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What Do Teachers Think About Educational Psychology?

Lauren D. Hargrave
The purpose of this study was to develop and validate the Educational Psychology Practitioner Scale (EPPS), which was designed to (a) assess the practices, training, and skills of educational psychologists and (b) determine their utility among K-12 schools classroom teachers. Study participants included 161 K-12 teachers across 21 states within the United States. An exploratory factor analysis yielded a 25-item, unidimensional scale. Correlating the EPPS with the Teacher Sense of Efficacy Scale (Tschannen-Moran & Woolfolk...

Risk Factors for Abuse of Prescription Stimulants in College Students

Eric A. Haak
The abuse of prescription stimulants among college students is a growing public health concern. While these substances are often viewed as safe, “smart drugs”, they are associated with a number of maladaptive outcomes, ranging from poorer academic performance to cardiovascular incidents and even death. To date, the majority of research on the abuse of these substances have focused on demographic factors which are not amenable to intervention, such as race, Greek organization status, and class...

Analysis of Traffic Crash Data in Kentucky (2012-2016)

Eric R. Green, Kenneth R. Agent, Jerry G. Pigman & Paul A. Ross
This report documents an analysis of traffic crash data in Kentucky for the years of 2012 through 2016. A primary objective of this study was to determine average crash statistics for Kentucky highways. Rates were calculated for various types of highways and for counties and cities. Difference criteria were used for exposure. The other primary objective of this study was to provide data that can be used in the preparation of the problem identification portion...


Rebecca L. Warta
Food Security is a situation that exists when all people, at all times, have physical, social, and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life (FAO, 1996). 17% of Kentuckians are food insecure (Kentucky Department of Agriculture, 2016). This study explored the quality of life (QoL) impact of the Bluegrass Double Dollars (BGDD) program on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participants...


Huang Liu
Construction sites are dangerous work environments. One traditional assumption prevails in the construction industry that construction safety should be the sole responsibility of the contractor. However, some safety researchers gradually begin to challenge this assumption. The elementary research in this field try to validate the existence of relationship of the owner’s practices and safety performance, which indicates that the involvements of the owner have a positive impact on improvement of safety performance. Therefore, the owner...

Visual Activity Schedules with Embedded Video Models to Teach Laundry Skills to Adults with Intellectual Disability

Charity G. Watson
Research using visual activity schedules (VAS) with embedded video models (VM) has been effective to teach novel skills to children and adolescents with intellectual disability (ID). However, there is limited research using VAS/VM to teach adults with ID. The purpose of the current study was to determine if VAS/VM could be used as a self-instructional tool for adults with ID to increase independence in laundry skills. Results from the current study provide evidence that a...


Megha Kalsi
Insecticide resistance is a global problem. Insecticide resistance management is very important, considering the time, effort, and cost of discovering and developing a new insecticide. There are diverse resistance mechanisms, but enhanced detoxification through overexpression of cytochrome P450s and target site insensitivity through mutation in insecticide binding site are the two most common mechanisms. The xenobiotic detoxification is divided into three successive phases (I, II and III), which ensures the metabolism and excretion of the...

On Independence, Matching, and Homomorphism Complexes

Wesley K. Hough
First introduced by Forman in 1998, discrete Morse theory has become a standard tool in topological combinatorics. The main idea of discrete Morse theory is to pair cells in a cellular complex in a manner that permits cancellation via elementary collapses, reducing the complex under consideration to a homotopy equivalent complex with fewer cells. In chapter 1, we introduce the relevant background for discrete Morse theory. In chapter 2, we define a discrete Morse matching...


Alexander Tingle
Changes within and outside of agricultural education were analyzed between 2009-2014 which coincided with a reduction of male pre-service agricultural teachers. Under the lens of the Theory of Gender Re-alignment, special attention was given to changes in legislation, curriculum, recruitment, and economic factors which relate to structural and cultural changes within agricultural education. The Changes identified in this study explain why male students are being outperformed by female students at a two to one ratio...

Analytical Strip Method for Thin Cylindrical Shells

John T. Perkins
The Analytical Strip Method (ASM) for the analysis of thin cylindrical shells is presented in this dissertation. The system of three governing differential equations for the cylindrical shell are reduced to a single eighth order partial differential equation (PDE) in terms of a potential function. The PDE is solved as a single series form of the potential function, from which the displacement and force quantities are determined. The solution is applicable to isotropic, generally orthotropic,...

Mitochondrial and Nuclear Patterns of Conflict and Concordance at the Gene, Genome, and Behavioral Scales in Desmognathus Salamanders

Justin D. Kratovil
Advancements in molecular sequencing have revealed unexpected cryptic genetic diversity and contrasting evolutionary histories within genes and between genomes of many organisms; often in disagreement with recognized taxonomy. Incongruent patterns between the mitochondrial and nuclear evolutionary history can have several plausible explanations, but widespread systematic conflict inevitably challenges our conceptions of species boundaries when there is discordance between coevolving and coinherited genomes. It is unknown to what degree mitonuclear conflict drives the process of divergence,...

