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Performance Practice of Brass Band Music of the American Civil War

Joel M. Crawford
This project examines source materials, methods, and instruments required for creating an informed period performance of military brass band music from the American Civil War. The rapid development of brass bands in America combined with the volatility of the war meant that much of the development of these styles were not formally documented. To compound this problem an instrumentalist trained on modern instruments who plays on an instrument from the period will produce a sound...

Reflectorizing Surfaces for Signs and Markers

L. E. Gregg
The attached copy of a proposed special specification for reflectorizing surfaces for signs and markers is submitted with the recommendation that this be considered by the specification committee, and furthermore that it be considered tentative. The specification was drawn up at the request of the Division of Maintenance in order that they would have some basis for differentiating materials offered by different vendors when invitations for bids are taken. I am sure that Mr. Palmer...

A Laboratory Investigation of Mineralogical, Chemical and Physical Properties of Limestone Aggregates

James L. Young, James H. Havens & L. E. Gregg
The project described in this report represents one phase of comprehensive research with all types of aggregates for highway paving mixtures in Kentucky. It was designed to show the fundamental properties of limestones which determine their suitability for this type of use -- particularly their so-called durability. For this reason, emphasis was placed on analysis of the intrinsic properties of the aggregates themselves rather than analysis of procedures or test methods, such as freezing and...

A Study of the Relationship between Sub-grade California Bearing Ratios and Pumping of Rigid Pavements

Robert F. Baker
The purpose of this investigation was to determine the relationship between the pumping of rigid pavements and the modified California Bearing Ratio of the subgrade soil, beneath the pavement. The ultimate objective is a design criteria for eliminating or minimizing in the most economical way, pumping of rigid pavements in Kentucky.

Pulmonary Congestion (White Lungs) on VA ECMO

Maya Guglin, Andrew Burchett, Thomas Tribble & Richard Charnigo
Veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation therapy (VA ECMO) is used for short-term circulatory support in the setting of cardiogenic shock or cardiac arrest. While VA-ECMO improves hemodynamics and gas exchange, it may result in left ventricular distention and pulmonary congestion. Methods The records of all patients supported with VA ECMO for at least three consecutive days at our institution from 2012-2014 were retrospectively analyzed. All chest radiographs taken during VA ECMO support were graded on a...

Locating and Tracing Seepage Water in Unstable Slopes

Yasin A. Alkhoja & Gordon D. Scott
With the increase in modern highway construction, the occurrence of landslides has been growing proportionally due to the use of deeper cuts and higher fills. It has been observed that landslides on highways often occur in fills on hillsides. Accumulation of water in the embankment, usually seeping from a nearby hill, may reduce the shear strength of the embankment soil and result in failure at a later time. Many landslides on Kentucky highways have occurred...

Relationship Between Soil Support Value and Kentucky CBR

Tommy C. Hopkins
Three slightly different correlations between Kentucky CBR's and the AASHO Road Test soil support values were developed. The first relationship was made by assuming a logarithmic scale between Kentucky CBR's of 5.2 and 100, which corresponded to values on the soil support scale of 3 and 10, respectively. The Kentucky CBR of 5.2 was determined by performing tests on the AASHO road subgrade soils. For practical purposes, the AASHO Road Test crushed stone base material...

Legal Aspects and Guidelines Pertaining to Drainage of Surface Waters

D. W. McLellan & Victor Fox
A previous study ("Research Relating to State Highway Laws", reported January 1967) afforded us an opportunity to review a vast array of literature and statutory law pertaining to enabling legislation and administrative authority to construct and maintain highways. It was surprising to find that the statutes are void of guidance on certain subjects: there are great "bodies" of unwritten or non-statutory laws which are referred to as "common law" and "civil law", which are deeply...

Report No. 2 on a Concrete Pavement without Transverse Joints

William B. Drake
This is a report of observations and operations pertaining to a concrete pavement without the usual transverse joints constructed during the summer of 1949. The project which is on U.S. 31-W is designated as Simpson County, FI-239, and runs from Station 9+11 at the Tennessee State Line to Station 311+40 at the city limits of Franklin (See Fig. 1 for layout). It consists of a 22-foot concrete pavement underlain by 1-1/2-inches of compacted crushed limestone...

Engineering Geognosy of Boyd County

Tommy C. Hopkins & Jerry G. Pigman
Engineering soils and geologic maps are proving to be invaluable tools of engineers, industrial leaders, community planners, and administrators during tbe preliminary stages of planning and site selection for major construction projects and the development of plans to use nature's basic resource--the land. Quantitative engineering data for soils and geological formations, and the interpretation of tbese data, are important factors to consider in the best land-use plans and in providing stable foundations and proper usage...

Lateral Distribution of Traffic on a Four-Lane and Six-Lane Section of I 75 South of Covington

Robert L. Lynch & Gary N. Hamby
With the increased construction of multilane highway facilities in the past few years, the need for establishing corresponding design and traffic operational criteria for these highways has resulted. This is especially true for rural, multilane facilities, since few of these highways are not, as yet, operating at a critical level of traffic service. One area of traffic operational characteristics that has received very little attention in the past concerns the distribution of vehicles by lane...

Identification of Shales

Tommy C. Hopkins & Robert C. Deen
Engineering tests were performed on 40 different types of shales. Both hard and soft shales, as well as shales having histories of embankment failures and shales having little known involvements, were tested. The suitability of ten different slake-durability test procedures were evaluated as a means of broadly characterizing the engineering performance of Kentucky shales. Two procedures devised during the study appeared to better characterize slake-durability properties than procedures previously proposed. Natural water contents and jar...

