thick enough to quarry or mine economically. But...

Effectiveness of Prophylactic Lingual Strengthening Exercises for Patients with Head and Neck Cancer a Systematic Review

Cassidy Pickens
Radiation treatment for head and neck cancer has devastating effects on swallowing ability. Prophylactic swallowing exercises are often recommended. However, the evidence for these exercises is equivocal and information regarding critical components of an exercise program is lacking. The purpose of this systematic review was to examine the evidence regarding lingual strengthening exercises as a component of a prophylactic swallowing program.

Ecology, Monogamy, and the Evolution of Animal Families

Jacqueline Dillard
Family-living has been recognized as a necessary prerequisite for the evolution of advanced cooperative societies, yet the evolutionary and ecological processes that drive the coupling of different forms of cooperation in family-based societies are still poorly understood. In my dissertation, I investigate the correlated evolution of parental care, monogamy, and cooperative breeding in a variety of family-based taxa. I explore the mating and social behavior of family-living beetles with incipient cooperation to better understand the...

Where We Belong: Spatial Imagining in American Women's Life Narratives, 1859-1912

Gokce Tekeli
Abstract: Where We Belong: Spatial Imagining in American Women’s Life Narratives, 1859-1912, studies three marginalized and disadvantaged American women’s self-life narratives during a transitional period in American history. In this dissertation, I am taking an interdisciplinary approach. Where We Belong borrows from social geography, new materialism, and autobiography studies in order to complicate critical discussions of women’s space and place in nineteenth-century women’s self-life narratives. Each chapter of Where We Belong presents a case study...

Targeting Food Selectivity in Young Children in a Preschool Classroom Using a Multi-Component Treatment Package

Christina Challed Hesley
Abstract: The purpose of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of using a video model, graduated exposure (i.e., touch, smell, try, eat), and positive reinforcement to first increase food exploration, and then increase consumption of non-preferred foods in young children that exhibit food selectivity in a school setting. A multiple probe design across behaviors replicated across participants was used to evaluate the effectiveness of a treatment package. The treatment package consisted of a video...

Dive Into the Hunger Pool: Exploring Students’ Experiences, Coping Strategies, and Suggestions Related to Elements of Food Security at the University of Kentucky

The Nu Sandar Oo
Abstract: Background: College food insecurity (CFI) is a prevalent social justice and public health issue in the U.S. with the prevalence ranging between 15-59%. Though numerous quantitative studies were first conducted in the past decade, little qualitative research was conducted to assess CFI. Objective: To explore and deeply understand the contexts of CFI at a land-grant university in Kentucky. Methods: This qualitative study used a validated food insecurity survey tool and hour-long focus groups that...

Evaluating Hemp (Cannabis sativa) as a Forage Based on Yield, Nutritive Analysis, and Morphological Composition

Carol Elizabeth Stringer
Abstract: This experiment examined the forage potential of hemp (Cannabis sativa) and kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus). The objectives were to evaluate yield and forage nutritive value (i.e. NDF, ADF, ADL, IVTD, and CP) fluctuations over the course of a growing season based on planting date, morphological composition, and management. Three types of hemp (grain, fiber, and a dual- purpose type) and kenaf were planted on two dates and were sampled approximately every two weeks throughout the...


Lindell Ormsbee
KY 14 is primarily a grid system in Kentucky with the following assets: 3 Tanks, 6 Pumps, 1 Water Treatment Plant, and approximately 287609 feet of pipe. KY 14 provides 1.04 million gallons of water per day to its 2682 customers at a rate which ranges between $4.00 and $6.00 per 1,000 gallons of water. Water loss for KY 14 is estimated at 26% of the water produced.

The Biomechanical Impact of Weight on the Lower Extremity

Amanda Lee Ransom
Abstract: Background: Obesity is a chronic disease characterized by a body mass index (BM1) of ≥ 30 kg/m2 which negatively impacts the musculoskeletal system and has been found to be a major contributing factor to obesity-induced biomechanical alterations during activities of daily living (ADLs). A certain level of mobility is required for all populations to maintain independence and a good quality of life becomes more difficult with excess weight. Using a reduced weight-bearing activity, such...

Stories of Strength: Chicago Latin@s' Navigation of Health, Well-Being, and Chronic Disease

Lilian L. Milanés
Abstract: Health inequalities take many forms related to race, gender, socioeconomic status, ethnic, language and many other axes throughout communities around the world. Type two diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol are examples of conditions (among many others) that disproportionately affect Latino@s in the U.S.. The research of this dissertation is based on fieldwork conducted throughout several predominantly Latin@ neighborhoods in Chicago, IL. This dissertation examines how Latin@s in Chicago navigate health and well-being,...

The Treatment of Korean Traditional Musical Elements in Western Musical Composition: A Brief Analysis of Folksong Revisited for Solo Piano by Jean Ahn

SongHwa Chae
Abstract: Jean Ahn (b. 1976) is one of the active Korean woman composers in the U.S. Ahn’s goal is to introduce her works in the U.S. by composing pieces that combine Korean musical elements with Western compositional techniques. The purpose of this study is to provide an introduction to and analysis of Folksong Revisited for solo piano by Jean Ahn. This work demonstrates how Jean Ahn integrates Korean traditional musical elements and Western musical compositional...

Geology and Structure of the Rough Creek Area, Western Kentucky

& Howard R. Schwalb
Abstract: The Rough Creek area is a rectangular area about 113 mi east to west and 35 mi north to south encompassing about 3,900 mi2 in west-central and western Kentucky. The Ohio River delineates most of the western border with Illinois and locally also part of the northern border with Indiana. The northeast corner of the area is about 27 mi southwest of Louisville. The principal cities are Owensboro and Henderson. The Precambrian basement has...