The Search for Consistent Intonation

Daniel Hoppe
This paper provides a system that helps diagnose and address the specific challenge to cellists of intonation in any passage. Learning to play consistently in tune is essential for every cellist. In the over three hundred years of cello history, teachers have tried approaching the topic from a variety of perspectives. While each technique is useful in its own right, there is scant attention to how they work together. Viewing intonation through its component sub-skills...

The Male Mentor Figure In Women's Fiction, 1778-1801

Jessica R. Evans
This dissertation follows the development of the mentor figure from Frances Burney’s Evelina published in 1778 to Maria Edgeworth’s Belinda in 1801. The mentor becomes a key figure for exploring women’s revolutionary ideas on female education and women’s roles in society. My dissertation contributes to discussions on mentoring, development of the Gothic mode, and debates over sensibility and sentimental fiction. It considers how the female mentee paradoxically both desires and criticizes her male mentor and...

No Room to Grow

Susan Zavoina

Women of the Apocalypse

Bianca L. Spriggs
“Women of the Apocalypse: Feminist Afrospeculative Writers,” seeks to address the problematic ‘Exodus narrative,’ a convention that has helped shape Black American liberation politics dating back to the writings of Phyllis Wheatley. Novels by Zora Neale Hurston, Octavia Butler, and Alice Walker undermine and complicate this narrative by challenging the trope of a single charismatic male leader who leads an entire race to a utopic promised land. For these writers, the Exodus narrative is unsustainable...


Michelle A. Sublette
Much of the research on metacognition in human factors has focused on prescriptive, normative strategy training. That is, many researchers have concentrated their efforts on finding ways to improve system users’ prediction, planning, monitoring and evaluation strategies for tasks. However little research has focused on the strategies and heuristics users employ on their own to make usability predictions. Understanding usability prediction methods is critical because users’ predictions inform their expectations about whether they will make...

Meta-Comments on the Very Idea of a Critical Theory

Kai Nielsen

Politics below the Surface

Lindsay Shade
This dissertation examines how confusion and lack of access to information about subsurface property rights facilitates the rapid acquisition of mineral rights by mining interests, leaving those who live 'above the surface' to contend with complicated corporate and bureaucratic apparatuses. The research focuses on the first proposed state-run large scale mining project in Ecuador, believed to contain copper ores, and on the natural gas hydrofracking industry in three counties in north central West Virginia. Qualitative...

End Notes

University Of Kentucky Committee On Social Theory


Devin B. Granger
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons composed of benzenoid rings fused in a linear fashion comprise the class of compounds known as acenes. The structures containing three to six ring fusions are brightly colored and possess band gaps and charge transport efficiencies sufficient for semiconductor applications. These molecules have been investigated throughout the past several decades to assess their optoelectronic properties. The absorption, emission and charge transport properties of this series of molecules has been studied extensively to...


Chi Young Song
The purpose of this project is to bring Kim’s caprices into the mainstream violin literature through a three-prong approach by examining each caprice via musical analysis, technical analysis, and by investigating its pedagogical merit. After inspecting each caprice through three different lenses mentioned above, the paper will organize the twelve caprices around a tripartite structure; serial, atonal, and free tonal. The work opens with a six-measure Motto. While the relationship between the Motto and the...

Genetic Perspectives on Biodiversity in Rocky Mountain Alpine Streams

Scott Hotaling
In alpine regions worldwide, climate change is dramatically altering ecosystems, affecting biodiversity across habitats and taxonomic scales. For streams, the associated recession of mountain glaciers and snowfields, paired with altered precipitation regimes, are driving shifts in hydrology, species distributions, and basal resources – often threatening the very existence of some habitats and biota. Globally, alpine streams harbor particularly substantial species and genetic diversity due to significant habitat insularity and environmental heterogeneity: however, anthropogenic warming threatens...

The Modern Construction of Myth

Andrew Von Hendy

[Book Review] Richard Rorty. Objectivity, Relativism and Truth. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1991.

Arnold Lorenzo Farr

Heterogeneous Base Metal Catalyzed Oxidative Depolymerization of Lignin and Lignin Model Compounds

John Adam Jennings
With the dwindling availability of petroleum, focus has shifted to renewable energy sources such as lignocellulosic biomass. Lignocellulosic biomass is composed of three main constituents, lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose. Due to the low value of cellulosic ethanol, utilization of the lignin component is necessary for the realization of an economically sustainable biorefinery model. Once depolymerized, lignin has the potential to replace petroleum-derived molecules used as bulk and specialty aromatic chemicals. Numerous lignin depolymerization strategies focus...

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