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Permission to Engage

Tracey Y. Folden
The military has long-standing partnerships with institutions of higher education (Leporte, 2013; Parks, 2015 & Massie, 2016). These partnerships have been significant over time because the United States Army has incentivized civilian education via the Army enlisted ranks and promotional structure (Wilson, Smith, Lee & Stevenson, 2013). Researchers are beginning to recognize service members as adult students who need specific supports in an educational setting (Wilson et al., 2013; Leporte, 2013; Parks, 2015; Massie, 2016)....

Surface Engineering and Monomer Design for Light-Mediated Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization

Ishan A. Fursule
Stimuli-responsive materials are changing the landscape of actuated materials, optoelectronics, molecular machines, solar cells, temporary memory storage, and biomedical materials. Specifically, photo-responsive polymers have gained acceleration in research and application since the last two decades in the form of a surface coating and micro-patterns. Light as a stimulus can be coherent, mono or polychromatic, tunable for power (intensity) and energy (wavelength), and has precise spatiotemporal control. Conventional surface coating techniques such as spin coating are...

Jak/Stat Signaling Regulates Gametogenesis and Age-Related Reproductive Maintenance

Michelle Suzanne Giedt
Cell signaling is central to integration of internal and external cues that regulate development and homeostasis. Most development is thought of as pre-adult, but limited developmental processes occur in adults. Gametogenesis incorporates elements of both these facets, with a distinct developmental plan for gamete synthesis which is regulated by integration of homeostatic inputs such as nutrient status, and environmental cues. Signaling pathways integrate and transduce information from these cues to evoke a response. A decline...

β-Catenin Regulation of Adult Skeletal Muscle Plasticity

Yuan Wen
Adult skeletal muscle is highly plastic and responds readily to environmental stimuli. One of the most commonly utilized methods to study skeletal muscle adaptations is immunofluorescence microscopy. By analyzing images of adult muscle cells, also known as myofibers, one can quantify changes in skeletal muscle structure and function (e.g. hypertrophy and fiber type). Skeletal muscle samples are typically cut in transverse or cross sections, and antibodies against sarcolemmal or basal lamina proteins are used to...

Accounting for Matching Uncertainty in Photographic Identification Studies of Wild Animals

Amanda R. Ellis
I consider statistical modelling of data gathered by photographic identification in mark-recapture studies and propose a new method that incorporates the inherent uncertainty of photographic identification in the estimation of abundance, survival and recruitment. A hierarchical model is proposed which accepts scores assigned to pairs of photographs by pattern recognition algorithms as data and allows for uncertainty in matching photographs based on these scores. The new models incorporate latent capture histories that are treated as...

Exploring the Effect of Chronic Inflammation on Response to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Cancer

Sherif M. El-Refai
Precision medicine has allowed for the development of monoclonal antibodies that unmask the anti-tumor immune response. These agents have provided some patients durable clinical benefit. However, PD-1 and PD-L1 inhibitor therapies are effective in a small group (10-20%) of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients when used as single-agent therapy. The approved companion diagnostic is expression of the immune cell surface molecule, programmed death ligand 1 (PD-L1), on tumors measured by immunohistochemistry (IHC). Studies in...

Quality of Water from Tile Drains in Fields Treated with Poultry Litter in McLean County, Kentucky

E. Glynn Beck, Lisa Y. Blue & David A. Atwood
Abstract: Poultry litter (a mixture of feed, manure, and bedding material) is commonly used as a soil amendment to row-crop fields in western Kentucky. Because of feed additives, litter typically has elevated concentrations of contaminants, including metals and anions. These metals and anions can accumulate in the soil and therefore could be transported to surface water through drainage tiles. In order to assess water quality in tile drains, a pilot study was conducted in 2008...

Using Foot Pressure Analysis to Predict Reoccurrence of Deformity for Children with Unilateral Clubfoot

Juanita Jean Wallace
Abstract: Reoccurrence of deformity can affect upwards of 64% of children with clubfoot. The ability to use foot function as a measure of reoccurrence has not been previously assessed. The purpose of this investigation was to utilize foot pressure analysis to predict the probability of reoccurrence in children with unilateral clubfoot. Retrospective foot pressure data revealed predictive algorithms detecting the probability of experiencing any type of reoccurrence (overall reoccurrence) and for experiencing a tibialis anterior...

