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Pavement Design Guide: A Short Course

The purpose of this short course is to provide information to the registered engineer (with no previous background in pavement design or pavement technology) on the structural design of pavements. Included in this course is a summary of background information on the materials used in pavement construction and on the history and evolution of pavement design. Included with this course is an updated Design Guide or catalog to be used for designing new pavements in...

Economic Impact of Heavy Loads On the Highway Infrastructure

Brad W. Rister, R. Clark Graves & David L. Allen
During the 1986 General Assembly the Extended-Weight Coal Haul Road System was created by the Kentucky State Legislature. This system was defined to include those highways where more than 50,000 tons of coal had been hauled during the previous year. Trucks hauling coal on the extended-weight system were authorized to exceed the normal weights limits through the payment of an annual decal fee. In efforts to identify the benefactors of the extended coal haul system...


Emily C. Sartini
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of explicit instruction combined with video prompting to teach text comprehension skills to students with autism spectrum disorder. Participants included 4 elementary school students with autism. A multiple probe across participants design was used to evaluate the intervention’s effectiveness. Results indicated that the intervention was successful for all participants. All participants mastered the comprehension skills; however, data were highly variable during the acquisition phase. Implications...

Evaluation of Durable Crosswalk and Stopbar Marking Materials

Kenneth R. Agent & Jerry G. Pigman
The objective of this study is to find the most cost-effective durable marking material to provide long-lasting stop bars and crossbars. Three materials were tested: 1) 3M Stamark tape, 2) Prismo preformed tape, and 3) extruded thermoplastic. The evaluation concerned the durability, reflectivity, and appearance of the materials. Test installations have been in place for about 18 months, and this interim report summarizes findings for that period. The evaluation will continue for another 18 months,...

Performance Evaluation of Experimental Paint-Stripe Beads

Kenneth R. Agent & Jerry G. Pigman
Eight experimental bead types in addition to Kentucky's currently used bead were applied with standard striping equipment at a field test location. Reflectivity measurements using a portable retroreflectometer were conducted, along with visual observations, to rate each bead type. The objective was to determine whether any of the experimental beads was superior to the currently used bead, and if so, would they be economically feasible for widespread use. The differences in bead types involved gradation,...

Specially Constructed Bridges:

Theodore Hopwood, James H. Havens & Gary W. Sharpe
The field performance of bridge features including masonry coatings, galvanized steel, weathering steel, conventional deck reinforcing steel, and epoxy-coated reinforcing steel were examined either visually or nondestructively on various pre-selected bridges throughout Kentucky. Additionally, a nationwide survey of state highway authorities was conducted on the application and service performance of stay-in-place forms. All of the bridge features inspected appeared to be performing satisfactorily, except for the masonry coating failure on the I-471 twin bridges over...

Survey of Effectiveness of Transportation Services

Jerry G. Pigman & Kenneth R. Agent
The objective of this study was to measure the effectiveness of transportation services by means of a public opinion survey. Results from the mail survey were intended to provide administrators with quantitative measures so that emphasis would be based on the public's perception of specific programs. Questionnaires were mailed to a random sample of 800 licensed drivers in each of Kentucky's 12 highway districts for a total of 9,600 statewide. The total response rate was...

Analysis of Accidents Involving Breakaway-Cable-Terminal End Treatments

Jerry G. Pigman, Kenneth R. Agent & Tom Creasey
This report included an analysis of 50 accidents involving breakaway-cable-terminal (BCT) end treatments and 19 accidents involving median-breakaway-cable-terminal (BMCT) end treatments. The primary data base consisted of Kentucky accident records for the years 1980-82; with selected accidents included before 1980 and after 1982. An attempt was made to document each accident with a police report, photographs, and a maintenance repair form. Results showed that the breakaway-cable-terminal end treatment performed properly in most accidents (72 percent);...


