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The Effect of Personal Protective Equipment on Firefighter Occupational Performance

Ashley Y. Lesniak
Firefighting is a strenuous occupation that requires high-intensity work, resulting in prolonged periods of stress and physical exertion. The physical demand of performing firefighting tasks is augmented by the weight of personal protective equipment (PPE) worn (i.e., load carriage: LC) and the use of a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). These factors have been shown to increase metabolic demand at submaximal workloads and decrease maximal aerobic capacity in laboratory settings. However, there is limited research evaluating...

Examination of Volume and Intensities of Weekday Practices and Competitive Games in Collegiate Football Players

Tyler Lindon
The aims of the present study were to characterize the typical volume (total distance) and intensities (high-speed distance > 75% of maximum speed for weekday practices, Monday through Friday and competitive games on Saturday; compare the daily practice volume and intensities to competitive games to determine if the targeted volume and intensities are achieved as part of the periodized strategies using GPS software; and examine the relationship among total distance, high-speed distance in the prediction...

Toward Assessment Leadership

Carrie Elizabeth Eubank Morris
Traditionally, models of instructional leadership espouse data-informed decision making in response to student assessment outcomes as one of the core school leader behaviors. In recent years, rising expectations from accountability policies and related assessment practices have myriad implications for school districts, specifically in the areas of standards-driven reform, student assessment systems, and professional development models. As a result, demands on schools to collect and use student assessment data to inform curricular and instructional decisions has...

Instructional Coaching and its Effects on Middle School Mathematics Teachers’ Perceptions of Coaching and Content Knowledge

Jamie-Marie Miller
Instructional coaching has been a professional learning opportunity that many school districts have employed to support teacher practice. Pairing instructional coaching with on-going workshops is a relatively new approach to professional development. Participants for this study include fourteen middle school teachers that teach either mathematics or collaborate with special needs students. This study examines the effect that pairing instructional coaching with on-going workshops (with a primary focus on proportional reasoning) has on participants’ content knowledge...

The Effects of Video Activity Schedules on Life Skills for Individuals with Mild Intellectual Disability

Kaylee A. Ortiz
This study used a multiple probe across settings design to evaluate the effects of video activity schedules (VidAS) on the acquisition of life skills in various settings within the home. In a technology training phase, participants were taught how to navigate a mobile application and use the pause and play feature of the video using a system of least prompts. In baseline, participants were given a task direction to complete the tasks within each setting...

An Efficient Heuristic to Balance Trade-Offs Between Utilization and Patient Flowtime in Operating Room Management

Feidi Dang
Balancing trade-offs between production cost and holding cost is critical for production and operations management. Utilization of an operating room affects production cost, which relates to makespan, and patient flowtime affects holding cost. There are trade-offs between two objectives, to minimize makespan and to minimize flowtime. However, most existing constructive heuristics focus only on single-objective optimization. In the current literature, NEH is the best constructive heuristic to minimize makespan, and LR heuristic is the best...

Connecting Self-Efficacy of Dietary Choices and the Association with Dietary Intake Among Rural Adolescents in North Carolina and Kentucky

Rachel Gillespie
Determining the level of belief one has in themselves, or their self-efficacy, can be a key factor to improve certain dietary patterns and choices in the rural youth population. Sugar sweetened food and beverage consumption continues to rise and fruit and vegetable intake remains a struggle in rural areas; addressing both the food environment and adolescents’ self-efficacy could have a lasting impact on changing the nature of a generation of rural student’s food and beverage...

Interactions of Compounds Containing Group 12 and 16 Elements

Daniel Burriss
The focus of this dissertation is on the interactions of compounds containing group 12 and 16 elements. This work is presented in three major parts. First, the interaction of the synthetic dithiol N,N’-bis(2-mercaptoethyl)isophthalamide), abbreviated BDTH2, with selenite. Second, the interaction of cysteine with Cd(II) and the biologically relevant Cd-Cysteine crystal structure. Third, the green synthesis of CdSe quantum dots (QDs). The interaction of BDTH2 with selenite is different from the interactions with other metals and...

Artwork: Everydayland as Carefree as Disneyland

Effects of Using an iPad App with Embedded Models to Teach Sight Words to Elementary Students with Developmental Disabilities

Meghan A. Traynor
The purpose of the study was to examine the effectiveness of teaching sight words using an iPad app with embedded models to students with developmental disabilities. The experimental design used was multiple probe (conditions) across behaviors replicated across students. All sessions occurred in a one-to-one format. The results showed the iPad app with embedded models were effective in teaching sight words to students with developmental disabilities.

Understanding and Promoting Parent-Child Sexual Health Communication

Shannon Phelps
Parent-child sexual health communication (PCSHC) can have a positive impact on adolescents’ sexual health choices, outcomes, and capabilities for communicating with others about sexual health. Many parents are hesitant and feel unprepared for and uncomfortable with communicating about sexual health with their children. Other parental factors as well as child factors can impact the quality, frequency, coverage, and effectiveness of PCSHC. Some adolescent sexual health outcomes have improved, however, teen birth rates in the United...

A Literature Review of Sensory-Based Alterative Seating for Individuals with Disabilities

Hannah von Schlutter
The purpose of this review was to determine whether the use of sensory-based alternative seating to increase the appropriate behaviors of individuals with disabilities is an evidence-based practice (EBP). Articles located on this topic were descriptively analyzed, and What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) guidelines were applied to determine each study’s methodological rigor, level of evidence, and whether, taken together, there is enough research to support alternative seating as an EBP. A total of 37 studies of...