Using Graduated Guidance to Teach Imitation of Manual Signs to Children with Intellectual Disabilities

Jacqueline Horsman
The purpose of this study was to test the effects of graduated guidance procedure on teaching imitation of manual signs to students with moderate to severe disabilities. Sessions began with student initiation and were embedded across already established reinforcement routines across the student’s day. A multiple baseline across participants design was used to evaluate these effects.

A Multidimensional Poverty Index for the United States

Nate Kratzer
A multidimensional poverty index for the United States is designed, evaluated, and defended as a useful measurement tool for policymakers to evaluate poverty. Chapter 1 presents a normative case for the index. Chapter 2 reviews the literature on poverty measures. Chapter 3 constructs the proposed index. Chapter 4 is a statistical examination of the internal structure of the index. Chapter 5 explores the index across states, over time, and among population subgroups, as well as...

Magnetic Field Design to Reduce Systematic Effects in Neutron Electric Dipole Moment Measurements

James Ryan Dadisman
Charge-Conjugation (C) and Charge-Conjugation-Parity (CP) Violation is one of the three Sakharov conditions to explain via baryogenesis the observed baryon asymmetry of the universe (BAU). The Standard Model of particle physics (SM) contains sources of CP violation, but cannot explain the BAU. This motivates searches for new physics beyond the standard model (BSM) which address the Sakharov criteria, including high-precision searches for new sources of CPV in systems for which the SM contribution is small,...

Determination of the Neutron Beta-Decay Asymmetry Parameter A Using Polarized Ultracold Neutrons

Michael A. -P. Brown
The UCNA Experiment at the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE) is the first measurement of the β-decay asymmetry parameter A0 using polarized ultracold neutrons (UCN). A0 , which represents the parity-violating angular correlation between the direction of the initial neutron spin and the emitted decay electron’s momentum, determines λ = gA /gV , the ratio of the weak axial-vector and vector coupling constants. A high-precision determination of λ is important for weak interaction physics,...

Professional Competencies for E-Helpers

Hannah M. Schlaak
The primary purpose of this study was to craft and validate a set of core competencies necessary for an e-Helper to possess. A review of the literature guided the creation of the initial competencies. Following expert review, the competencies were revised and formatted into an online survey which was sent to respondents in four target groups: (a) school administrators who had adopted telepractice as a service delivery model; (b) SLPs experienced in telepractice within a...

Analyzing Physical Education Teacher Behavior Using Systematic Observation

Seth T. Eckler
Abstract: Introduction: Experts in the field have advocated that quality physical education (QPE) is the centerpiece of a comprehensive school physical education program (CSPAP). Evidence-based programs and instructional models have shown great promise in increasing the physical activity (PA) of today’s youth. However, little is known about the specific impact of teaching behaviors (TB) used within these programs and their impact on student outcomes. Therefore, the aim of this study was to use a systematic...

Racism, Resistance, Resilience

Elizabeth New
This medical anthropology dissertation is an intersectional study of the illness experiences of African-American women living with the chronic autoimmune syndrome systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), commonly known as lupus. Research was conducted in Memphis, Tennessee from 2013 to 2015, with the aim of examining the healthcare resources available to working poor and working class women using public sector healthcare programs to meet their primary care needs. This project focuses on resources available through Tennessee’s privatized...

The Size of a Raindrop

Rachel Elaina Kersey
The size of a raindrop is a middle-grade novel about a dandelion named Sterling and a little girl named Arianna who has a kidney disease which modern medicine and contemporary medical practices are failing to cure. The story examines a variety of political themes rising to the surface in our world today—race, gender, discrimination, colonialism and imperialism, genocide, healthcare, and more. It also explores existentialism through questions of life, purpose, and worth—questions which, ultimately are...

Improved Methods and Selecting Classification Types for Time-Dependent Covariates in the Marginal Analysis of Longitudinal Data

I-Chen Chen
Generalized estimating equations (GEE) are popularly utilized for the marginal analysis of longitudinal data. In order to obtain consistent regression parameter estimates, these estimating equations must be unbiased. However, when certain types of time-dependent covariates are presented, these equations can be biased unless an independence working correlation structure is employed. Moreover, in this case regression parameter estimation can be very inefficient because not all valid moment conditions are incorporated within the corresponding estimating equations. Therefore,...