Miao Li
International students face a variety of challenges in their acculturation process. The acculturation process is a highly variable process that is influenced by the mediating and moderating effects of individual factors that exist prior to, or arise during, acculturation (Berry, 1997). Among the moderating personal factors existing prior to acculturation, adult attachment has received heightened attention as an important variable impacting the acculturation process and adaptation outcomes. Wang and Mallinckrodt (2006a) suggested that successful adaptation...

Some Chemical, Physical and Mineralogical Features of Soil Colloids

James H. Havens, James L. Young & William B. Drake
The -1 micron portion of several diversified soils were separated by sedimentary fractionation. Physical properties were evaluated on the -1 micron portion, the +1 micron portion, and on the original -40 sample. The -1 micron portion was analyzed for clay mineral identity by X-ray diffraction, and analyzed chemically for associated materials such as the oxides of Iron, Aluminum, Calcium, and lv!agneeium. These data present several possibilities and trends as to the inter-dependency of the involved...


Sutapa Roy
Strawberries are a rich source of polyphenols which contribute to berry color and plant disease resistance, and have been shown to lower the risk of many chronic when consumed. While a considerable body of work exists on the polyphenolic composition of commercial strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.), less information is available concerning polyphenols in Fragaria vesca, or Alpine strawberry, considered a model system for the Rosaceae family of crop species. The study of natural and...

Cold-Applied Mastic-Type Crack and Joint Filler Compound

L. E. Gregg
For the past year the Research Laboratory has been investigating joint filling compounds for concrete pavements with the object of determining whether extenders of one type or another placed in the hot-poured rubber-asphalt filler could reduce the cost without reducing the efficiency of these materials. Also included in the investigation was a search for new or different materials that might serve the same purpose but have properties that would make them more desirable or less...

Bond Characteristics of Commercial and Prepared Reinforcing Bars

S. T. Collier
Early in 1945 a request was made by the Bridge Division of the Kentucky Department of Highways that bond characteristics of certain reinforcing bars be analyzed by the Department's Materials Research Laboratory. Nothing extensive was contemplated, it being the intent of the Bridge Division to determine whether reinforcing steel commonly used on bridge projects at the time should develop bond stresses reasonably close to those that could be developed by the specially prepared bars; and...

A Study of the Effect of Blended Coarse Aggregate on Air Entrained Concrete

S. T. Collier & L. E. Gregg
This research with combined coarse aggregates in cement concrete was initiated at the request of the Director of Design as a direct result of the condition study made by the Division of Design in 1945. In the report on this study it was shown that on the basis of averages pertaining to 80 projects with crashed limestone totalling about 395 miles in length, and 70 projects with Ohio River Gravel totalling approximately 410 miles in...

Use of Economic Analyses and Dynamic Programming in the Selection of Projects for Resurfacing

Charles V. Zegeer, Kenneth R. Agent & Rolands L. Rizenbergs
The objective of this paper was to develop a dynamic programming procedure using economic analyses to assist in optimizing expenditures in pavement resurfacing programs. Benefit relationships were determined from expected accident reduction, improved comfort, time saving, fuel savings, and maintenance savings. The only cost input to the program was the resurfacing cost of each project. Dynamic programming was adapted to the selection of projects for resurfacing in Kentucky. Over $8.4 million of additional user benefits...

A Modified Class I Surface Mixture

Robert L. Florence
Since the summer of 1954, it has been the practice of the Department to require only natural. sand or slag as the fine aggregate in high-type (Class I, Type B) bituminous surface mixtures. This, of course, was done in order to build skid resistance into the mixture, i.e. by use of polish-resistant fine aggregate. At first, this was specified by means of plan notes; and, during 1957, an Amendment was made to the Standard Specifications....