Evaluation of Geologic CO2 Sequestration Potential and CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery in Kentucky

Thomas M. Parris, Stephen F. Greb & Brandon C. Nuttall
Abstract: Kentucky gets approximately 95 percent of its electricity from coal-fired power plants, which produce significant amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2). In 2005, Kentucky coal-fired plants vented 102.8 million short tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. The economic vitality of the state will be affected by its ability to develop and apply a portfolio of technologies that will mitigate input of CO2 into the atmosphere. One technology that has the potential to assist in this...

Alcohol-Induced Impairment of Simulated Driving Performance and Behavioral Impulsivity in DUI Offenders

Nicholas A. Van Dyke
Abstract: Licensed drivers arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol have increased rates of vehicle crashes, moving violations, traffic tickets, and contribute to an estimated 120 million occurrences of impaired driving per year (Evans, 2004; Jewett et al., 2015). Survey research on DUI offenders indicates traits of impulsivity (e.g., sensation seeking). Together, these pieces of evidence suggest that DUI offenders display patterns of impulsive action and risk-taking while driving. However, to-date DUI offenders...

Investigation of Subsurface Tar-Sand Deposits in Western Kentucky

David A. Williams, Martin C. Noger & Patrick J. Gooding
Abstract: Tar sands (also referred to as asphaltic sandstones, heavy-oil deposits, or bitumen-impregnated sandstones) in western Kentucky have been recognized as a potential mineral resource for over l 00 years. Past commercial development has been restricted largely to use as paving material. However, because of the ever-expanding demands for energy, these deposits have become the subject of increasing interest as a potential petroleum resource. Previous studies have provided estimates of the potential resources of shallow...

Hydrogeology and Ground-Water Monitoring of Coal-Ash Disposal Sites in a Karst Terrane near Burnside, South-Central Kentucky

Shelley Minns Hutcheson, Lyle V. A. Sendlein, James S. Dinger, James C. Currens & Arsin M. Sahba
Abstract: The effects of two coal-ash disposal facilities on ground-water quality at the John Sherman Cooper Power Plant, located in a karst region of south-central Kentucky, were evaluated using dye traces in springs. Springs were used for monitoring rather than wells, because in a karst terrane wells are unlikely to intercept individual conduits. A closed-out ash pond located over a conduit-flow system discharges to three springs in the upper Salem and Warsaw Formations along Lake...

Mutations of FUS Cause Aggregation of RNA Binding Proteins, Disruptions in Protein Synthesis, and Dysregulation of Nonsense Mediated Decay

Marisa Kamelgarn
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a fatal neurodegenerative disease characterized by motor neuron death and subsequent muscle atrophy. Approximately 15% of ALS cases are inheritable, and mutations in the Fused in Sarcoma (FUS) gene contribute to approximately 5% of these cases, as well as about 2% of sporadic cases. FUS performs a diverse set of cellular functions, including being a major regulator of RNA metabolism. FUS undergoes liquid- liquid phase transition in vitro, allowing for...

Does Childhood Psychological Abuse Strengthen or Weaken MSW Social Workers and Allied Professionals' Compassion Fatigue and Compassion Satisfaction?

Andy S. C. Reynolds
The purpose of this study is to investigate the factors of social worker and allied professional’s professional quality of life, particularly the impact of the professional’s childhood psychological abuse on compassion fatigue and compassion satisfaction scores. Variables such as perceived resilience, social support, childhood psychological abuse, evidence-based practice training, years of experience, percentage of clients with trauma narratives, and case-load number are explored both conceptually and as risk or protective factors to social worker and...

Stratigraphic and Structural Framework of the Carboniferous Rocks of the Central Appalachian Basin in Kentucky

Donald R. Chesnut
Abstract: A series of seven cross sections across the Central Appalachian Basin in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio was constructed in order to determine a stratigraphic and structural framework of the Carboniferous rocks for the basin. Oil and gas well logs, coal-company core descriptions, measured sections, and mapping of surface geology were used to construct these sections. New surface and subsurface faults, folds, and flexures were identified. New, formal and informal lithostratigraphic nomenclature...

Economic Analysis of Flood Detention Storage by Digital Computer

James Ray Villines & L. Douglas James
Abstract: The objective of this study was to develop a digital computer procedure for preliminary analysis of the economic justification of reservoir detention storage for flood control and to present a sample study illustrating its application. A computer program called the University of Kentucky Flood Control Planning Program III was developed and tested on the flood plain of the South Fork of the Licking River in northeastern Kentucky. Given a specified reservoir site and a...

Metabolic Capabilities of Sulfur Oxidizing Bacteria and Their Role in Water Pollution

M. I. H. Aleem
Abstract: This report describes investigations into the physiology of microorganisms that are commonly involved in the oxidation of inorganic sulfur compounds. The metabolic activities of these bacteria play a potent role in several fields of economic importance such as strip mining operations, water pollution, corrosion, metallurgy, petroleum technology and soil fertility processes. The oxidation of inorganic sulfur compounds was studied in the chemolithotrophs Thiobacillus denitrificans, Thiobacillus A2, Thiobacillus neapolitanus, and a photolithotroph Rhodopseudomonas palustris. Cell...

Powers of the State of Kentucky in Implementing an Effluent Tax as a Part of an Interstate Ohio River Basin Water Pollution Control Program

Anita L. Morse & Edward Zeigler
Abstract: This report is intended to set forth some of the problems and solutions involved in financing and regulating water quality control. The purpose is to record some of the major problems confronting those who legislate water quality, those who espouse technological answers, and those who see the problem in terms of economic solutions. The limits placed by political and institutional constraints on solutions to these problems are frequently not understandable. Within this report are...

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