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Effects of Core and Shell Modification to Tethered Nanoassemblies on siRNA Therapy

Steven Rheiner
siRNA therapy is an emerging technique that reduces protein expression in cells by degrading their mRNAs via the RNA interference pathway (RNAi). Diseases such as cancer often proliferate due to increased protein expression and siRNA therapy offers a new method of treatment for those diseases. Although siRNA therapy has shown success in vitro, it often fails in vivo due to instability in the blood stream. To overcome this limitation, delivery vehicles are necessary for successful...

Interpretation of the Depositional Environments and Soft-Sediment Deformation in the Upper Tanglewood Member (Upper Ordovician) of the Lexington Limestone, Central Kentucky, U.S.A.

Dibya R. Koirala
The upper Tanglewood Member is the final member of the Lexington Limestone and is well-known for its soft-sediment deformation. This study has confirmed the carbonate-shoal-complex origin of the unit, and detailed study shows that its development took place during five small-scale, sequence-like, fining-upward cycles related to eustasy and tectonics. Four lithofacies are represented in the unit. Facies analysis of each cycle shows that the thickest and coarsest part of each cycle corresponds to previously uplifted...

Sediment Transport Modelling Using Dynamic (Dis)Connectivity Prediction for a Bedrock Controlled Catchment

David Tyler Mahoney
The (dis)connectivity of sediment, defined as the detachment and transport of sediment from source to sink between geomorphic zones, is a major control on sediment transport rates but has seldom taken precedence in sediment transport models that focus on assessment of sediment impacts on water supply. A watershed-scale sediment transport model was formulated that incorporates sediment (dis)connectivity knowledge and subroutines and predicts sediment flux through coupling with an excessive shear stress erosion equation. The intersecting...

Entrepreneurialism Meets the Sustainable City

Thomas E. Grubbs
Although the idea of the entrepreneurial city is nothing new, recent research in contemporary urban geography and related disciplines indicates that the modus operandi of such entrepreneurial endeavors has shifted, as a result of an increasing recognition and acceptance of global climate change, to include and even prioritize sustainable urban development discourses and practices. While these discourses purportedly culminate in the production of the “sustainable city,” they often fail to deliver upon their promise to...

Effects of a Coaching Intervention on Teacher’s Implementation of Naturalistic Strategies to Promote Communication in Children

Kaitlin J. Dick
With accountability on the rise, educators are changing their focus to optimizing instructional strategies in the classroom. Their job performance depends upon their ability to show progress on child outcomes. One way teachers advance this process is by executing more evidence-based practices in their classroom. There is a lack of research in early childhood that report treatment integrity of the treatment package. This study utilized a multicomponent coaching intervention to increasing treatment fidelity of teacher...

The Exploration of Teacher Efficacy and Influences of Context at Two Rural Appalachian High Schools

Justin Aaron Blevins
This study examines teachers’ sense of personal and collective efficacy in two similar schools in Appalachian communities that achieved different results regarding students’ accountability test scores. Prior work in teacher efficacy, which is predominantly quantitative, is extended by the addition of teacher interviews that explore how teachers define the problems they face regarding student performance and how they work individually and collectively on strategies to support students’ success. The findings support that teachers with higher...

An Exploratory Study of Incapacitated Persons with Criminal Behaviors Served by Kentucky’s Public Guardianship Program

Karen Martin
State run public guardianship programs are legally mandated to provide custodial care for persons deemed incapacitated by the courts. Historically, the majority of state wards were elderly women residing in skilled nursing facilities. Today, those demographics are rapidly changing. This new incapacitated cohort has become less institutionalized, with a rising number of persons who have entered the program with criminal records and who continue to commit crimes. This exploratory study focuses on incapacitated persons (IP)...

Agricultural Input Intensification, Productivity Growth, and the Transformation of African Agriculture

Didier Y. Alia
This dissertation studies agricultural input intensification, defined as the increased use of modern inputs such as hybrid seeds, mineral fertilizer, herbicide, and pesticide in African agriculture. It also analyses the potential of this intensification to accelerate productivity growth and tests the effectiveness of two policies, input subsidies and land reforms, in promoting it and consequently in increasing crop yield. In the first essay, we argue that to create the conditions for the emergence of a...

