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Report No. 1 on Vibratory Compaction of Macadam Base

Ellis G. Williams

Before-and-After Analysis of Safety Improvements on I 75 in Northern Kentucky

Jerry G. Pigman & Don L. Cornette
In an attempt to evaluate the effectiveness of various safety improvements on approximately five miles of I 75 in northern Kentucky, a before-and-after analysis of accidents was conducted. Safety improvements were: 1) a variable message signing system in the northbound direction; 2) a New Jersey-type median barrier wall; and 3) general improvements such as guardrail end treatments, break-away sign installations, contour grading, etc. Results indicate the safety improvements were effective in reducing the overall accident...

Experimental Overlay of Glazon over Two Bridge Decks

Assaf S. Rahal & A. B. Blankenship
In accordance with a Personal Service Agreement entered into with the Glazon Industries, Inc., on July 2, 1971, the two subject decks were patched and overlayed with Glazon. On July 27, 1971, work started on RP 106-286-HG3, KY 395 bridge over I 64 in Shelby County. Work consisted of routing old concrete and sandblasting the surface (Figures 1 and 2). State personnel and equipment were used for all cleaning operations. The same procedures were followed...

High-Intensity Reflective Materials for Signs

Rolands L. Rizenbergs
The intuitive need for improved sign legibility has increased through the years as traffic volumes, speeds and roadway designs have advanced. Because of increased traffic volumes, low-beam headlight illumination at night has become more imperative. Signs are being located farther from the travelled lanes; higher speeds are requiring messages to be more legible at greater distances (for driver decision and response). Recent studies have indicated that even Engineering Grade (2200 and 3200 Series) Scotchlite or...

High-Intensity Reflective Materials for Signs

Rolands L. Rizenbergs
Field observations and laboratory tests and evaluations were conducted on High-Intensity and Engineering grade materials (Scotchlite), manufactured by the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, and were compared in regard to reflectivity, durability, and cost. The High-Intensity type materials were found to have outstanding performance characteristics in comparison to Engineering Grade materials. The material significantly enhances sign legibility under low-beam illumination, and accelerated weathering tests showed superior durability.

Slope Stability Analysis:

Steve M. Yoder & Tommy C. Hopkins
A computer program based on Bishop's simplified method of slices (1954) and capable of analyzing the slope stability of a multilayered soil mass is described. The computer program was specifically developed for analyzing the slope stability of highway bridge approach embankments; however, it can be applied to a broad spectrum of practical slope configurations and bearing capacity problems. Details of the use, applications, and accuracy of the program are presented. Important features of the computer...

Investigation of Use of Preformed, Compressed Neoprene Seals in Joints of Concrete Bridge Decks

Dennis L. Willaman
Progressive deterioration and staining of concrete bridge substructures and erosion of abutments may, in many instances, be attributed to the leakage of bridge deck joints. The primary difficulty in maintaining a properly sealed joint is the continual expansion and contraction of the bridge spans. Joint seals, of course, must remain in contact with both faces of the disjointed sections and remain flexible at all temperatures encountered. A study was initiated by the Division of Research...

Highway Construction in Windblown Silts of Western Kentucky

Robert C. Deen
It has been shown that engineering experience and performance histories of earthwork structures and foundations in distinctive physiographic regions provide valuable insights applicable to the planning and construction of future projects. Geologic information further categorizes earth materials on the basis of parent material and geologic processes which modify the rock and soil masses. A knowledge of the resulting topographic expression or landforms and reference to geologic and soils information contained in surveys, reports, and maps...

The Effect of Victim Religion on Juror Perceptions of Hate Crimes

Casey Magyarics
The present study investigated mock juror perceptions of hate crimes in the courtroom, specifically whether a victim’s religion (Atheist, Christian, Jewish, or Muslim) influenced the likelihood that a mock juror would render a hate crime verdict. I employed a mock juror methodology where participants read an assault trial summary, rendered a verdict, and answered a series of rating questions about the victim and defendant. Two theoretical explanations were proposed to explain the main effect of...


Conrad M. Gabler
Objective: The primary aim of this research was to examine the temporal pattern of neuromuscular quadriceps deficits in both the involved and uninvolved limbs of patients assigned to the control group after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLr), by assessing quadriceps strength, voluntary activation, and corticomotor excitability prior to surgery (baseline), three months after ACLr, and six months after ACLr. A secondary aim of this research was to determine whether quadriceps strength, voluntary activation, and/or corticomotor...

Educational Experiences of Foster Children and Communication Patterns of Key Stakeholders

Teresa Hardin
This research explored the perspective of foster parents on the educational experiences of foster children and experiences of communication patterns with other key stakeholders (social workers, and teachers). Factors focused on were educational experience of foster children, communication patterns, the impact of communication patterns on the educational experience, and barriers to effective communication. Five individuals who were, at the time of the study, foster parents to at least one child were interviewed. Participants openly shared...


Brandon H. French
Technology has advanced greatly over the past few decades and the surge in the industry has impacted the workplace. As a result, K-12 education has worked to integrate 21st century skills into curriculum. Many times this is through STEM classes. This study examined the impact technology had on gifted and talented students’ achievement and creative construction. During a unit on Transformations, a control group received traditional instruction, while an experimental group received traditional instruction with...

Blancura Situacional e Imperio Español en su Historia, Cine y Literatura (s.XIX-XX)

Jose Maria Perez Sanchez
This dissertation studies identity formation and race informed by the discipline Whiteness Studies. As such this dissertation conceptualizes Spanish Whiteness historically and analyzes its representation in Spanish narrative in prose and film. This research responds to two questions: 1) How has Spanish culture historically instrumentalized Blackness thus contributing to the creation of the Western’s conceptualization of Whiteness? 2) What does Spanish representation of Empire say about its Whiteness? In an effort to answer these questions,...