Comparison of Conception Rates in Beef Cattle Inseminated with Either SexedULTRA™ Sex-Sorted Semen or Conventional Semen in Fixed-Time Artificial Insemination (FTAI) Protocols

Benjamin R. Crites
Estrous synchronization and artificial insemination (ESAI) are reproductive technologies that cattlemen can use to improve the reproductive performance of their herds. Controlling the gender ratio of the calf-crop can also improve the opportunity for increased revenue and profit. Producers are able to shift and/or control the gender ratio of their calf crop by incorporating sex-sorted semen into their AI programs. However, decreased conception rates to AI have been previously observed when sex-sorted semen was used...


Ting Wang
Gln146 is a highly conserved outer-sphere amino acid residue at the active site of MnSOD. It serves as a hydrogen bond donor to both the solvent molecules at the active site and Tyr 34, the conserved “gateway” amino acid residue. This dissertation develops our understanding of the effect of amino acid Gln146 at the second shell of the active site of metalloprotein MnSOD in facilitating metal binding, the modulation of redox potential, and the optimization...

On Independence, Matching, and Homomorphism Complexes

Wesley K. Hough
First introduced by Forman in 1998, discrete Morse theory has become a standard tool in topological combinatorics. The main idea of discrete Morse theory is to pair cells in a cellular complex in a manner that permits cancellation via elementary collapses, reducing the complex under consideration to a homotopy equivalent complex with fewer cells. In chapter 1, we introduce the relevant background for discrete Morse theory. In chapter 2, we define a discrete Morse matching...


Alexander Tingle
Changes within and outside of agricultural education were analyzed between 2009-2014 which coincided with a reduction of male pre-service agricultural teachers. Under the lens of the Theory of Gender Re-alignment, special attention was given to changes in legislation, curriculum, recruitment, and economic factors which relate to structural and cultural changes within agricultural education. The Changes identified in this study explain why male students are being outperformed by female students at a two to one ratio...


Derek T. Nolan
Mastitis is one of the most costly diseases to dairy producers around the world with milk yield loss being the biggest contributor to economic losses. The objective of first study of this thesis was to determine the impacts of high somatic cell counts on milk yield loss. To accomplish this, over one million cow data records were collected from Southeastern US dairy herds. The objective of the second study was to determine optimum treatment cost...

Altitude- and Sex-Specific Variation in Roosting Ecology and Thermoregulation of Myotis lucifugus in Yellowstone National Park

Alexandra C. Slusher
Fifty-nine female and six male little brown myotis (Myotis lucifugus) were radio-tagged during the summers of 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 in Yellowstone National Park. The grand models for daily maximum skin temperature (F98,154 = 1.55, P = 0.007), daily minimum skin temperature (F98,154 = 1.33, P = 0.05), and daily variation in skin temperature (F98,154 = 1.56, P = 0.006) were significant across roost type and reproductive condition class for adult females. Roosts were...


Michelle A. Sublette
Much of the research on metacognition in human factors has focused on prescriptive, normative strategy training. That is, many researchers have concentrated their efforts on finding ways to improve system users’ prediction, planning, monitoring and evaluation strategies for tasks. However little research has focused on the strategies and heuristics users employ on their own to make usability predictions. Understanding usability prediction methods is critical because users’ predictions inform their expectations about whether they will make...

Most Likely to Succeed

Jennifer J. Shoemake
In the realm of higher education, retention is a concept vital to the progression and security of all institutions. This remains true for all nursing programs as well because reports have shown an attrition rate as high as 50% in some nursing programs across the globe. Along with the nursing shortage projected in the next 20 years, retention in nursing programs poses a massive problem for not just higher education but healthcare as well. Therefore,...

Time-Frequency Masking Performance for Improved Intelligibility with Microphone Arrays

Joshua P. Morgan
Time-Frequency (TF) masking is an audio processing technique useful for isolating an audio source from interfering sources. TF masking has been applied and studied in monaural and binaural applications, but has only recently been applied to distributed microphone arrays. This work focuses on evaluating the TF masking technique's ability to isolate human speech and improve speech intelligibility in an immersive "cocktail party" environment. In particular, an upper-bound on TF masking performance is established and compared...

Developing Technology Applications for Improving the Problem-Solving Skills of Middle School Students with Learning Disabilities

Samuel Y. Choo
The achievement gap in mathematics education continues to be a concern in the United States. Students with disabilities (SWD) are often excluded from the general education curriculum or the least restrictive environment due to their low performance in mathematics and disability-related deficits. Legislative and professional reports have addressed the needs of SWD by promoting evidence-based math interventions using instructional technology. However, the focus of many math interventions with instructional technology has been limited to basic...


Jinsong Chen
GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) weld pool surface is believed to contain sufficient information to determine the weld penetration, from which skilled welders are able to control the welding process to desired penetration states. However, it is unclear how human welders extract the weld penetration from the observed weld pool surface. In this research, a novel method is studied to determine the weld penetration based on the dynamic change of the weld pool surface. This...

Orbital Stability Results for Soliton Solutions to Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations with External Potentials

Joseph B. Lindgren
For certain nonlinear Schroedinger equations there exist solutions which are called solitary waves. Addition of a potential $V$ changes the dynamics, but for small enough $||V||_{L^\infty}$ we can still obtain stability (and approximately Newtonian motion of the solitary wave's center of mass) for soliton-like solutions up to a finite time that depends on the size and scale of the potential $V$. Our method is an adaptation of the well-known Lyapunov method. For the sake of...


Rebecca L. Warta
Food Security is a situation that exists when all people, at all times, have physical, social, and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life (FAO, 1996). 17% of Kentuckians are food insecure (Kentucky Department of Agriculture, 2016). This study explored the quality of life (QoL) impact of the Bluegrass Double Dollars (BGDD) program on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participants...

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