Utilizing the Social Ecological Model to Address Drinking Behaviors Among College Students Participating in NCAA Division I Non-Revenue Generating Sports

Andrew M. Smith
College students between the ages of 18 and 24 are considered high-risk for alcohol-related negative consequences due to drinking at high-risk levels (Barry, Howell & Salaga, 2015). Within that population, varsity student athletes are considered at even greater risk for those issues (Druckman, 2015; Wechsler, 2002). With football and men’s basketball being considered the only revenue-generating NCAA Division I sports, non-revenue-generating sports consist of the majority of student athletes (NCAA, 2016). This study is designed...

Proposal for Monitoring Concrete Painting as a Preventive Maintenance Tool (Abutments and Pier Caps)

Danny Wells, Sudhir Palle & Theodore Hopwood
One of the growing number of preventive bridge maintenance activities conducted by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) is washing and applying thin film protective coatings to bridge abutments and piers. Previous work conducted by Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC) under KYSPR 10-406 documented increased chloride contamination of these bridge components and the need for protective coatings. KYTC Contract ID 162952 includes, among other tasks, cleaning and coating specific concrete elements of eighteen bridges in Anderson and...

Improved Bridge Joint Materials and Design Details

Theodore Hopwood, Christopher W. Van Dyke & Sudhir Palle
Expansion joints accommodate bridge movements that result from factors such as thermal expansion and contraction, concrete shrinkage, creep effects, live loading, settlement of the foundation and substructure, and environmental stressors. Expansion joints fall into two categories — open joints and closed joints. Open joints contain gaps that facilitate the passage of water and debris runoff through bridge joints. Flexible or stiff troughs are generally installed beneath open joints to direct runoff away from bridge elements....

Analysis and Simulation of Photovoltaic Systems Incorporating Battery Energy Storage

Oluwaseun M. Akeyo
Solar energy is an abundant renewable source, which is expected to play an increasing role in the grid's future infrastructure for distributed generation. The research described in the thesis focuses on the analysis of integrating multi-megawatt photovoltaics (PV) systems with battery energy storage into the existing grid and on the theory supporting the electrical operation of components and systems. The PV system is divided into several sections, each having its own DC-DC converter for maximum...

Advances in Multi-Agent Flocking

Brandon Wellman
We present multi-agent control methods that address flocking in continuous-time and discrete-time settings. The method is decentralized, that is, each agents controller relies on local sensing to determine the relative positions and velocities of nearby agents. In the continuous-time setting, each agent has double-integrator dynamics. In the discrete-time setting, each agent has the discrete-time double-integrator dynamics obtained by sampling the continuous-time double integrator and applying a zero-order hold on the control input. We demonstrate using...

An Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Self-Compassion and Self-Criticism on Implicit Associations with Non-Suicidal Self-Injury

Laura M. Nagy
Non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) is the intentional destruction of bodily tissue in the absence of suicidal motives. NSSI is strongly associated with self-criticism (Gilbert et al., 2010) and individuals who self-injure often report doing so to punish themselves. Conversely, self-compassion, or the tendency to be caring with oneself, is associated with psychological well-being (Neff et al., 2007). The aim of the present study was to determine whether experimentally inducing self-criticism or self-compassion would lead to changes...

Charge Transport in Electronic-Ionic Composites

Long Zhang
The goal of this thesis is to generate fundamental understandings of charge transport behaviors of composites consisting of garnet structured Al substituted Li7La3Zr2O12 (LLZO) electrolyte and LiCoO2 electrode. In order to take full advantage of all-solid-state batteries, bulk type composite electrodes should be introduced to increase energy and power density. However, the charge utilization of bulk type composite electrodes is quite low. Understanding ionic conduction behavior is, therefore, important for improving the performance of all-solid-state...

Pill Poppin’ Nation

Joi-Sheree' P. Knighton
The purpose of this dissertation was to examine substance use-related outcomes among criminal justice-involved African Americans using a multiple manuscript format. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has deemed nonmedical prescription opioid use an epidemic. National estimates indicate approximately 3.9% of African Americans engage in nonmedical prescription opioid use. Research suggests African Americans involved in the criminal justice system may be significantly at risk of substance use more generally; yet, there are no known...