Laboratory Test Results on Natural Sand Produced by the Kapco Construction Company in Logan County

Ronald D. Hughes
On September 19, 1962, a sample of sand produced by the Kapco Construction Company was received by the Research Division. This material was sampled at the quarry in Logan County and forwarded to the Research Division by personnel from District No. 3 of the Bowling Green Office. The sample was submitted for laboratory evaluation in regard to possible use of the material as fine aggregate in Class A concrete.


Zhiyuan Shen
Empirical likelihood (EL) is a recently developed nonparametric method of statistical inference. It has been shown by Owen (1988,1990) and many others that empirical likelihood ratio (ELR) method can be used to produce nice confidence intervals or regions. Owen (1988) shows that -2logELR converges to a chi-square distribution with one degree of freedom subject to a linear statistical functional in terms of distribution functions. However, a generalization of Owen's result to the right censored data...

Accidents at Median Crossovers

Gordon R. Garner
Safety improvements are often controversial subjects, especially when the subject is highways. Judgments must be made weighing lives and injuries against the hard realities of financing the construction and maintenance of highway systems. Median crossovers on rural and urban freeways and expressways are controversial design features. State police and maintenance forces claim that median crossovers are necessary and essential for their work and that more frequent location of crossovers is desirable. Engineers involved with highway...

Final Construction and Interim Performance Report:

James H. Havens & John W. Scott
The purposes and objectives of this study are: 1) to evaluate the application and performance characteristics of hot-melt plastic, pavement-striping materials which are presently prominent and known commercially as "Catatherm" and "Perma-Line"; 2) to compare the performance of these materials with the performance of painted stripes applied and re-newed according to the current practices of the Kentucky Department of Highways; and 3) to evaluate the economics of these striping materials in terms of cost-per-pile per-day-of-useful-life....

Summary of Pavement Surface Texture Measurement Methods

This tabular summary represents an expanded version of a draft prepared under the direction of Prof. Bob M. Gallaway of Texas A & M University. The table was compiled from a literature survey conducted during spring 1970. A survey of all states and agencies engaged in quantitative measurements of surface texture would be helpful for updating and finalizing the table. In the meantime, any comments or suggestions concerning any of the tabular entries or other...

Experimental Guardrail Installation

R. L. Musgraves & Gordon R. Garner
This is the final report on a limited investigation comparing the performance of painted steel, galvanized steel and aluminum guardrails. A previous report was issued in 1964. The final inspection of the project was made in November 1969. The project consisted of approximately 2500 lineal feet of each type of guardrail (see Figure 1 and Table 1). The painted steel and galvanized steel were installed in November 1962. The aluminum guardrails were installed in February...

Experimental Concrete Pavement Containing Fly-Ash Admixtures

James R. Philpot
The report enclosed is somewhat routine inasmuch as it documents a repeat of a portion of an earlier experimental project. The previous project was on Poplar Level Road; our final report was dated July 1966 (KYHPR-64-1). Special Provision No. 70 was used also on the Jefferson Freeway project. However, there was no "control section" involved in the current project. The Jefferson Freeway project was authorized by the BPR under P.P.M. 60-2 only (now PPM 20-6.3)....

A Pavement Design Schema

James H. Havens, Robert C. Deen & Herbert F. Southgate
Elastic theory and 40 years of empirical flexible pavement design in Kentucky have been joined into the design system presented herein. A brief discussion is presented of the coupling mechanisms relating experience to theoretical analyses. An annotated design procedure is presented as a guide for pavement designers. Design nomographs account for a wide range of input parameters and permit the designer a wide choice of alternative thickness designs.

17-year Report on the Owensboro-Hartford Co-operative Investigation of Joint Spacing in Concrete Pavements

Milton Evans & William B. Drake
In 1940, the Kentucky Department of Highways constructed an experimental concrete pavement which was one of a group of six built in co-operation with the Bureau of Public Roads by the States of Minnesota, California, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri and Oregon. The purpose of these projects was to study and evaluate the performance of such pavements over a period of years with specific regard to types of joints and spacings. The Kentucky project, consisting of 6.27...

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