Interim Performance Report Experimental Use of Thermoplastic Pavement-Striping Materials

John W. Scott
The purposes and objectives of this study are: 1) to evaluate the application and performance characteristics of hot-melt plastic, pavement-striping materials which are presently prominent and known commercially as "Catatherm" and "Perma-Line"; 2) to compare the performance of these materials with the performance of painted stripes applied and renewed according to the current practices of the Kentucky Department of Highways; and 3) to evaluate the economics of these striping materials in terms of cost per...

Evaluation of the Traffic Noise Prediction Procedure

Kenneth R. Agent & Charles V. Zegeer
Approximately 270 noise-level recordings were obtained at 39 highway sites and compared with the noise-level predictions obtained by the procedure outlined in NCHRP Report 117. The measured noise levels were computed in terms of the A-weighted L10 value (level exceeded 10 percent of time) and then compared to the predicted noise levels. A significant discrepancy was found between predicted and measured noise levels; generally, the predicted values exceeded the measured values. Average error per location...

Proposed Special Specification for Manufactured (Crushed) Limestone, Fine Aggregate for Use in Portland Cement Concrete

James H. Havens

Comparative Evaluation of RAYGO 404 Vibratory Roller

Jerry D. Ross, Herbert F. Southgate & Donald C. Newberry
Roller evaluations are rather phenomenological -- that is, one must rely somewhat on observations. Density measurements following each excursion of the compactor may not relate directly to the work done in compressing the layer. When no increase in density is realized, no work is accomplished. Work is defined here in the classical sense. Energy expended without producing an increase in density is wasted. Thereafter, the only way additional classical work can be done on the...


Lauren N. Wood
The effect of post-weaning supplementation of April-born Polypay and White Dorper lambs grazing alfalfa/orchardgrass pasture during two grazing seasons from June to September was studied. One hundred seventy Polypay and 133 White Dorper lambs were randomly allotted to supplemented (2% BW daily) and unsupplemented groups. It was discovered that Polypay lambs weighed more than White Dorpers at wearning, when the grazing season began, and at the end of the 80 (Year 1) and 85 (Year...

Problem Identification for Highway Safety Plan

Jerry G. Pigman, Kenneth R. Agent & Joseph D. Crabtree
To comply with Section 402, Title 23 of the United States Code, each state is required to prepare an annual highway safety program. Kentucky's program, which includes identification, programming, budgeting, and evaluation of highway safety projects, is intended to have a positive impact on the reduction of traffic accidents. The first step in the program, problem identification, requires systematic, statistical analyses of accident records. In-depth analyses of accident data were performed, and 29 problem areas...

Interstate Safety Improvement Program

Jerry G. Pigman, Kenneth R. Agent & Charles V. Zegeer
The purpose of this paper was to prepare prioritized rankings of recommended improvements which could implemented for the Interstate Safety Improvement Program in Kentucky. Considerable detail is presented which documents analysis procedures used to determine sites, sections, and elements of the roadway in need of improvement. The average number of accidents per interchange, bridge, 1.6-km (1.0-mile) section, and 0.48-km (0.3-mile) spots were summarized for large urban, medium urban, and rural sections of the interstate system....

Analysis of Weekday, Weekend, and Holiday Accident Frequencies

Jerry G. Pigman, Rolands L. Rizenbergs & Donald R. Herd
Trends in recent years have indicated that a significant percentage of weekend traffic is recreational and that the proportion of weekend trips is increasing. The "energy crisis" in late 1973, and the associated reduction in speed limit on March 1, 1974, affected weekend travel. A previous study by the Division of Research revealed that significant reductions in the number and rates of highway accidents, fatalities, and injuries coincided with the period of time generally referred...

A Study of the Use of a Local Fly Ash in Concrete Mixes

Frank D. Whitney
The widespread use of powdered coal in industrial furnaces has, since its introduction in the 1930's, produced considerable increases in efficiency for many industrial processes. In its wake, however, it has brought its own unique problems, and chief among these has been the problem of collecting and disposing of the residue which results from the combustion of the powdered or ground coal. This residue, known commonly as fly ash, is a nuisance if it is...

Ten Rural Highway Base Stabilization Projects

James H. Havens & William B. Drake
During the last week o£ September, 1956, the Division of Rural Highways requested assistance from the Research Division in conducting a series of ten experimental base stabilization projects which were to be geared more-or-less to a practical rural roads development program in which existing soils and local granular materials might be most advantageously treated and stabilized to provide fairly low cost base courses and surfaces, adequate for light rural traffic. The idea of actually constructing...


Brian Grabbatin
Heirs’ property is land that is collectively inherited by family members when an ancestor dies without a will. The complexity and ambiguity of rights among family members makes these parcels legally vulnerable to dispossession. This form of land tenure is found across the United States, but is particularly prevalent in southern African American communities, where educational inequities and distrust of law led to a reliance on extralegal practices of inheritance. This dissertation investigates the dispossession...


Farah El Najjar
Human metapneumovirus (HMPV) is a leading cause of respiratory tract infections worldwide across all age groups, and is particularly devastating in the pediatric, elderly and immunocompromised populations. Despite its high prevalence and burden on human health, there are currently no treatments or vaccines against HMPV infections. HMPV is an enveloped virus that belongs to the paramyxovirus family. Paramyxoviruses in general form by assembly of virus components at the plasma membrane followed by budding and release...

Slurry Seal Maintenance and Test Applications of 1962

Robert L. Florence

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