Exploring Predator-Prey Interactions in Agroecosystems through Molecular Gut-Content Analysis

Kacie J. Athey
Generalist predators can contribute to vital ecosystem services by potentially inducing trophic cascades as natural enemies of pests in agroecosystems. As the human population of the world gets larger, we need to produce more food on ever-smaller swaths of available land relying on ecosystem services, in the form of pest control, that may contribute to agricultural sustainability. Teasing apart the exact trophic linkages between predators and prey is a vital first step and essential to...

Synthesis and Energy Applications of Mesoporous Titania Thin Films

Syed Z. Islam
The optical and electronic properties of TiO2 thin films provide tremendous opportunities in several applications including photocatalysis, photovoltaics and photoconductors for energy production. Despite many attractive features of TiO2, critical challenges include the innate inability of TiO2 to absorb visible light and the fast recombination of photoexcited charge carriers. In this study, mesoporous TiO2 thin films are modified by doping using hydrogen and nitrogen, and sensitization using graphene quantum dot sensitization. For all of these...


Lava R. Timsina
Health services research and public health services and systems research in the past have contributed to a strong foundation of evidence-based progress in organizing, financing, and delivering medical care and public health strategies across the United States. The purpose of this dissertation was to examine disparities in public health systems and in the delivery of population health services in communities served by these systems using nationally representative data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Local...


Andrew B. Hawkey
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) are a spectrum of anatomical, developmental and neurobehavioral impairments resulting from ethanol (ETOH) exposure during fetal development. Efforts to develop and screen novel pharmacotherapies against fetal ETOH effects depend heavily upon rodent models to provide indicators of the safety and efficacy of such compounds, in addition to helping better understand the underlying mechanisms to develop and test these pharmacotherapies. The following experiments describe the development of a novel mouse model...


Jason L. Wheatley
Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) is an urban school district in Louisville, Kentucky. While serving more than 100,000 students, JCPS is the 27th largest school system in the United States. JCPS serves students with moderate to severe disabilities (MSD) seeking to attain an alternative diploma upon exiting secondary school. Students with MSD enrolled in JCPS age 16 and older receive transition services to support post-secondary transition. Community stakeholders and JCPS central office staff are concerned...


Sarah N. Morris
An observational study was used to illustrate the application of time to event analysis methods to return to play; a secondary data analysis of athlete injury data from the High School RIOTM Injury Surveillance System (ISS) database was conducted. National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA)-certified athletic trainers from approximately 100 high schools in the US enroll their school in the system and complete the online “Exposure Report Form” for reportable injuries each week. New lateral ankle...

Testing a Values-Based Approach to Healthcare Decision-Making in Older Adults

Paul Jefferson Geiger
Despite natural declines in physical and cognitive function, older adults maintain good emotion regulation abilities, leading to emotional wellbeing and resilience. This phenomenon can partially be explained by socioemotional selectivity theory (SST), which posits that when time is perceived as a limited resource, older adults focus attention on positive environmental stimuli to regulate emotions. Although this positivity effect maintains emotional wellbeing, it may disrupt information processing related to healthcare decision-making. Older adults request less information...


Caroline Ann Buchanan
In this dissertation, I take on an exegetical project of understanding how Fichte’s theory of the self influences his account of moral deliberation, and specifically, his account of conscience. I argue that moral action can only be understood within Fichte’s system as possible on the basis of the individual’s own cognitive awareness that they are not only bound by the moral law, but that they are so in virtue of their essential nature as selves....


Shreyas Joshi
Humans spend a third of their lives sleeping but very little is known about the physiological and genetic mechanisms controlling sleep. Increased data from sleep phenotyping studies in mouse and other species, genetic crosses, and gene expression databases can all help improve our understanding of the process. Here, we present analysis of our own sleep data from the large-scale phenotyping program at The Jackson Laboratory (JAX), to identify the best gene candidates and phenotype predictors...

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