The Role of Sox4 in Regulating Choroid Fissure Closure and Retinal Neurogenesis

Wen Wen
The development of the vertebrate eye is tightly controlled by precise genetic regulations. From a single ocular primordium to bilateral eyes with complex structures and cell types, it requires intensive proliferation and migration for cells in both the ectoderm and mesoderm to accomplish ocular morphogenesis, and during this process cell differentiation and interaction takes place to establish the complex composition of ocular cell types and cellular connections. Genetic defects can lead to severe abnormalities in...

A Culture of Rape

Lisa M. Schroot
This project examines rape culture in American literature and society, exploring factors of rape culture through the narratives of literary protagonists and current women alike. Each chapter is grounded in a work of literature, which serves as a lens through which to analyze a factor of rape culture, and is then broadened in scope to incorporate recent court cases that have had significant sociocultural impacts. The introduction includes a critical review of rape in feminist...


Savanna Sokolnicki
The great novelist and poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832) arguably made his most significant contribution to the artistic world with his literary masterpiece Faust I. Goethe’s love of music and melody is evident throughout all of Faust, particularly in the expressive poetry of the character of Gretchen, whose meaningful words gave inspiration to a variety of musical manifestations, especially in German Lied. This document serves as a performance guide for vocalists. It...

An Exploration of Teacher Retention in Rural School Districts in Eastern Kentucky

Jeremy Watts
Teacher retention rates are staggeringly low across the United States. Nearly 20% of public school teachers leave their position from one year to the next, a majority of schools have a turnover rate of 50% every three years, and over 50% of teachers leave the education field within the first five years of employment. This retention problem impacts all type of public school systems—urban, suburban, and rural school districts. This study examined teacher retention in...


Xiaojin Wang
This dissertation focuses on topics in areas of agricultural and food policy, international trade, agricultural markets and marketing. The dissertation is structured as three papers. The first paper, Chapter 1, evaluates the impact of agricultural trade policies. Imported shrimp, which comprises nearly ninety percent of all United States shrimp consumption, have become the subject of antidumping and countervailing duty investigations in the past decade. I estimate the import demand for shrimp in the United States...


Khayrullo Shoniyozov
Tagged photons from 81 to 116 MeV were used to measure elastic Compton scat- tering cross sections from deuterium and carbon targets at the MAX-lab facility in Lund. Scattered gamma rays were detected in three very large NaI(Tl) crystals with sufficient energy resolution to isolate deuterium elastic yields at scattering angles of 60°, 90°, 120° and 150°. Calculations indicate that back-angle Compton scattering on deuterium in this energy range is sensitive to the electric and...


Tatijana Fisher
There is a growing market for specialty poultry production using alternative genotypes and management systems. However, producers interested in specialty poultry production face several challenges. One challenge is that little published data exists regarding the growth and production parameters for alternative genotypes like slow-growing meat strains and heritage breeds. To address this challenge, research at the University of Kentucky examined the effect of feed strategies, alternative feedstuffs, and dietary enzymes on the growth and performance...

Variable Consequences of Toxic Prey on Generalist Insect Predators

Kelly Jackson
Introduced species, like the lady beetle Harmonia axyridis, have been linked to declines of native species through mechanisms including intraguild predation and competitive superiority. However, competitive differentials between species may be mitigated if subdominant species can utilize resources that dominant species cannot. Previous research has shown that some strains of the aphid Aphis craccivora are toxic to H. axyridis. My goal was to investigate use of this resource by both H. axyridis and other lady...

Composting Swine Manure from High Rise Finishing Facilities

Edwin L. Ritchey & Kim Cook
Swine production has restructured considerably in recent years with increased production on fewer farms (Key et al., 2011). Most swine production facilities manage manure in liquid form either in deep pits underneath production facilities or in lagoons adjacent to the production facilities (Key et al., 2011). This management uses water to rinse manure from the facilities, which dilutes the nutrient concentration and value of the manure. The liquid forms are applied to land through irrigation...


Bethany M. Hudak
Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is a powerful tool for studying solidstate crystalline systems. With the advances in aberration correction, monochromation, and in situ capabilities, these microscopes are now more useful for addressing fundamental materials chemistry problems than ever before. This dissertation will illustrate the ways in which I have been using high-resolution imaging and in situ heating in the TEM during my Ph.D. research to investigate unique solid state chemistry questions. This dissertation will focus...

The Impact of Receiver Sex on Feedback Message Choice by Supervisors and the Influence on Employees' Attitudes and Behaviors

Amanda Ruth Slone
The present study investigated the influence of receiver sex on supervisor’s feedback message choice, and the influence of the interaction between receiver sex and feedback message type on employees’ subsequent behaviors and attitudes. Participants (N = 45) included a representative sample from a reputable organization in the southeastern United States. Both quantitative and qualitative data were collected using a survey methodology. This mixed-methods approach revealed that while participants in this study rated the overall atmosphere...

Using Electronic Health Record Data to Improve Community Health Assessment

Brian E. Dixon, Jian Frank Zou, Karen F. Comer, Marc Rosenman, Jennifer L. Craig & P. Gibson
Background: Community health assessments assist health departments in identifying health needs as well as disparities, and they enable linking of needs with available interventions. Electronic health record (EHR) systems possess growing volumes of clinical and administrative data, making them a valuable source of data for ongoing community health assessment. Purpose: To produce population health indicators using data from EHR systems that could be combined and visually displayed alongside social determinants data, and to provide data...

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