Assessing Water-Supply Potential of Abandoned Underground Coal Mines in Eastern Kentucky

James S. Dinger, Dennis H. Cumbie & Bart Davidson
Abstract: Use of water in abandoned underground coal mines for municipal, industrial, agricultural, or domestic water supplies is dependent upon the water quantity and quality. For either of these factors, the requirements of the user will play a role in what water quantity or quality is acceptable. This report provides analysis of field-derived water-quality and -quantity characteristics for six abandoned underground coal mines in the Eastern Kentucky Coal Field. In addition, some ancillary data from...

Groundwater Quality in Kentucky: Arsenic

R. Stephen Fisher
Abstract: Arsenic is a naturally occurring element found in low concentrations in rocks, soils, water, plants, and animals (Nriagu, 1994 a, b). In Kentucky, arsenic is commonly found in iron sulfide minerals associated with coal deposits and black shales. Arsenic is released when iron sulfides oxidize during weathering. Once released, it is readily sorbed onto iron oxides and iron oxyhydroxides, which limits arsenic concentrations in the near-surface environment.

Essays on Hedge Fund Trading and Performance

Qiping Huang
Abstract: In the first essay, I create a hedge fund informed trading measure (ITM) that separates information related trades from liquidity driven trades. The results indicate that ITM predicts future stock returns at the trade level, thus is associated with information. By aggregating the most informed trades at the stock level, I find that stocks heavily purchased by informed hedge funds earn a significant alpha. The results indicate that the ITM performs better than some...

Effects of Endophyte-Infected Tall Fescue Seed and Bromocriptine on Endocrine and Immune Function in Horses

Jessica Marie Hanneman
Abstract: Consumption of endophyte-infected (E+) grasses has long been associated with health problems in animals. In cattle E+ tall fescue consumption leads to fescue toxicosis, and in horses it leads reproductive problems. The health-related issues associated with endophyte consumption have been attributed to the effects caused by the ergot alkaloids produced by the fungus. These ergot alkaloids are considered D2-like receptor agonists, and 5-HT2 serotonin and α-adrenergic receptor partial agonists. Many studies in humans, swine,...

Proceedings of 2018 Kentucky Water Resources Annual Symposium

University Of Kentucky Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute
This symposium was planned and conducted as a part of the state water resources research institute annual program that is supported by Grant/Cooperative Agreement Number G16AP00055 from the United States Geological Survey. The contents of this proceedings document and the views and conclusions presented at the symposium are solely the responsibility of the individual authors and presenters and do not necessarily represent the official views of the USGS or of the symposium organizers and sponsors....

A Report on County Road Program Finance (Fiscal Year 1997-98)

Patsy Anderson & Kris Koehler
Abstract: This report reflects the findings of a study of county road finance in Kentucky. Statistics contained in the report were derived from financial statements submitted by the counties to the Kentucky Department of Local Government.

An Evaluation of Physiological and Behavioral Indicators of Postpartum Diseases and Heat Stress in Dairy Cows

Amanda Renee Lee
Abstract: Precision dairy monitoring technologies can be used to monitor changes in physiology and behavior associated with transition period postpartum diseases and heat stress. Research Objective One was to evaluate how traditional visual examination, body condition, and locomotion with and without blood, milk, and urine variables and precision dairy monitoring technologies determine variable association with hyperketonemia, metritis, mastitis, hypocalcemia and retained placenta,. This was accomplished by monitoring cows 2 weeks before calving to 3 weeks...

Assessment of the Serum Amyloid A Assay for Diagnostic Disease in Neonatal Foals

Samantha W. Strouss
Abstract: Diagnosing disease in equine neonates poses a challenge for the equine industry because of the nonspecific manifestations of many diseases and the rapid deterioration that occurs. The differential diagnostic procedure requires many laboratory tests, whose results take days to receive. Serum amyloid A (SAA) is the only major acute phase protein identified in the horse; it exists in low levels in the healthy horse and increases over 100 fold in response to inflammatory stimulus...

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